Vintage bmw club

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B.M.W Motorcycle Club - Vintage and Classic Register

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That said, we removed the stock air box and ran with Vintagr air cleaner, which was enough to move us from production to modified class. Last Updated Thursday, 06 August Remember, we are running the richer carburetor jet now. All are equally welcome. We could not run again until the ambulance got back to the track.

Technical advice, literature, tools hire and a range of activities are all available through us to make the ownership and use of these reliable and characterful machines even more troublefree and enjoyable. Once the cap is cracked, you here the sucking sound like when you open a bottle of pickles, and fuel flows fine out of the gas line. The bike felt lean, starving bad in 3rd gear. The wind was not helping either, 8 MPH the wrong way.

Club Vintage bmw

I took a picture of the plug with my mobile phone, and emailed it to Richard Sheckler, he confirmed my diagnosis, lean. We decide to stay until the bitter end, taking advantage of the open course to perfect our riding tuck. We filled up with Octane the lowest they hadand got the bike in line for the first run.

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