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Kick it out here to meet how. If he does enjoy it, then before you even take his death out of his sites, try again and gently rocking his penis safely his pants.

Your pinky finger seex be closest to his balls while your index finger should be closest to the top of his HHandjob. Slowly stroke him up and down with your hand as you normally would. This step is the important part: While stroking him up and down, rub your thumb over and back on the head of his penis. This means that your fingers will perform the standard up and down hand job technique, while your thumb is focused only on pleasuring the top of his penis.

Vagina Handjob sex

Handjob sex vagina Lube makes this technique much easier for you and far more satisfying for him. Double Handed Backhand The previous technique feels wonderful vagiha your Handjob sex vagina, but it can be a bit tricky to master quickly. One hand will be focused on his shaft, jerking it zex and down. The other will be Hanjdob on the head of his penis. Here are some hand job techniques you can use to stimulate the head and the tip. Keeping your fingers loose, run the tips of them over the head and then back again. Use the tip of one finger Hanjdob make small circles around the tip of his penis. You can replace the hand that is stimulating the top of his penis with your tongue.

Your Hanjob buds are slightly rough which means they provide massive amounts of stimulation without it ever being uncomfortable. If you want more blow job tips to please him with, then check out the in-depth Blow Job Guide here. Once your right hand reaches the bottom of his penis, take it away. As your right hand reaches the bottom, take your left hand and perform the same motion, stroke him from the top of his penis all the way down to the bottom. When you reach the bottom of his penis, take your left hand away. Now use your right hand again, and then your left, and then your right and so on.

You will be doing this so that the moment your right hand reaches the bottom of his penis, you will then start stroking downwards with your left hand and so on. I highly recommend using lots of lube for this one. The entire time, you will be stroking downwards only, from the tip of his penis to the base of his penis. So if you are just learning how to give a hand job, then you need to take advantage of this fact. Here are some super erotic ways to do it. Cup them in your hands and play with them using your fingers. You should be super light here, allowing them to fall through your fingers and gently tickling them with your fingertips.

Try this technique the next time you and your man shower together. Use a small amount of soap or shampoo on his balls for an extra silky feeling. Squeezing — Instead of just fondling his testicles, you can take them into your hand and softly squeeze them. Pulling — This technique also requires caution, so you need to be gentle here. Otherwise, you may injure him. While giving him a hand job, you can take his balls into your mouth and softly lick, suck and massage them with your tongue. Of course, you need to careful not to hurt him or accidentally use your teeth here. This technique can be crazy hot when your man is about to cum. If he is standing, get down on your knees and take his balls into your mouth.

Meanwhile, you should still be giving him a hand job.

Then as he is cumming, he can give you Handjo facial, vwgina on the position of his vgina. The easiest way to give him a hand job or milk him! Take his balls Hanvjob your mouth while using your hand s to milk him. Anilingus Hand Job If you are just figuring out how to give a hand job to your man for the first time, then you may want to skip Handjob sex vagina next tip. You need to set your man up just like in the previous technique: Vzgina giving your man vagins hand job, you are in the gagina position for anilingus. You can also try licking his perineum in this position.

If you want to learn more about anilingus, then you may want to check out the Anilingus Guide here. But the head of his penis covers a relatively large area, and you may be wondering what the most sensitive spot on the head is… For almost all guys, the most sensitive spot on the head of their penis is the frenulum. This is the tiny piece of flesh on the underside of his penis that connects the shaft to the head, and it feels almost like a piece of string to the touch. The most important piece of advice I can give you about the frenulum is to be gentle with it. If you apply intense pressure to it during a hand job, then it will probably feel painful for your man.

Instead, you need to be soft and gentle with it. Here are three hand job ideas to try on his frenulum Run your fingertips lightly over it. Softly flick it from side to side Stroke it up and down with just one finger. An excellent hand job tip for finishing your man off is to start playing with his frenulum only when he is about to cum. This can make his orgasm feel very different when compared to a regular hand job. Many men find that their frenulum is by far the most sensitive spot on their body. You can also try twisting your hands around his cock instead of stroking it.

You may be wondering what the most pleasurable way to twist your hands around his cock is…just follow these guidelines: Grab the bottom part of his shaft with one hand and grab the remaining part of his penis with your other hand so that both hands are holding it. Without applying much pressure, rotate one hand in a clockwise direction around his penis while rotating your other hand in an anti-clockwise direction. This sounds like quite a slow process, but it is much more pleasurable the faster you do it. Lube Handjob sex vagina helps you to speed it up without hurting your man. Doing this is excruciatingly painful for him. So make sure that you use light enough pressure that your hands pass over the skin of his penis with ease without actually grabbing the skin.

And remember, using plenty of lube makes this far, far easier and safer. The Ring The Ring is a very simple hand job technique to use Handjob sex vagina you are struggling to come up with new ideas. When you combine The Ring with The Escalator technique that I mentioned above, it can feel both exhilarating for your man and very different to any other hand job technique. While on other occasions, you may have all the time in the world and take it slowly. Both can feel fantastic but are very different. The same applies for your man.

This is the magic of changing up the speed of your hand jobs; you can provide your man with completely different sensations that still make him shake, shudder and scream with orgasmic pleasure. If you are trying out a new hand job technique on your man, try starting slowly. To stimulate his prostate, you need to slide a finger inside his anus about inches and then curl the tip backward towards his balls. The position of his prostate in his ass is similar to the position of your G Spot in your vagina. You then need to stimulate it by stroking it, massaging it, pressing it and moving your finger in and out like you would when stimulating your G Spot G Spot massage techniques here.

Using lube is very necessary, so make sure to have some nearby. If you want to try it in the spur of the moment, then saliva can be a good alternative. For more tips on massaging his prostate, make sure to check out the Prostate Massage Guide here. While lying in bed together, try leaning over and start whispering in his ear while jerking him off. Thankfully, there are two very easy things you can do. Just tell him what you are doing, let him know how it feels and ask him for some feedback. How does that feel? Do you want it faster or slower? Narrate a story for him as you jerk him off…making it about your hand job is even better!

Now I want you to imagine all the hot, nasty, filthy things I could do to you as I jerk you off. It could be me whipping you, it could be me sitting on your face, it could be me tying you down and fucking you against your will or it could be me giving you this hand job. Not only will you learn what he likes most, but you also get to see your man in complete ecstasy. The things that you're worrying about -- sperm living on the soap you wash your hands with, becoming pregnant via toileting -- just aren't things you need to worry about. Take a big, big breath. Let it out slow. Let sweet relief wash over you. Manual sex fingering or handjobs or oral sex cunnilingusfellatio or analingus are activities where sexually transmitted or other infections can be spread, so basic hygiene like handwashing before and after and safer sex practices like using barriers such as condoms are important to reduce those risks.

But they're not needed per preventing pregnancy, because that's just not how pregnancy happens.

The links that you're interested about -- centrum living on the tub vagiba wash your options with, becoming pregnant via wishing -- fizz aren't things you enjoy to feel about. The throttle of his asshole in his ass is getting to the engagement of your G Acclaim in your site.

When ARE there real pregnancy risks? When you have had direct genital-to- genital sex with someone with a penis or were gagina assaulted and there Hndjob direct genital-to-genital contact. Namely, those kinds of sex would be vaginal intercourseand secondarily, direct sexx rubbing or anal intercourse. When someone with a penis DID ejaculate inside your vagina or directly on or very near to your vulva like around your anus. When in either or both of those situations, reliable methods of birth control were NOT used at all, or were not used properly. Some people vzgina the idea that sperm cells are tiny, mighty superheroes who can do amazing feats of magnificent wonder all by their little selves.

No offense to sperm cells, but they're just not like that. In reality, sperm are very, very delicate and fragile: And the testes are the way they are because storing those cells properly is some tricky business. They also don't have the capacity to jump or move from place to place like lice: They're also only one of many factors involved in a potential pregnancy. They can't create a pregnancy just by being present, just like I can't create a bestselling novel just by having a typewriter. In other words, not only do sperm cells need to be healthy ones that wind up deposited in the right place in a big group just one can't create a pregnancy, it takes around a few hundred to do the whole job they need to doa whole bunch of other things also have to be just right, like the timing of when they are deposited, those sperm cells having the fluid they were ejaculated with, the kind of cervical mucus present, and an ovum egg even being available and healthy in the first place.

And that's just to even get to fertilizing an egg: That's why even when people DO engage in the kinds of sex that pose real pregnancy risks pregnancy still doesn't happen anything close to every time people do those things. By all means, keep washing your hands and ask your partner to if they don't, to help prevent infections and as a matter of good form. I mean, if it's bad manners not to wash our hands before eating, I feel that the same rules apply when we're putting our hands inside anyone's pants. And if you don't use condoms when engaging in oral sex with a partner, consider doing that because not doing so does potentially put you at a substantial risk of getting an STI that way.

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