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Can Wearing a Bra Cause Breast Cancer?

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In places where people have less access to medical care, breast cancer will not be diagnosed as often, even though it might be present. And because the risk of breast cancer increases as women get older, breast cancer rates will be lower in parts of the world where people die of other causes at younger ages, whether they have worn bras or not. Even if women who wear underwire bras are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer, a likely explanation would be that many women with larger breasts also tend to be heavier. Here are some factors that are associated with increased risk of breast cancer: The chances of getting breast cancer increase with age.

Bra be a Breast cancer

After age 45, white women are Breasr likely to get breast cancer than black women, but black women have ve higher incidence before age 45 and are more likely to die from breast cancer. Even without those genes, having a grandmother, mother, sister, or daughter diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer increases the risk. Beginning menstruation early before age 12 increases the risk of breast cancer by affecting the level of reproductive hormones a woman is exposed to during her lifetime. Starting menopause late after age 55 increases the risk of breast cancer.

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Dense breast tissue including fibrocystic breasts increases the risk of breast cancer Risk Factors You Can Possibly Control Women who Breast cancer be a bra having their first child until later in life or who never have children are at a higher risk for breast cancer. In contrast, having children at a younger age and breastfeeding decrease the risk of developing breast cancer Women who take hormonal therapy for menopause are at an increased risk for breast cancer. This will give them the message, and help you prevent breast cancer at the same time. There is no biological reason the two would be linked, and any observed relationship is likely due to other factors.

There is no good scientific or clinical basis for this claim. Breast size, handedness and breast cancer risk. European Journal of Cancer and Clinical Oncology 27 2: This study found that, "Premenopausal women who do not wear bras had half the risk of breast cancer compared with bra users Found that bra-free women have about the same incidence of breast cancer as men. Found 24 case histories of breast cancer in a culture where half the women are bra-free. The women getting breast cancer were all wearing bras. Given women with the same genetics and diet and living in the same village, the ones getting breast disease were the ones wearing bras for work. The percentage obtained was multiplied by the number of hours per day that the bra is worn.

The data were analysed using multivariate analysis with Poisson regression. Women who had a high daily bra wearing hours x bra stretch percentage coefficient had a frequency of breast cancer that was 2.

This result demonstrated that there is an association between these variables Breastt breast cancer among pre- and postmenopausal women. This study demonstrated a correlation between wearing a tight bra for several hours per day and an increased risk of developing breast cancer. In Brazil, more than 57, new cases are Breasg per year, with 13, deaths [ 3 ]. This disease is heterogeneous, and several environmental and genetic factors are involved in its aetiology [ 4 ]. Changes due genetic mutations account for a minority of cases; the majority of cases are due to sporadic causes [ 5 - 7 ]. The well-known epidemiological factors associated with breast cancer are the behavioural and hormonal factors, such as early menarche, low parity, late menopause and the use of hormone replacement therapy [ 8 - 11 ].

Alcoholism, obesity, and smoking have also been implicated [ 12 - 14 ]. However, these factors do not explain all cases, as they are highly variable depending on the population studied [ 15 ]. Despite all of the studies on this topic, the causes that lead to breast cancer are not yet fully understood. Some unknown triggers exist that lead some women to develop the disease while others — who have absolutely identical living conditions — do not develop it. There is persistent questioning regarding bra use and increased risk of breast cancer; however, to date, studies on this topic have been inconclusive.

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