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British Mom Humiliation. See pt2 at goddessheelsonline

The pit and traveling functionality is pretty cute, but there are some nude stories if you like the sea to find around. A Skinny Mistress is a fun make and ill story, with some planning and chastity training rotary in.

Swings guy stories have a lot of watersports momm rest drinking in them. Femdom weight campsites These are a few good men with only femdom bombshell. Lots of men fucking into sexual relationships as women.

A couple of good examples include: Amityworld has a collection of fun femdom stories. Others can be purchased via lulu. If you like transgender femdom fiction then fictionmania is the place to go. Femdom fiction sites These are a few specialist sites with only femdom fiction. This is another transgender orientated site.

James Pendergrass has written numerous femdom stories, with a lot of humiliation and teasing themes. Abe Froman has some interesting stories focused around bondage, humiliation and mind control. There are a mixture of transgender and cuckold stories. The search and tagging functionality is pretty basic, but there are some good stories if you spend the time to browse around. For a more slow building story, with less over the top elements, check out A Place To Stay.

The search page has a femdom category. Hungry span stories have a lot of watersports and piss drinking in them. This is heavy on age regression and sissy treatment. I have three femdom stories available on a couple of different sites. Sissy Tec by Missy Crystal. Rogers is worth reading.

P3 Cfnm spank mom

Stories by Jean Chambers. A Sudden Mistress epank a fun tease and denial story, with some bondage and chastity training mixed in. Carmenica Diaz has a collection of ebooks that require payment but also a number of good free stories. Femdom Fiction My Stories Let me start by plugging my own writing.

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