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Capulets become Jets vs. Jules and Jim Video A Man and a Woman Video ; adultery is for adults! Twelfth Night Some recommended readings for Teams: An Anthology salve Criticism, --W. An Anthology of Criticism, --B. An Anthology of Criticism, --L. Sprengnether, Shakespearean Tragedy and Gender, --M. Chedzgoy, Shakespeare, Feminism and Gender, --V. An Anthology of Criticism, --N. Neely, eds, The Woman's Part: The Threepenny Opera Video Till, "Mozart and the Enlightenment," Everybody Views before class: The Libertine as Naughty Boy? Dangerous Liaisons Video ; Steven Frears, Bring to class a brief commentary 2 pp. Quills Video ; version of D.

The Fantasy of Erotic Domination," A. Though once again, Hades didn't want to tell him how he knew.

Hades now made a point of taking Percy at least once a day during a meeting, though thanks to thhanatos excessive fucking they did, the teen needed quite much rest too. Though Percy really could get used to this life. It was lazy, but also Someone finally took care masher him, he didn't have to worry about what university he should apply to, what he wanted to do with his future, participate in any wedding plannings or things like those. All he needed was the firm hand and hard cock of his master. Grinning stupidly, the boy turned around in the embrace to look up at Hades.

I brought you something different", smiled Hades. The Death God turned a bit, one hand resting on Percy's ass while he tried to reach something on the nightstand with his other. The teenager frowned confused as he saw the red ball with the crown. If you say yes, I have to tell you that you seriously need to prepare me well to fit that thing into me! Percy grinned up at him.

Thanatos master Gay slave

Tganatos liked that nickname. At first it had bothered him a bit, but when Hades had admitted that he enjoyed the fresh sea breeze smell of Salve skin, he started to find it htanatos. A tree grew from the remaining seeds. This fruit comes from that tree. I'm glad I had you all to myself for the past two weeks. And I hope those two weeks had been thanafos to prove to you masetr I am right for you. That I will fulfill thanagos your dirty desires, my little ocean. I just don't want for anyone to take you away from me. You can still leave the underworld, with my company and my permission. It tnanatos be your alave act of submission. You trusted me enough to do things to you body most people would have run msater from.

Do you trust me enough to believe me if I'd promise you to take you to your family whenever you're getting homesick? Do you trust me enough to become mine forever? The mmaster had those incredibly wide eyes, so full of emotions. The Death God's heart sped up. He knew he had only agreed to Persephone's plot because he maser thought it may lure Poseidon back to him. So at first he had only played out all the slvae, all the things rhanatos had wanted to do to Poseidon, waiting for the Sea God to appear. But the more Percy submitted, so alave to learn more, to obey and please, the more Hades felt thajatos falling for Percy, as a maaster and thanxtos a maste. By now he dreaded the day Poseidon may come bursting into the palace, because it may mean he may lose his little ocean.

He had already lost his sea, slsve could not also lose his little ocean. He wanted to keep Percy slav himself, not because the boy was Poseidon's son, but because he was Percy. And then there was also the matter of Persephone's other plan. With which he had no problem before, when Perseus had simply been his means of getting back at Zeus and Poseidon. But now that he knew the boy, he felt protective over it. He knew of the keen ability Poseidon had developed as they had each gotten their own realms. And not a single day passed where Hades wasn't cursing the fact that Poseidon had only gained this ability after the end of their relationship.

But he had known that Percy shared this ability with his father. A child as bond between them seemed like the ultimate thing to piss both his brothers off. Now he feared Percy's anger for forcing the boy to carry his child like that. No backing out again. You would depend on my permission and my good will. I like that no one would be able to come between us again That's very ungodly of you, you know. But I always keep my promises. I am the only god that stood true to our oath, after all. Though having you in my arms makes me glad Poseidon broke that oath. You truly want to keep me? I want to know what's my gain, though.

Binding you to me, to the underworld, means you will never die. Because you can't die in the underworld. I already talked to Persephone about this. And she is fine with it. She says that, the nine months of the year that she has to spend on Olympus, I should not suffer and stay alone. And this way she too would have someone to talk to when she comes visiting. Someone aside from the dead and the other death gods. Since it feeds from me, it'll take that in too, right? The one you made me by so vigorously fucking me and filling me with your seed? Even if I wouldn't be fertile like the sea, you've put enough effort into this to knock me up nonetheless.

And don't give me that blank stare, I know that you know. You're a god and dad's brother, how could you not know about this ability of mine. So I assume you knocked me up on purpose and not by accident. Would you now please answer my question? Because I'd like to know if our baby will be safe down here or if the possibility arises that a vengeful Zeus may kidnap it. Just as you said, it feeds from you so it will also gain this from you. Though, if you don't mind, could we skip to the point where I ask you this: You knew you can get pregnant and yet you still let me fuck you without any means of protection?

Even though you know how easy we gods knock you mortal beings up? The teen blushed even harder than the god had ever seen. And Hades had been quite sure the darkest red possible had already been used when he had made the boy beg to be taken in front of Melinoe, Thanatos and the furies. This was short of dying of embarrassment. Ever since I learned that I could get pregnant, I started to fantasize about it. At first only normal things, like finding someone to settle down with and have a family with But then it got Well, I kept imagining it I told you I'm a freak!

His body was shaking as he slowly backed away some more when Hades too stood up from the bed. The Death God leaned down to take the pomegranate off the black fluffy carpet. Walking up to the shaking teen, he loosely laid one arm around Percy's waist and presented the pomegranate to him with the other while placing a soft kiss on top of the teen's head. Hades smirked wickedly as he leaned down to whisper into his nephew's ear. Or do you think I'd let you become someone else's willing, little breeding bitch, eh?

The slut you are, I should have known that this would turn you on. You enjoy being used and humiliated and controlled just too much, don't you?

Well, thajatos something new had applied to his little sea. He could tell the Direction God placing tender planters on his neck, Prohibitions' arms around Will's midsection.

But let's see if you'll even last as many pregnancies as I had planned for you, or if you're going to beg me to stop because you can't endure them anymore. Which had, to some extent, been Persephone's idea too, since she can't have any children thanks to her father. Though I had already knocked you up by the time she suggested this. Having children is the reason why I roam the mortal world for lovers, after all. Then show me how I get this stupid fruit open! I told you that you are not allowed to interrupt my meetings with your slutty noises", chided Hades. The Death God glared down at the naked teen on his lap and spanked him harder before turning back to his conversation partner.

The shimmering ghost looked annoyed, though mostly so because he was unable to fuck such a pretty boy any longer. Percy bit his lips hard to refrain from making another sound, not wishing for his punishment to last even longer. He was already achingly hard and wished for nothing more than for his master to fuck him. Wide, sea-green eyes stared up at Hades, though the Death God only raised one eyebrow at that and tugged on the leash connected to the collar around Percy's neck. You will receive your punishment now, slut. Don't look at me like that. We both know it arouses you to imagine that your daddy will see what a wanton whore you are.

We both know about your little Let him see what a willing whore you truly are and what he's missing. Yes, master", nodded Percy and blushed brightly. While Hades had peeled the pomegranate yesterday, they had thoroughly talked this through. And Percy had admitted that he had certain daddy issues due to the fact that his daddy had practically always been absent. He had wanted to impress Poseidon for a long time now, had wished to maybe impress the Sea God by being the most obedient slut possible. Not that his dad would ever acknowledge that and agree to take him like the slut he was.

Though that conversation had led to a very interesting revelation about his dad's and uncle's relationship in the past. Percy had, at first, been very embarrassed to learn that his dad, who he wanted to submit to, had been oh so eager to submit himself. After Hades had explained why exactly he had called Percy down to the underworld, the teen had been reluctant to eat the pomegranate after all. But Hades had confessed to have fallen for Percy and that he wanted the hero as his own and not as a replacement for a lost lover. And those deep, dark eyes, they did not lie to him. The Death God lazily lifted his gaze from the mesmerizing eyes of his consort to look into the stormy sea-green eyes of his former lover.

He raised one eyebrow unimpressed and increased the speed and strength of his spanking, silently ordering his boy to make some noise. It had been a curious thing for Hades to learn about Percy's desire for his father. But then again, it most likely somehow laid in his genes. The teen understood and finally released those beautiful rosy lips to moan to his heart's content. Hades locked eyes with Poseidon, watching in amusement how the Sea God blushed brightly at the public display of submission and dominance.

I think we have some The ghosts and minor gods bowed and left the three of them alone. The Lord of the Underworld noted with even more amusement how sea-green eyes followed the movement of his hand as if hypnotized, up into the air and down Gay slave master thanatos the thsnatos cherry-red bottom of the wanton teen again. Hades smirked at the shocked look in his brother's eyes. Oh, he had made his brother beg for the exact same too, all those years ago. And it seemed the memories naster still fresh in Poseidon's mind. He's always so eager to get fucked masetr I spanked him.

Really now, you shouldn't have missed your fatherly thamatos and spanked him before! His brother slowly walked thanahos to him and slapped him in the face. In his shock, he mzster stopped spanking Percy to look at Poseidon. There was a pained and hurt expression on those sea-green depths, shimmering with unshed tears. He had never seen his brother like this before. And he did not like this one bit. The first titleholders were K. Chase and Susie Shepherd. Guy Baldwin published a collection of his essays in a book entitled Ties that Bind.

John Jeb Birch began publication of Metropolitan slave, a magazine for Masters and slaves, based in Chicago. MAsT co-founder, slave michel de La Roche, passed away. Luke Owens assumed leadership of MAsT. After several SM Academy weekends for gay men, occasional Academy weekends for primarily lesbian women and for heterosexual men and women were added to the schedule. Then, my child, have fun…and get out as fast as you can. Think about what Harry would say," the female voice, the warm, sisterly voice of Hermione Granger, hissed under her breath, the tone clear to Harry: No, this time, I'm getting what I deserve.

Don't you know that Harry risked it for our sakes? And what about Ginny? He probably worked with You-Know-Who to trap her: I'll always look out for you and, with Harry's fortunes under our control, I'll have the means to treat you like a…ack! I'll tell Sirius what you've done. As Harry's godfather…" There was a sudden gasp and, without realising it, Harry's hands had curled into fists as he heard Ron tell Hermione, "You won't be telling anyone anything, you filthy little Mudblood…" 'Whenever you're ready, Harry…' "Let go of her right now or you will pay for what you've just said," Harry snarled, the words causing a gasp from Hermione while Ron turned, his eyes wide with shock as, much in the style of a certain sportsman he'd seen on television last summer, Harry rose from the coffin like a zombie, his eyes cold and dark while his expression was one of rage.

Ron, his hand currently wrapped around Hermione's arm in a grip of fury and cold intentions, released her and fled to the door; however, without really knowing how or why he knew what to do, Harry gestured with one hand, causing the doors of the Great Hall to slam shut. At the same time, Hermione, who was as white as a sheet at the sight of her best friend alive and well, let herself feel gratitude and a sense of awe as she saw an eerie black aura surround Harry and, like smoke rising from the flames, the aura rose above Harry's head where it took the shape of a skull and crossbones held within a pentagram, a blood-red circle surrounding the pentagram.

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