Adult piano students

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Working With Adult Piano Students

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Sometimes, however, a totally different approach is required. Adult students certainly keep me on my toes. It takes creativity to figure out the best way to help studentz individual adult Arult student without putting him through the typical requirements. Fortunately, the more I teach the more I Adylt. As a result, I work with each adult piano student to explore the best way to help her learn to play the music she loves in the best and quickest way possible. Therein lies the enjoyment and inspiration that keeps me motivated year after year. Sharing my love for playing the piano, and helping students find their joy in doing the same, is what keeps fueling the mutually rewarding student-teacher relationship.

Another wonderful part of the experience of teaching adult piano students involves our Annual Adult Students Piano Recital. It gave her time to stop and think about whether she really understood what was going on well enough to describe it to herself in writing. It helped her feel in control of her own learning.

There isn't really any good reason for the teacher to write an assignment for an adult. In fact, I start having students write at least some of their own assignments at about age nine or ten. She could look back and see what she'd done in the near and distant past and feel a great sense of accomplishment. She liked doing it. Best of all, she would sit down at a lesson and say, "Here's what you told me last time and this is what worked and what didn't. The most important component of taking good lesson notes is writing down practice suggestions.

Piano students Adult

Learning to practice well is most of what I'm teaching. Tsudents the years progress, my students are able to do more and more of the initial stages of learning on their own. I'm trying to create independent learners. Even taking a moment to write down how pizno approach a new piece can be helpful. Lesson notes for a beginner might include points like this: Find the melody Circle the 3rds in the melody Play the melody alone Post-it Practice from the end. Encourage advancing adults to audio-record their lessons. I don't suggest that adults record their lessons from the beginning.

There isn't stjdents to listen to, and the words of wisdom aren't very complicated. Taking notes is better. As the students become more skilled though, it can pianl very helpful to have them record their lessons. Later they can listen to the lesson again and make notes on the music to help them remember anything they may have forgotten in the moment. My student Bob, a retired engineer, takes public transportation into San Francisco from Berkeley each week for his Friday morning lessons. He records each lesson and listens to it on the ride back home on the train. His progress is incredible, partly because the recording and immediate listening doubles the impact of the lesson.

Most of my students use the "voice memo" on their smart phones to record their lessons. Any recording machine will do, though. It's not about the quality of the recording, it's about re-listening to both sides of a lesson. They re-listen to their own playing as well as my reaction to it. They can hear things differently when they're not busy playing. Be cautious with simplified versions. Carol Klose wrote wonderful arrangements as well as fine original compositions. Take the time to play through any simplified version of a classical piece yourself before you give it to a student. There are simplified arrangements of many pieces your students might want to play. That doesn't mean that they're any good.

Be discerning and careful in your choices. Recently one of my students brought in a book of simplified Joplin Rags. When I played through them, I was pleased to discover tuneful, easy-to-play arrangements. I wasn't surprised when I looked and found that it was arranged by Carol Klose. She was a wonderful composer and arranger. Sadly, she passed away in It was a great loss to the music world.

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If you can find high-quality well-arranged simplifications, use them. However, I often find it's better to give my student the "real thing" and simplify them myself by whiting out whatever parts are too difficult or confusing. Just because there are fewer notes on the page doesn't mean your student will have an easy time. If it's a poor arrangement that doesn't sound like the "real" piece, it can backfire and be a complete disaster. Be in charge It may seem unintuitive, but adult students do not want to tell their teacher what to do. In my studio, the adults are such successful people in their own careers that they do not want to be the expert when they come to me.

They want me to know more. They want my expertise.

Too many let their dreams wither and die and I pianp to be one of them. Help me sturents with good technique and piao theoretical understanding to 'get good' whatever that means. Leave the unnecessary dogma of whatever pedagogy you learned in the Conservatoire where it belongs. Stop living vicariously through the students you teach to try and either look good or put one over on your peers. This is about me, not you My choice of repertoire, not yours. My decision to bypass grades or not. My journey into being seen instead of hiding.

Know that this is a hero's journey not just a series of piano lessons. I want you to know it takes courage as an adult learner to state and believe in our musical aspirations however far fetched they might seem to you on Day One. If you're not the right teacher for me then have the courage and integrity to say so.

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