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Anyone want to bet on that? I just might have to make an exception. Yesterday was our Department Chairs meeting, and we discussed the book Meeting Wise. Last Friday, there was a minor emergency with my mother, so I left work early and raced there.

And the Five Little Peppers. Posted by lpearle on 15 November Several years ago, I posted the following on Goodreads: And, like other departments, we see each other all the time. Thanks to our History Department teachers helping assess the utility of a discovery service, EDS will join our offerings — leading, we hope, to better searching during Research Season. The seniors processed in to Convocation, there were speeches, and then classes began. Time to breathe Posted by lpearle on 13 November Because second semester is essentially Research Semester, with three months of classes often classes a daywe tend to tackle major projects in first semester.

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By Emma Atkins Jacobs. Perhaps Librraians the smartest idea, given the exhaustion I and the other librarians face by, well, now. But the compressed time frame, the insistence on meeting the deadline of xxx notecards and yyy sources and limiting how many of which type of sourcethe persnickety nature of bibliographic format even when they use Noodletools to help them with thatand all that process stuff can turn them off. Posted by lpearle on 13 September The school year officially started on Tuesday. And, well… it was the book.

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