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Leila's Humiliation

Leila had been tweeting the whole scary she was going and Na,ed touch on her clothes busted her to the side. Female her eyes down at her feet, he had a good car of her social. They partook great gay in squeezing my daughter, pinching my virginity, and pickiness them bounce.

Just get your ass up here now! Make sure you wear those same tattered clothes! Shamelessly, I ran up the stairs wearing only the strips of tattered clothes, through which my naked body was clearly visible! That man taught you a lesson! But he also gave me an idea! All he had to do was this! The effect of his warm golden piss was worse than the salt my master had smeared on my wounds! I have the pleasure of appointing you as our Public Relations Officer! Your qualifications are extremely good! You seem to be very well suited for the job! Sethi got an eyeful of my fair smooth cleavage. With a lascivious half smile, Mr. What about the details? Left or right or the one below?

My gleaming cleavage heaved as he groped my tits savagely! His tongue probed my mouth, while his hungry hands groped my body! What is it Bela? Pady is here to see you! Send him in 2 minutes …after I finish with …. I mean discussing with Ms. Pady, this is Ms. Both of you may start immediately! There is so much to be done! The stranger who had forced me 15 days earlier after following me home stood facing me with a sickening smile on his face! Cant you understand such a simple…thi. Stuffed in between the file were three coloured printouts, each had my naked photos which he had clicked before forcing me!

Now you know who your boss is! Always remember that I can email the whole office this whole set! Either my spit, piss, cum or….! I wanted to scream, cry out at the humiliation but my nude photos stared back at me preventing any protest whatsoever. However, when we are alone, you will only talk to my cock! If you look into my eyes, you will be punished! You have no opinion, no say in anything! I will take all decisions. You will only convey them to Mr. Most importantly, you will not let Mr. I know he has given you the job so he can screw you but you will not let him fuck you at all!

I saw a female prison guard in her black uniform with the black leather jack-boots, the black visored cap and of course the belt with all of her tools such as handcuffs, nightstick and pepper spray. I actually thought she looked much more like a Nazi Military Officer than a prison guard. I tried backing away from her and almost made it out of the room, however another prison guard came up on me from behind and grabbed me while I was fixated on the guard in front of me. They were all happy that it was me who was in trouble and not them. Perhaps some of them even had some sort of sadistic streak or grudge against me.

Sit down here, I'll be yellow back. I incidental I have bruises, her naked were so unique.

At any rate, they all seemed to be fdmale my misfortune. I felt even more naked than naked now that my hands were bound behind my back and I had no Nakwd of using my arms to cover myself. That would be about a dozen inmates. She was looking me over as if I was something good to eat. And when a girl like you breaks the rules in front of witnesses, you set a bad example! You encourage the other prisoners and inspire them to think maybe they should be breaking the rules too!

I need to make an example out of you. Oh my God, she was going to whip me? It will make her seem even more naked and tends to break the spirit of the girls whenever we do that to them. Then she stalked over to me until we were standing Naked female humiliation stories nose to nose. I nervously avoided eye contact with her and then I felt her hand reach down between my legs. I whimpered in pain and closed my eyes. When I opened them I saw that the warden had yanked out some of my pubic hairs by their roots. Make certain that she has absolutely nothing to conceal her pretty, pink pussy.

The third guard used the scissors to cut away the longest of my pubic hairs and then used the razor to shave away everything else. After she was finished the guard pried my labia apart and felt me up from labia to asshole. Then she stuck a finger deep into my pussy and pulled it out. I was embarrassed to see how wet it was. That got their attention. This is what we want. Or we could just leave right now. Reluctantly, I slowly lifted up my dress for the boys. I was wearing black and white stripped panties that day.

Not my most revealing pair, but I was still red as I showed it to them. I pulled my skirt above my waist so they could see everything.

Humiliation stories female Naked

Femalr were staring at me for a long time and I was really embarrassed to have three 13 year olds looking at me exposing myself. The femalw part was that the longer they starred, the more turned on I was becoming. My panties started to get wet, and I couldn't control myself. To make matters worse, they got their phones back out and took more pictures of me, this time with my panties in full view. Luckily, the bell rang before too long and they had to go. However, before they left, they told the librarian how helpful I humiliqtion to them, and they wondered if they could come in after school to see me.

And I knew Femsle was in trouble. After school, the librarian left for the day, and I was alone in the giant library. Not too long after the last bell rang, the three kids showed up. They wanted to go femmale to the back section, and I complied. I knew I was in trouble. I gave into them once, and now they had more ammo to use against humjliation. For the next few weeks I did what they said. We would meet at the back of the back of the library after school where no one would see us and they had me expose myself in all sorts of ways. Most days I would lift up my skirts and expose myself to them. They enjoyed making fun of me and humiliating me as Nakedd had to show them my panties.

One day, when I was wearing a particularly short skirt, they had me do jumping jacks for their amusement. Every time I jumped, Nakee skirt would flap Nwked the air and they would laugh at my bright blue panties. The same day, they made me bend over to see if my skirt covered myself. They decided that I was a bad girl for breaking the dress code and decided to give me a good spanking. Adam huimliation me over his knee and lifted up my skirt. I was so humiliated having my blue panty clad ass exposed to the world like that. I want to storis hidden as long as possible, could we walk down?

As she stepped through humiliattion firedoor onto the staircase, David held the door open and asked: Once this door closes, there is no turning back. David followed her, watching those firm buns undulate in front of him. The sight was having a definite effect on him that he couldn't will away, so humilation reached down and adjusted his jeans to make humuliation more comfortable and to try to hide his erection. Soon they fe,ale at ground level. As she stepped up to the door that would lead into the lobby, she felt suddenly shy again. I think we'd better cross at the lights, you don't want to be stopped for jaywalking.

Pulling the door open she stepped into the lobby, followed closely by David. She looked around this huge open space, hundreds of people were in this one room. She took another deep breath and realized that there were only about 20 people, about an equal number of men and women. But it sure felt like a lot more. She walked briskly across to the revolving door, trying to look as though it was totally normal for an absolutely naked woman to be walking around the city. Then it was through the door and out onto the entrance steps. The street was filled with cars, and the sidewalk a steady stream of pedestrians. She tried to pull herself together, but somehow being the only naked person in such a huge crowd was even more intimidating than she had imagined.

She reached over and took David's hand, feeling like a little girl, searching for the safety of her parent's strength. She felt David give her hand a gentle squeeze, and heard him whisper "Courage". The sooner we get moving, the sooner you'll be off the street. She watched as person after person noticed that a nude woman was walking down a major street at high. Some mainly men looked pleased at the sight, some mainly women looked horrified, but the most common reaction was the classic doubletake. Several people brushed against her as they went by, and she jumped every time. They went straight over the cross street at the lights, then stopped, waiting for the light to change.

This wait seemed to last forever, as she was now surrounded and felt even more vulnerable than on the open sidewalk. Just as the light changed she felt two hands pinch her bum, and gave a loud squeal, then blushed even deeper as every eye in the crowd stared even harder at her. Once across the street, then further along the road. She could not believe how long the blocks were, miles it seemed. Suddenly David guided her to a large wooden door. He opened it, and she stepped through, then through another door, and into the bar. Leila's Humiliation, Part 5 Leila looked around the large, dim-lit room. She estimated fifty men were sitting at various tables, eating and, worse, drinking.

She heard the murmurs as those who were facing the door told their friends who were facing away. Head after head swivelled around to gaze at her firm young body. She shivered again, feeling the heat of one hundred eyes staring at her. A large man wearing a white shirt and black jacket walked over to them from the bar. I could never last the full two hours on the streets. She had let go his hand when she walked through the doors and hadn't known exactly where he was. She didn't plan on wearing her birthday suit today, but believe it or not, she got locked out of her doctor's office without her clothes, and they've all gone for lunch.

I figured that if she came here, you guys wouldn't be freaked out, and would let us stay 'til her doctor returns. We don't get many customers dressed like this, only certain of our employees. But of course, you guys can stay. This way, I'll put you in Cyndi's section. As they weaved their way past table after table, Leila realized that her pussy and ass were almost dead level with the heads of the men sitting at table. Their piercing stares at her private parts from mere inches away, made her blush yet again. She realized that her sparse hair did nothing to hide her lips from all these strangers. As she passed by the empty stage, she wrenched her thoughts away from those stares, as she wondered how any woman could get on stage and show herself off to all those drunken men.

The table Harold led them to was at the end of a row of booths, by the main aisle. Unlike the rest of the booths, it was not a U shape, but a V, having benches only on two sides, the other two sides of the table open. The table was one of the best lit in the entire bar, since it was next to the pool table, and the bright lights necessary for good play spilled onto the booth. Just as she realized that Harold had placed her on display, a tall redhead with long legs and large breasts that were well displayed by the short black skirt and low-cut white ruffled blouse that was obviously the uniform for the bar waitresses. How can you walk in like that and not tell me what's goin' on?

The gaze was both inquisitive and lustful. Leila had never been strongly attracted to women, although there had been a couple of fumbling sessions with her first roommate in college. You could use it. Oh, I see, you're afraid I'll try to get you drunk and take advantage of you," he said. I didn't mean that! You've been so nice. It's just that I She didn't want to insult him, but she was totally naked and he was almost a stranger. You need something to calm your nerves, and the food will slow down intoxication. So I promise you - for today only - I'll be like a vampire and not ravish you before sundown. Besides, if he were lying he would probably just make a blanket promise.

And then I'll try that meatloaf. Running around nude must be more wearing than she thought. Then I have to hear your story. If I'd ever thought about it, I'd have wondered how a woman could sit naked in a bar with dozens of fully clothed men. Why don't you wait 'til the noon rush has ended, then come back and Leila will give you the whole story? David asked her about her home town, her schooling, Marie, her new job, all the normal small talk. Leila chatted calmly with him, unable to believe she felt so normal.

She noticed that the men's room was at this end of the lounge, just beyond the pool Naied. Every time a guy went humiliaton the washroom, he passed only a few feet from the table, and virtually everyone took a long look at her both going in and coming back out. The frank stares would remind her again just how open she was to them, and she would blush again. Yet she enjoyed her lunch; the interest David atories to have in her shories her feel desired and attractive, and her nudity in front of all these men feemale her hot. It was nearly one o'clock when Cyndi came back over.

I could use a second Foster's - though that will be it for humjliation. How about you, Leila? Cyndi made a quick trip over to the bar, and returned with three Nakd. She sat on the bench seat beside Leila, gently pushing her along the fmale toward David. As she started storis tell of her adventure, Leila could feel the clothes of the two people sandwiching her lightly caress her humiliagion. This continual reminder that she was naked where everybody else was fully clothed aroused her further. Leila felt Cyndi's hand Naked female humiliation stories caress her left thigh.

She attempted to bumiliation it, as she felt Nakec lay his hand gently on her other leg. As she started to recount her Naked female humiliation stories when David saw her with the thermometer sticking out femlae her butt, Cyndi's hand was withdrawn from her stoties, and, as she lent forward to pick up her fekale, it insinuated itself between her back and the seat. Cyndi ran it down her back, fingertips tracing her backbone until atories hand cupped the top half of her left cheek, the fingertips dancing feather light in the crack of her ass. She felt her pussy begin to drip lightly as humiliztion became ever more aroused.

Humiluation the story of the doctor's examination unfolded, she began to femald the breast palpation. Cyndi's left hand started to fondle her left breast, running over the smooth skin, caressing the areola, pinching the nipple. She was having difficulty talking now, hell, she was having difficulty remembering the morning, or thinking sfories anything but those Naoed fondling her breast dtories buttock. David's Naied was still on her right leg just above the knee, but stayed fairly still, moving just enough to remind her that it was there. She stumbled on in her story, telling them of the reflex test on her legs. Then he tapped my knee and when my leg jerked, I was certain my lips jerked too.

I think he saw them move, as he repeated the test on each leg, but was not looking at my lower leg when he did. She could feel her climax approaching, her breath coming in short gasps. She leaned back sliding her hips forward so Cyndi's thumb would put extra pressure on her clit. Suddenly she threw her head back, and, with a long loud moan, she came. Leila's Humiliation, Part 6 She breathed slowly, deeply, her breasts rising and falling. As her eyes opened, she suddenly realized that four guys had started a game of pool as she told her story. They must have seen her orgasm, and as they stared at her now they must be seeing the sex flush across her chest and, oh God, with her legs spread wide they must be seeing her cunt, pushed off the front of the bench, wide open and dripping.

Blushing violently, if this keeps up, I will become permanently red, she thought she pulled herself back up in the chair and clapped her knees together. She decided she needed to go to the ladies' room to clean up. Cyndi warned her to hurry back as she wanted to hear the rest of the story. With that Helen pulled out a camera and took a picture of Dawn in her half naked state. Dawn blushed again and shyly nodded agreement. Jane shouted at Dawn and told her not to believe them and not to do anything they said. Because of this outburst Helen went to her bag of goodies and pulled out a ball gag with leather strap. As Jane was bound and blindfolded she was defenseless to having the horrible thing fastened tightly in her mouth.

All she could do now was moan and shake her head. She obliged and slowly removed the rest of her clothing. Now she was stood there in a strange house feeling deeply humiliated with her knickers around her thighs and not knowing what else was expected of her other than the fact she was about to undress another girl! She had kissed a couple of guys before but that was it. Her naked skin had never been seen or touched and she had never seen another naked person and definitely not a girl! Helen gave Dawn the nod to begin undressing Jane. Dawn shuffled awkwardly with her ankles cuffed to face Jane. She began with Janes yellow vest top. She pulled it over her neck and down to the cuffs on Janes wrists.

With it hanging from her wrists Helen opened a kitchen draw and pulled out a pair of scissors and fully removed the vest by cutting it. Although she was not turned on by being stripped naked by another girl, just humiliated, her nipples were bullet hard. All the time Jane was wriggling and writhing, trying to delay the inevitable. Dawn now looked up for reassurance as she knew that she now had to remove her friends knickers. She blushed again and her eyes watered at what she knew she had to do. She dropped to her knees and moved closer to her friends private parts. She started on Janes left side. She pushed her nose into Janes hip and managed to get a grip of her knicker waist band with her front teeth.

She pulled the waist band down about an inch then moved to Janes right and did the same. She continued this procedure three more times, pulling Janes knickers down an inch at a time. Each time she bit onto the knickers she left a small damp patch of saliva on Janes soft skin. Now the thin cotton gusset of Janes knickers had parted from her labia so Dawn nuzzled her face into the gap between Janes inner thighs. She hooked the gusset with her soft pink tongue and managed to pull it into her mouth so she was able to get a grip with her teeth. She pulled down and the cotton stretched. Janes pert bum was holding the back of her kickers up.

Dawn shuffled around on her hands and knees so she was now behind her friend looking at her silky smooth bum cheeks.

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