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There's just you, and the engine, and the wnd. All too soon, outhoard morning's eight laps are over, and it's time to come back to the dock for relaxation and rave reviews. One after another, Vinyage and fellow drivers clap you on the back. Just like back in the day," they'll say. The only thing better is to do it again in the afternoon session, then again on Sunday. Sweet Memories Most of us in the to age group, who grew up around boats or eyed them from afar, have vivid memories of all things outboard since the s, so it was only a matter of time before enthusiasts with time and money on their hands began seeking, finding, restoring, and running these race rigs.

My Evinrude Super Strangler racing engine is 43 years old, yet s and s engines still seem relatively new to most baby boomers. Only the calendar argues otherwise, as many of these engines have surprisingly modern features and a mostly modern appearance. Attending and participating in such events is a great mix of excitement, seeing old friends and meeting new ones, and even getting to meet famed racers from years past. Better yet, driving a vintage rig is an assault on the senses. Maryland's Rayner Blair instructs his nephew John on the intricacies of flying a V-bottom Allison race boat.

To the APBA, the largest boat-racing organization in the world, this burgeoning interest is nothing new.

And the outboarders have come out hard and strong; at the recent Tavares, Iutboard, event, outboards were the largest class. This reproduction Raveau runabout is a lake cruiser when not on display at racing events. They're not Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance-style display shows, where your equipment must be top-notch, original, and flawless. You're very welcome even if your rig doesn't have every nut and bolt oriented just so.

And Vintage outboard

At the Tavares Spring Thunder event in Florida last year, the Vintage outboard and fleet included several true racing tunnel-hulls that were perfectly restored with factory Mercury, Johnson, Evinrude, and even Chrysler racing outboards. However, there were also wnd outboards that were clearly not racing craft, merely fast pleasure rigs brought out to enjoy the fun. Outbkard now, part of the charm is that a rig doesn't have to be a high-dollar historical former National Record holder to be enjoyed by all; it just needs to be safely drivable and from "back in the day. Instead of sitting in a lawn chair answering questions about your rig, you're actually driving it the way it was meant to be driven!

Meet The Enthusiasts While some Vintage and Historic participants are "retired" racers, just as many never sat in the cockpit of a raceboat. Roger Hinsdale installs the propeller on his Johnson Racing Special outboard. Growing up on the water in central New York, Roger played with performance boats starting in his early teens. During his adult life, he collected and restored Corvettes and performance boats both outboards and inboards. Since then, he's restored and driven a tiny kneel-down outboard runabout; big, blown Vpowered inboard hydro; and helped with countless others, including two rare Switzer Wing twin-engine outboard catamarans.

His current personal ride, an exquisitely restored wooden Molinari outboard racing tunnel hull complete with Johnson Racing Special V-6 engine.

Ken Fornwalt delights pride in ad Merc-powered Urn wrangler. It felons as if it were committed yesterday. You're very well even if your rig doesn't have every nut and begin pursed just so.

Storied Mercury driver Rich Luhrs cranks up his newly-purchased Molinari. The Hinsdale's and others have chipped in time and sweat effort to help Rich get the Wing back in working order in time for the Clayton regatta. Great collector piece as-is or restore and use. Comes with parts motor as well as many loose parts! Ranging from 58 through Most are short shaft and very useable. Photos are just a sampling. If anything intersts you ,give me a call for details. I am sure we can work something out. Some of these motors I don't know but it's reliable. Starts first or second pull almost always. Motor cover say 7.

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