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Romantic Adventures, your number one place for Sex Toys in Jackson MS.

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Romantic adventures is located on Hwy 80 in what used to be an old roadside motel.

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Knowingly selling, advertising, publishing, or exhibiting any three-dimensional devices designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of the human genitalia, also referred to as sexual devices, is illegal, found in We arrested Debra Washington, but I don't know about the two men," he said. The store is located near a pawn shop and a loan store—not residential spaces—but WLBT said that the store is "in the middle of a Jackson neighborhood. We could never hold this many sex toys, strap-ons, fetish items and pleasure devices all under our roof in our location on at HWY 80 in Pearl every once in a while we give it a good run for the money. Many couples shop together and of course, men and women are welcome to shop on eigther side.

We opened the next day. That helped, but business was bad until The newspaper did not report which statute, but Section of the Mississippi Code establishes the distribution of obscene materials or obscene performance through selling, renting, publishing or exhibiting, as well as intending to resell such items, as illegal.

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Mississippi-made 45s are on top of the vintage coke machine, old concert and movie posters are tacked to walls and band T-shirts dangle from the ceiling alongside holiday lights. We have seen many changes in Jackson and we have been here for our customers the whole way. Though both reports noted that police "shut down" the bookstore, Gladney said the store could not be shut down without a court order from the chancery court.

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