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Caning in Indonesia is a recent introduction, in the special case of Acehon Sumatra, which since its autonomy has introduced a form of sharia law for Muslims only male or femaleapplying the cane to the clothed upper back of the offender. Other countries that used it until the late 20th century, generally only for male offenders, included KenyaUganda and South Africawhile some Caribbean countries such as Trinidad and Tobago use birchinganother punishment in the British tradition, involving the use of a bundle of branches, not a single cane.

Bottoms Caning girls

Botgoms Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, healthy males under 50 years of age can be sentenced to a Cxning of 24 strokes of the rotan rattan cane on the bare buttocks; the punishment is mandatory for many offences, mostly violent or drug crimes, but also immigration violations, sexual offences and in Singapore acts of vandalism. It is also imposed for certain breaches of prison rules. In Aceh caning can be imposed for adultery. Two examples of the caning of foreigners which received worldwide media scrutiny are the canings in Singapore in of Michael P. Fayan American student who had vandalised several automobiles, and in the United Arab Emirates in of Sarah Balabagana Filipina maid convicted of homicide.

Caning is also used in the Singapore Armed Forces to punish serious offences against military discipline, especially in the case of recalcitrant young conscripts. Unlike judicial caning, this punishment is delivered bogtoms the soldier's clothed buttocks. See Caning in Singapore Military caning. Canong corporal punishment[ edit ] Main article: School corporal punishment The frequency Caning girls bottoms severity botyoms canings in educational settings Cwning varied greatly, often being determined by the written rules or unwritten traditions of the school. The western educational use of the cane dates principally to the late nineteenth century, gradually replacing birching —effective only if applied to the bare bottom—with a form of punishment more suited to contemporary sensibilities, once it had been discovered that a flexible rattan cane can provide the offender with a substantial degree of pain even when delivered through a layer of clothing.

Caning as a school punishment is strongly associated in the English-speaking world with England, but it was also used in other European countries in earlier times, notably Scandinavia, Germany and the countries of the former Austrian empire. In some schools corporal punishment was administered solely by the headmasterwhile in others the task was delegated to other teachers. In many English and Commonwealth private schools, authority to punish was also traditionally given to certain senior students often called prefects.

Bottlms the early boytoms century, such permission for prefects to cane other boys was widespread in British public schools. The perceived advantages of this were promptness of punishment and avoiding bothering the teaching staff with minor disciplinary Caning girls bottoms. Canings from prefects took place for a wide variety of failings, including lack of enthusiasm in sport, with the punishment repeated, if necessary, until the younger boy's performance or attitude improved. Glrls at least the early s onwards, some private preparatory schools relied heavily on "self-government" by prefects for even their youngest pupils around eight years oldwith caning the standard punishment for even minor offences.

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