Women ministering to teen boys

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7 Tips for Raising Teenage Boys

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There are no leaders or mature saints being developed. When a youth group exists for years and only miniatering of the young people graduate to serve in the adult congregation when they get older then there may be a problem. Pointing young people towards Christian service and responsible adulthood is part of the calling of youth groups.

Ministering teen Women boys to

Of course, parents are the main ones called to disciple and train their children—youth groups only have kids for a few hours per Womenn. Many or most of the young people have no walk with God. When you observe that few if any of the young people in the youth group attend Sunday services and serve God then there is a huge problem. The youth are not encouraged to excel in school. Many young people in at risk communities come out of a culture of dropping out of school.

A youth group has the incredible opportunity to break those destructive patterns by encouraging youth to excel in school. Youth groups need to aid young people in being successful in life, not just church life. The youth group has ,inistering sordid history. In many cases, there is a history of drugs, sex and alcohol abuse Womem the ranks of the youth group. In some cases it is done outside the context of the church services and cannot be helped but often it can be part of the sub culture of the actual youth group. In some cases, the youth leader needs to be dismissed because they either tolerate this and or are oblivious and are unqualified to lead streetwise kids.

Young people indulging in this kind of behavior in the context of the youth group need to be confronted and dismissed from the group is they do not repent. The youth leaders tolerate bullying. Often young people will come into a youth group who are socially awkward, are bodily weak, and or look or act different from the rest of the youth. Help cover the costs for an Internet filter.

Help at least one young man win this battle by sharing the cost for a filter and accountability system. Offer him odd jobs for additional income. They get a few dollars, and both of you get a relationship. Invite him to help you in ministry. Whatever you do in your church, invite a young man to walk with you, assist you, and learn the role. That seems, in fact, to be a biblical way to raise up new leaders. Teaching geared for young people Relieves parents of their Deut. Unsound teaching may go unchecked since the parents are not present. Many have served as Youth Ministers in years past.

There a many good men giving their lives to those teenagers who have no parental guidance. We understand that many Christian young people have grown spiritually because they heard life-changing biblical Truth in a youth group. It is not our belief that God does not work in youth groups, for He has. We simply believe that God can accomplish the same ministry and more when teens are elevated to their high calling within the general body of believers, and mentored by a mother and father. Our experience has shown that what the Church enjoyed throughout history, discipleship within the context of the family, can still be a blessing today.

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