Dealing with a sexual medical fetish

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Medical fetishism

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Medical a fetish with sexual Dealing

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Often frozen or heated objects jedical introduced to medicall patient's body to simulate the uncomfortable sensations that can occur during a real examination. Examinations may include an examination and intrusion of the anus, urethra, or fefish, as well as handling sezual twisting of the penis, testicles, clitoris, and nipples. Quite often, strap on play is also incorporated, as this can heighten the intimacy, and also the sensations of the patient. This may be a prelude to masturbation or administration of an enema. Before examination, the patient can be placed in physical restraints and gaggedand wear some form of embarrassing clothing.

Temperature-taking fetish[ edit ] Temperature taking fetish is a sexual fetish for oral thermometers and rectal thermometers. Sexual arousal from the desire to take another's temperature or have one's temperature taken is primarily what surrounds the fetish. While rectal temperature taking is more prominent, there is also an interest in oral temperature taking. Anesthesia fetishism[ edit ] Anesthesia fetishism is a sexual fetish for anesthesia. This may include the sexual attraction to the equipment, processes, substances, effects, environments or situations.

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