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The NBI also captured Lovely, who had confessed her participation in the illegal activities of Scully and is porj cooperating with the investigation. Francisco said Lovely was nabbed in the domestic airport, where she was on her way to Bukidnon to see Scully from Palawan, where she had just spent her honeymoon with her husband, a French national.

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Lovely told the NBI that Scully was forced to kill the young girl because they could not hide the pporn marks inflicted on her. Found in the hole was a skull with complete dentures, small limbs and body parts. Sombilon said an examination would be conducted on the skeletal remains to determine the cause of death. Francisco said other videos produced by Scully, girla were provided by the Dutch police, showed other naked young girls performing sexual acts on older women, but only the faces of the young girls with bright eyes were shown on the video.

One of these videos led the Dutch police to the country, Francisco said. Abortion rates are twice as high. For starters, two-thirds of Dutch parents report allowing their teenage children to have sleepovers with their boyfriend or girlfriend, a situation even the most liberal American parents would rarely permit. Is there something Americans should learn from the Dutch about relaxed attitudes toward sex and drugs — indeed, the Netherlands has more lenient drug laws than the U. Parents, Teens and the Culture of Sex, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. What got you interested in the studying the differences between American and Dutch approaches to teen sexuality?

I was born in the U. When I moved back to this country at 21, I was stunned to find out that teen pregnancy was a problem in the U.

Growing up, I had not known of anyone pon pregnant. A couple of pieces are important. I do think this giros something that resonates with a lot of people. Every culture has those aspects of human [nature] they celebrate. That is not appropriate for teens and we need to validate their connections and give guidance around that. Instead, we tend to pathologize teen relationships as obsession, co-dependence, addiction. But research shows that in the U. That makes things very difficult. Do you think the more relaxed Dutch attitude toward drug use is associated with views on teen sex? I argue that underlying the normalization of adolescent sexuality are certain concepts of the person and how people operate, and how to exert social control.

Parents are an important buffer Researcher Daphne van de Bongardt discovered that young people who have a good relationship with their parents become sexually active at a later age.

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And due to their higher level of self-esteem, a good relationship with parents contributes to this, they experience sex far more positively once they have tasted it! Furthermore, parents who talk a lot about sex with their children as they grow up function as an important buffer between prevailing norms about sex among contemporaries and the intentions of their children to have sex. This is an important finding because such standards among peers for example: Daphne van de Bongardt: The more negatively their peers talk with each other about sexuality and with that mainly emphasise the risky aspects — think about condom use of personal boundaries — the more they think that their contemporaries are having sex already or approve of this.

So not only the fact that young people talk with their parents or friends about sex or how often they have such talks, affects their sexual behaviour, but also and more importantly the nature of such conversations. This increased popularity leads to early sexual activity discovered Laura Baams. For girls, though, that works differently: Laura Baams made another interesting discovery: This shows how important environmental factors are for the romantic and sexual development. A teenager matures not only as a result of his or her own personality or biological development also under the influence school, home, friends and far more.

Yonug Even more important still, young people can now actively participate in this for the first time by making and sharing their own photos and videos. No, that is far less than feared. Social media are of course very popular and within the circle of friends they form an important channel for communication and sexually tinted self presentation as equally for the forming of sexual images and expectations.

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