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Universities also need to extend hand-in times and administrative office hours—your advocacy can help.

Psychological aspects to being a mature student are often bib unacknowledged. Simply being 10 or 20 years older than the rest of the group can leave them feeling left out when there is group work or talk about social activities amongst classmates. For many, the only part of campus life they see is your classroom. Do what you can to defuse tensions.

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Ensure that they are fully included in all aspects of discussion and work. They may need Uk big mature advice on how to structure their non-class time to get work completed, extra tutorials to build their confidence, or assigning to a study buddy. Many are unaware of services available to them on campus, such as Disabled Students Allowance, study support, Students Union services, and help from librarians. Figure 1 Figure 1 demonstrates three key messages. A relationship is seen between cow weight at weaning and the growth rates of their calves, with the larger cows producing a greater proportion of their calves above the average group weight at days old.

A substantial group of small and medium-sized cows are producing calves that exceed the average day weight. These are more biologically efficient animals and are highlighted in green A small group of large cows are producing calves lighter than the group average. These are the least biologically efficient animals and are highlighted in red The figures demonstrate that reducing cow mature weight will have little detrimental effect on calf performance if the most biologically efficient cows are selected. Beef herds are also struggling to produce a calf per cow every days and cow mature weight has an effect on conception rates.

Research states that when energy availability is limited, larger cows suffer more from energetic restriction due to their increased energy requirements. This restriction causes a severe drop in reproductive performance. This resulted in greater kg calf weaned per cow exposed to bull, when on a restricted diet.

Can EBVs be used mathre act on this information? When breeding for biologically efficient cows, raw data like that in figure 1 will not give sufficiently accurate information to make informed breeding decisions, because environmental factors such as diet and age of the cow are not considered. Estimated Breeding Values EBVs isolate the genetic merit of an animal for certain traits, enabling breeding decisions to be made that fulfil specific targets. Groups traditionally under-represented at university have been specifically targeted in a bid to boost participation levels. This includes school pupils from the most socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds, those with mental health and specific learning difficulties, along with certain ethnic groups.

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Mwture the last decade these types of outreach approaches have biy significantly from well meaning, generic aspiration-raising activities, to a harder focus on raising achievement levels in under-performing schools. But by targeting only school pupils, universities are excluding many potential adult learners who matue lack fair matur to higher education too. Adults on campus This is exactly what I looked at in my latest research which focuses on how four universities in the UK target adult learners, and at the success and impact of this outreach. This includes former offenders, people with a history of substance abuse, refuges and asylum seekers, single parent families as well as local ethnic minority communities.

Interviews with current students on these courses revealed many had fled from conflict zones — demonstrating the unique and varied demographic of people who often attend as mature students. There has been a big drop in part-time and mature student numbers. Shutterstock My research reiterated that adult learners are all very different — with many coming to education from a unique and at times unconventional route.

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