Does insurance cover breast reduction

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What Makes Breast Reduction Medically Necessary?

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It is common for women with large breasts to develop reductin indentations in their shoulders from their bra straps. This condition, especially in conjunction with chronic pain, may qualify you for breast reduction coverage. No Alternative Treatments Have Worked Some insurance companies require you to try alternative treatments. For instance, they may require you to prove that methods such as physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, and weight loss have not been able to improve your symptoms. Free Insurance Verification Just fill out the form and click "submit.

Submit "Everyone at the Breast Reduction Center is so nice and helpful.

Reduction breast insurance Does cover

They helped me navigate and understand my breast reduction insurance coverage, and I was actually able to get my entire breast reduction surgery done with very little out of pocket expense. This place is just wonderful! How do I find out my insurance provider's terms regarding Breast Reduction? Most major insurance companies provide insurance coverage for breast reduction, but there are several factors that must be looked at in order to determine whether you are eligible for coverage. Your insurance company must first determine whether they consider your breast reduction medically necessary.

She also had no history of being referred for physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, an orthopedic consultation or a dermatology exam. For many procedures, this lack of treatment history might not be an issue. But for breast reduction, which can be considered cosmetic or reconstructive, depending on the patient — and the insurance company reviewer — the lack of history for this patient would prove problematic.

Unfortunately, the patient insueance not completed all of the regimens that her insurance required for the reduction insurancee to be covered in her case. She will be able to reapply for reduction mammoplasty coverage after the requirements have been completed, but, unfortunately, there is still no guarantee that her insurance rdduction cover the procedure. Naturally, as a college student, she Doea not in the position to consider paying out-of-pocket for the procedure and was not happy to discover the insurance hurdles she would need to go through for potential coverage. This story is just an example of why it's so important for patients to do their homework regarding their insurance coverage for any surgical procedure before seeing a surgeon.

Here are the five best ways your insurance provider can help you bear the costs of this surgery. Get a letter from the general surgeon — The main reason for undergoing breast reduction surgery should be proven to be for health reasons. This is where the general surgeon comes into play. He or she should specify the reasons for the surgery and how surgery will help.

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This should be backed up with medical tests and reports. Why are these important? It can make the breasts smaller, firmer, lighter, and more evenly proportioned. It usually relieves the physical discomfort breas pain caused by large breasts. The results of breast reduction surgery are considered permanent. But the breasts may become larger or their shape may change as a result of pregnancy, weight gain, or weight loss. Risks The most common risks of breast reduction surgery include: Breast reduction surgery always leaves visible scars on the breasts. But how bad the scars are varies from person to person and by the type of incision.

Although red and swollen at first, scars typically fade over time. But scars may remain very noticeable in some women long after surgery. Fortunately, the incisions usually can be limited to areas of the breast that can be covered by a bra. Unevenly positioned nipples, or breasts that are not the same size or shape. Loss of feeling in the nipples or breasts. This is often temporary, lasting a few months.

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