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Nor were they replating page In fact, they had not s,ip any complaints from customers. Cecil Adams of the Straight Prnis writing in said, somewhat penia, that Sears denied his request "to visit the Sears archive and inspect this earlier catalog. The company was not considering a recall of the catalog. This means, as Sears begged people to believe, that the Man on Page wasn't flashing America. Nor was anyone suing them on account of the picture. Word of this bonus feature spread like wildfire, with the result that this rapidly became the most talked-about issue of the catalog since the company had first begun sending them out in The company had printed 15 millions copies of the catalog, and yes, they all contained the "blemish.

It's a possibility, although it seems unlikely.

This supplied the common-water mark of interest in the Man on Family It's a post, although it seems perfectly.

Questions Linger In Septembera trio of song writers penned a 4-verse "gimmick" song about the man on page These spots just happen. This is actually one urban legend that we feel a bit curmudgeonly debunking, because it would have been funny if the guy was displaying "more than his shorts. But what about sabotage? But still, questions lingered.

Copies circulated at schools. Pnis song was recorded by Jack Barlow using the pseudonym Zoot Fenster. There were no plans for the company to print more copies. As for the model's identity, Sears refused to release his name, saying that he was entitled to his privacy. It seems more likely that the smudge was entirely accidental.

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He's probably in his 70s now, if he's still Oopw. But careful readers noticed that this edition of the catalog included something a little bit extra and scandalously out-of-the-ordinary. The opposite rumor, she noted, was equally untrue.

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