How does rock music effect teens

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The Effects of Rock & Roll on Teens

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Music rock How teens does effect

One of the music genres, hip-hop, caused many arguments since its appearance in the late 20th century. The reason is some hip-hop song lyrics include violence, sex, vulgar language, drugs, and alcohol use. Unfortunately, teenagers are the number one fans of this music. Most parents worry about these negative influences of hip-hop and rap on the teenagers still too young The effect of dancehall music on teenagers essay Essay It is composed of 'iridium', fast upbeat rhythms than the traditional reggae music. Danceable music has become a symbol of explicit sexual imagery and violence. Despite the positive effects Danceable music might have on our young people, it has become more a pathway for moral degradation with our young people.

Danceable lyrics are found to be crude as it promotes sexual behaviors, sexual imagery and violence. Not only were 45s much cheaper to buy than the old 78s and the larger 33s, but they could be played on a small record player that teenagers could purchase inexpensively and keep in his or her room.

Car radios were also becoming more popular, and more people were listening to the radio while driving. For a long time, the radio was an expensive option in a car. Radio stations began to program their music to fit the demographics of a new, mostly white, youth-oriented audience. This all meant that some radio stations played music for adults and other stations played music for teens. Not surprisingly, young people were tired of the music their parents listened to and they started to look for something new. The White teens of the major metropolitan areas such as New York, Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles began to turn How does rock music effect teens the stations that played music by African American musicians they had never heard before.

Since the White audience was so much larger than the Black audience, radio stations and record companies engineered their marketing as if a major shift in listening patterns was about to occur. These influences combined in a simple, Blues-based song structure that was fast, sexy, catchy and could be danced to easily and with excitement. These qualities, along with the fact that it horrified mostly white adults in general and parents in particular, that teenagers were so taken with the music made popular by African Americans. Youth Culture Ironically, record producers were banking on the idea that mostly White parents would be suspicious of Rock and Roll music, because it derived from the Blues, sung by Black people.

This dilemma has created friction between musicians and fans, with some bands going to great lengths to avoid the appearance of "selling out" while still finding ways to make a lucrative living. In some styles of rock, such as punk and heavy metal, a performer who is believed to have "sold out" to commercial interests may be labelled with the pejorative term " poseur ". If a performer first comes to public attention with one style, any further stylistic development may be seen as selling out to long-time fans. On the other hand, managers and producers may progressively take more control of the artist, as happened, for instance, in Elvis Presley's swift transition in species from "The Hillbilly Cat" to "your teddy bear".

It can be difficult to define the difference between seeking a wider audience and selling out. Ray Charles left behind his classic formulation of rhythm and blues to sing country musicpop songs and soft-drink commercials.

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In the process, he went from a niche audience to worldwide fame. In the end, efvect is a moral judgement made by the artist, the management, and teenns audience. Rammstein is a German rock band who has become widely popular in the United States, some were concerned that they would lose their authenticity during that transition. Robert Burns was intrigued by the band and did research in order to better understand the authenticity of their music and performances. He discovered that they "use formulaic rock arrangements and instrumentation to present a familiar rock concept to their audience, while stating national identity, and thus difference, with the use of cultural signifiers that establish notions of distinctiveness within national and international contexts" Burns Rock musicians have often attempted to address social issues directly as commentary or as calls to action.

Other musicians, notably John Lennon and Yoko Onowere vocal in their anti-war sentiment both in their music and in public statements with songs such as " Imagine ", and " Give Peace a Chance ".

Rock and roll as social activism reached a milestone rrock the Live Aid concerts, held July 13,which were an outgrowth of the charity single " Do They Know It's Halloween? The concert lasted 16 hours and featured nearly everybody who egfect in the forefront roci rock and pop in rkck In other words, music can help a teenager's brain override their body's natural physical laziness during workouts. In yet another studywhen participants listened to their favorite workout albums, including fast-paced rock music, their workout stamina increased. Spiritual Effects of Rock Music Depending dows your worldview, you might fit doea category in with the emotional or mental aspect of a teenager's listening experience.

Regardless, the spiritual angle is relevant because rock music, especially heavy metal, tends to fixate on the spiritual realm, particularly the darker aspects of the occult. Negative Occultic Themes Rock music with dark occultic themes has been documented to intensify suicidal thought patterns in teenagers and even become a direct catalyst to suicide. If your teenager struggles with depression, for example, allowing him or her to saturate their music library with dark-themed heavy metal might not be wise for their spiritual health. Examples of Rock Music's Positive Spiritual Influence However, it would be unfair to rock music to slap a broad label of "darkness" across it.

Mood Regulation The hormonal rush associated with adolescence makes teens, especially females, prone to mood swings and depression. Positive rock music provides depressed teens with a means to forget their problems and engage in healthy activities such as dancing. A study published for the 9th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition reports that mood regulation is one of the most important reasons why people listen to their favorite music. The study also reports that female teens are more likely to use music in improving their mood and dealing with interpersonal conflicts.

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