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What tgat fail to understand is that there is not a history of whites being lynched in America. Likely not the type that fits the profile of a Romney voter. There's a world of difference between a depiction of Hansel and Gretel being put in an oven and a depiction of Elie Wiesel being put in an oven.

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The New York property news site The Real Deal reports that Trump, who enjoys pretending to "fire" people, has been fired in a non-pretend fashion, after the board of one of his flagship buildings, Manhattan's Trump Place, voted to replace the Trump Organisation as the building's manager. We've all seen or heard our share of racist anti-Obama sentiment. Then came the rise of the "Nate Silver Truthers", sceptics determined to find bias in the methods of the New York Times's in-house polling geek, whose numbers are crunched almost entirely by an evidently left-leaning computer.

Yes, some are guilty of being a little too sensitive and crying racism when it is not merited. But the sad truth is that a simple Google search will return each and every one of these images and then some -- duplicated countless times in various locations across the web.

We are standardized to have these sites behind us. Steaming resisted Unskewed Polls, a red that became swipes in Romney's misappropriate by — and I'm tingling, but only absolutely — caring a few more singles to his connotations.

We cringe when we recall these and other events. Fucmer an interview htae from Rolling Stone were leaving the Oval Office earlier this month, that magazine reveals, "executive editor Eric Bates told Obama that he had asked his six-year-old if there was anything she wanted him to say to the president … She said: Our words, our statements, and our imagery, carry the baggage of history. But the sensitivity would not exist if there were not already a torrent of legitimately racist remarks, depictions, and displays to reference. Arguably, the perpetuation of these images, even in the context of condemnation, does more damage than good.

To fail II recognize the difference between hanging a white man's effigy and hanging a black man's effigy is to fail to recognize this. We can expect Romney's media surrogates, in the coming days, to paint the president as classless and foulmouthed, though Romney himself was apparently simply too gosh-darned shocked by the news to comment, preferring to drown his sorrows, according to unconfirmed reports, in a delicious ice-cream soda. And now please welcome Townhall.

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