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The smell almost makes me throw Farjgirl. After I feed and milk, I get to the best part, cleaning. Our eight horses are my first stop. I love watching them run and graze. By the time I was Farmggirl, yes thirteen, I could tell a stallion from a mare. Shortly after that I learned what a mating session looked like. One day I looked toward the biggest stallion we have and watched him for a long time. After twenty minutes he jumped on top of a mare. I laughed a little when I saw him jiggle his hips around. Then he pulled out of her and I saw his penis for the first time.

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Two feet long at least. Then I saw the stuff drain from her, I never got close enough for a good look but afterward my crotch vum always wet. Even just thinking about it made me feel that way, and Farmgir, about what it felt like to have something that big inside me. That was before I even knew where babies came from. The event that set off my curiosity in the subject of cjm was at the goat pen, my last cleaning stop of the day. I go there just before I unload my wheelbarrow in the shit pile behind the Farmmgirl.

I walked into their enclosed section of the barn and tried the gate. Locked with a padlock. I hopped up on the fence and went to jump down but I tripped on a shoelace and flipped over before landing in goat crap Grand Central. I hit my head pretty hard and was a little fuzzy for a while. I tried to stand but only got to a knee. I looked to my left to ensure I was alone on this side of the pen, but all I saw was two blunt horns-BAM!!! When I came to I had a mouthful of goat dung. I spit it out and tried to stand but I was pushed back down.

Then I felt him on top of me. The larger of the two goats was mounted and humping me. I felt his thing poke my butt harder and harder. His hooves tore at my overalls as he have me a really hard pole and shoved me into the crap again, giving me another helping. I quickly jumped back over the fence before he got me again. I emptied the load of crap into the pile in the darkness. Then I ran to the house and walked inside. As the door shut behind me I smelled the same putrid smell of a goat mating. As soon as I did, so did my mom and dad.

Then she lectured me for a half-hour after slapping me across the face. I took the lecture, then went to the bathroom to get the scent off of me.

My brother was smiling Faemgirl I walked through our room to the bathroom. The smell doubled in intensity as, whatever the liquid was, smeared all over my butt. I got some on my finger and smelled it, bad idea. Almost instantly I gagged and threw up in the toilet. The shower felt very refreshing after that. Josh was Fwrmgirl when I went in to go to bed. I thought about the pearly liquid that must have been covering my whole butt. I settled into bed after getting my nightgown ckm and tried to sleep, but so many thoughts were in my head. Josh came in a little later and got into his bed. Then he did something strange, he pulled out what looked like pictures and undid his pants.

I realized then what he was looking at. It was…me, me in the shower. He started rubbing it and squeezing it as it grew. I rolled over to get away from the sight but I could still hear the swish of skin on skin. Finally he stopped and I could sleep. My head was pounding the next day from the hard hit I took. My butt hurt a little too. I ignored Josh who looked like he had just won the lottery. Sparky, my purebred Husky, walked by me as if I had called him. I watched as he sat down and started licking his fuzzy sheath. As I watched, it grew bigger, then I saw his pink penis start to emerge. It shined in the sunlight from a clear liquid covering it.

Small veins ran through its length and pulsed. I felt my crotch get wet again and decided that was enough before my mom caught me. Next I took a closer look at the horses. He mounted her and let his organ swell up to its incredible length.

I got in closer just as he jolted his hips and shoved himself into her. He pumped his backside for about forty seconds, then he jumped off and ran away. She stayed and grazed as her hole emptied a thick white liquid. I got closer and could smell it in the breeze. It smelled good, in fact great compared to the goats. I got even closer until the puddle was up to my face and smelled deeply. It was indeed good enough to eat. I looked around to check my privacy, clear. Then I scooped up about a cups worth between my cupped hands and stuck the tip of my tongue to it.

I got a small salty taste but not much. I again checked my privacy and tipped my head back and let the warm slop pour into my mouth. The salty taste engulfed my taste buds and I could now taste a new taste. Indescribable but incredibly good. I sucked up the rest of the puddle before leaving. The idea of eating something that came out of a horse made my crotch wet. As if he was answering my call, Josh was visible on the hill overlooking the pasture with my dad. It took me the rest of the night to work up the nerve to ask him about sex.

When I did though, he was happy to tell me anything. He told Farmgirl cum about my clitoris and what it does, why my crotch was getting wet, and even where and what the g-spot was. After I ran out of questions, he said that I had to pay for it. I had to stand nude in the middle of the room and let him take any pictures of me he wanted for five minutes. That five turned to six, then seven. Finally I agreed to twenty minutes as long as I could ask anything I wanted. Then he explained why my nipples were hard. That night and after everyone was asleep, I led Sparky into the bathroom and locked the door. He stuck his nose to my crotch like he always did and sniffed like crazy. My curiosity caused me to lift my nightgown up.

He sniffed my butt, then my vagina. It felt weird having a dog brush up against my crotch. Then he started licking me down there. I started whimpering as he sent pleasure through my body. I stopped him before I woke up Josh. Then Farmgirl cum rolled him over and rubbed his sheath until I saw his member extend. I touched the slippery surface and was surprised at how hot it was. I then mimicked what Josh did the night before. He grew bigger in my hand and I noted a lump at the base that was also growing bigger. I felt him tense up and the lump stayed at about the size of a grapefruit. I licked my arms and slurped at the floor to get the taste.

Not as strong of course. Before I could stop myself, I closed Farmgirl cum lips around his cock and sucked the slick Farmgirl cum and the excess cum off of him. To my surprise he started growing in my mouth. I got excited as he started humping into my throat. I played with it with my tongue until he spasmed again and filled Farmgirl cum mouth with more hot cum. I swallowed all I could then let the excess drain down my chin and drip down my body. He stood up and licked the juice from my face and I gave him a huge hug. After that he started following me around everywhere I went. Even to the bathroom, which was where he got to lick my cunt while I went.

That was an intense feeling too. I sucked him and he licked me twice every night for a while. The growing curiosity in my mind was nagging at me now though. I needed to have sex. I studied on how big each animal was and formed a plan. I also had to make sure no one could see me. I even considered inviting Josh along just in case I needed advise. I decided against it. In the end I chose a sheep for my first time. Luckily we had just sheared the wool off so I had no problems seeing where his dick would come out. One day after feeding the animals and cleaning, I led my sheep to the tool shed and barred the door.

I felt my cunt get wet as I stripped off my clothes and put them into a pile. Josh said that my first time would hurt, so I was ready for the pain. I got onto my hands and knees and faced away from him and waited. I turned him toward me and exposed myself again, this time I got a reaction. He stuck his nose to my butt and cunt then with incredible speed he pounced on my back. His weight arched my back down and raised my butt. I felt his sheath against my opening. He grabbed a hold of my hips and locked me into position. He squeezed me and held me even closer until his hind legs were pressed against me also. Then he squeezed his legs together around my butt and held me so tightly that I could feel his heart beat.

His sheath stiffened against my cunt and I felt the tip of it start to go in. It went slowly at first but then it started to gain speed. I gasped as it pushed through my hymen and kept going. The pain made me cry a little but the pleasure soon took over. I looked behind me and saw small lines of blood trickle down my legs. I felt him rock back and forth on top of me and it made me moan as his cock slid in and out of me again slowly at first but then he gained speed. Faster and faster he went and his dick swelled inside me, stretching my pussy a little. Then with a lunge he shoved in all he could and locked us together again.

I was short of breath as his whole back end twitched. Finally I felt hot cum splash into me. He twitched for a good minute and a half before he let me go to lick him clean. The cum spilled out onto the floor and I got all I could of it. I stood up and put my clothes back on. Then I opened the door only to see my mother walking towards the barn. She was looking for me. I ran around to the back of the barn to the back door. The sheep followed me in as I opened the door to the sheep area. My mom opened the door to the sheep section just as I got the gate closed behind me. She looked as if she was going to say something, then the blood on my legs caught her eye. This time I wanted a bigger and younger partner.

I took my choice back to the shed and disrobed. He watched me from a corner as I got into position for him. As soon as I exposed myself he clung to my hips with more power than the first. There was no chance of his letting go either. His sheath hit me as his hips thrust back and forth. I felt the tip of his cock poke into me after a few seconds. Then he stuck it in as hard as he could. My hips started to hurt as he hung onto me. His cock moved in with ease and pretty steadily until he thrust forward, burying a seven inch rod into my tender cunt. He started swelling up inside me as soon as he started to hump me. Loud moans came from me as he pushed into me deeper and deeper with each thrust.

About halfway through he started pulling me back to meet each thrust. My mouth was gaping open as my pleasure raged on. His strength overwhelmed me when he began dragging me back onto his dick. All of the sudden I started shaking and I moaned even louder as I felt even more pleasure shoot through me. I felt my cunt contract around his massive erection. He planted me with all he had as I finished the feeling and flooded my cunt with his brand of cum. I then realized how hard he was holding onto me. The pain in my hips was intense, and his hooves had dug into my sides drawing blood. I took him back to the sheep pen feeling very satisfied with my new found hobby.

After barring the gate and walking out of the barn, I went inside to shower and get something to eat. It turned out I was too tired to do either of them. I plopped down on my bed and fell asleep instantly. The next morning my cunt stung along with my hips. I asked Josh the next day what it was that I experienced when the wave of pleasure hit me. He said that I had an orgasm, or the way a girl cums. Then he asked what I was doing when that happened but I just ignored him. I was looking forward to a long line of sheep but my mom caught me as I walked out the door. We were going shopping for new clothes for me.

Normally I would have been happy but I had my heart set on having sex. I was itching at little sheep hairs all over me and I smelled like cum. She noticed at the stores though. She believed it was the store and shrugged it off and I breathed a sigh of relief. I thought I was home free as we walked out of the last store, but I was so wrong. I felt warm gooey cum start to seep out of me just as we got to the car. The smell had doubled in intensity but my underwear was catching it so far. My fears diminished on the hour drive back home, but they came back as our farm appeared at the horizon as we drove the last leg of our day down the dirt road to our house.

I got out of the car and rushed to the trunk to get my bags out. As soon as I got the bags in my hands my saturated underwear gave way to the growing pressure. I had about a cup of it making a squishing sound as I walked. Out of nowhere, Sparky ran to me and slurped it all up with two quick moves with his tongue. I nudged him away before he got too into it. His fast tongue saved me from feeling the wrath of my mom. The next day, my mom planned another visit with her friend, therefore I had the place to myself. He trotted in and darted to my open crotch and sniffed me. He had long anticipated this because he was always sniffing my butt and crotch.

He licked a little too. His wet nose sent chills up my spine. I got into position in front of him and waited. He continued to sniff my now fully exposed pussy. Then he shoved his rough tongue in which made me scream in delight. He bathed my hole with slobber until I moaned with my second orgasm. I turned to look back at him just as he mounted me and started poking my butt with his dick. At last he shoved his eight inch cock in until it hit my end. Little sparks of pain shot through me as he started pumping his cock in and out with incredible speed. I felt it expand to an amazing size.

It felt hot and I could feel veins pulse at its surface. I barely noticed that it was stretching my opening even more. He humped harder and harder, making my back arch so he could plant me with even more. He finally held tight and pushed in what felt like a slippery tennis ball. I wiggled around and felt it start to grow. He stopped humping and expanded his shaft even more. The lump sealed my hole up as it grew to the size of a softball. I screamed in pain and pleasure as his cock exploded inside me and stuffed me with cum. The lump made sure nothing came out but it felt like someone had turned on a fire hose in there.

My body spasmed as I felt the hot cum flood my system and finally stop flowing. We ended up butt to butt while we waited for him to shrink. I was still ecstatic from the experience so I turned myself so he could lick my face. I sucked on his tongue a little as he lapped away at my face. That and I had his seed floating around inside me. It took him twenty or so minutes to shrink enough to release me. When he did, the pressure inside made the cum spurt out of my cunt and cover the blue tile in the bathroom. I got what I could from his cock, then I drank from the floor, then I squeezed my midsection and swallowed what leaked out.

I let him outside and cleaned the bathroom floor to get the smell out. I then went out and fed the animals, cleaned their areas, and milked. After I was done, I went to the horse pasture and found a good looking stallion. I had no problems finding his sheath as I got under him. I rubbed it until his two footer started coming out. For the next hour I played with his rod. Every now and then he would cum and I would get a white shower of massive proportions. After he shot me with it for the fifth time I saw my dad and brother coming my way.

I took off for the house but my mom had just pulled up in the car. I ran and jumped behind it with my nose plugged, at the last moment. So I waited, and waited, and waited until the lights were off in the house and I was sure my parents were asleep. I went to stand and felt the dry cum crack and break off. As soon as I stood up I got a sharp pain in my leg from sitting for so long. I stumbled into the pile but caught myself before I fell in. I took one step and slipped on the crap and splattered face first into the fresh peak of the pile. I went to stand and my arms pushed into the mushy shit and I knew. How sad and disgusting is that?

That was before I even came where babies came Far,girl. He betrothed forward slowly and smiled my cunt with the water as he went. He began looking in and out of her.

I went into the house and showered immediately. I put my clothes in the barn because of how they smelled. Nevertheless, my smell had not come out. No matter how hard I tried to get it out, I still smelled like shit and cum. I got into bed and fell asleep quickly. I dreamed of Sparky licking my cunt, I moaned as it darted in and out. My back arched up and he started licking my butt. I moaned even loader as I climaxed into his mouth. I opened my eyes to see Farmgirl cum Josh had his head between my legs and was slurping at my cunt. In other words, blackmail. I got to my knees and took him into my mouth. I tried not to taste but it was no use. I rubbed it with my tongue as he grabbed my head and rubbed his fingers through my hair.

I felt him tense and shoot cum into the back of my throat at last and he made me swallow it all. Not that there was a lot but compared to horse cum, it was awful. He pulled his pants back on and made me stand. Then he kissed me on my lips and licked the inside of my mouth for a while. He finished and got back into bed. Every night I found myself swallowing what little cum he had to offer, and every night he kissed me and felt up my boobs. Then one night at supper, my mom announced that Josh would be leaving in two days for summer camp. I had a celebration in my head and felt relieved that he would be gone for six weeks and out of my mouth.

Two days though, he could do a lot in the two days we had remaining with each other. My happiness drained away at the though of that. My fears were reinforced when Josh glanced at me from across the table and gave me an evil smile. At around midnight that night he came into our room. I got off of my bed and took all of my clothes off for him and waited for his instructions. He told me to get on my hands and knees, I did. He got his clothes off and got behind me. He pulled my legs apart so my butt cheeks were apart from each other. He laid on top of my back and squeezed my tits as I felt his dick grow to his six inches under me. He rubbed my slit with the head and poked my butthole for a while.

Then finally he started pushing forward into my butt. My muscles tensed and squeezed his cock as it pushed into me deep. I felt it rub the bottom of the intestine as he pushed in further. I started to scream in pain but he grabbed his nearby sock and gagged me with it. Daisy reached behind her and undid her bra strap, letting her big tits fall into her hands. With a devilish look, she held pushed one of them up towards her face and licked the pink nipple. With her other hand, she grabbed Carl's cock through his pants. Her eyebrows again shot up. Daisy unzipped Carl's jeans and his huge, veined dong flopped out. While Carl pinched and rubbed her nipples, she took his dick in her hands and began stroking the length of it.

Soon his penis stuck straight up in the air, and she couldn't fit her hand around it. Daisy started to go down on her knees, but Carl stopped her. He stood over her, oiling his big cock. He could see her face flushing, and she unsnapped her jeans and reached down into them. She was breathing hard as she touched herself. Carl knelt over her and rubbed his dick on her stomach and jugs. Daisy pressed her breasts together and Carl pushed his tool in between them, working it back and forth, and Daisy licked the big purple head when it came near enough. Carl was groaning and his tight, brown ass looked incredible over Daisy's creamy pale stomach.

Before he could come, Carl got up and grabbed Daisy's jeans, and hauled them off her sweet little ass. He could see a tiny bit of wetness on her red panties, and he licked around her inner thighs, just lightly brushing her panties with his tongue. She was bucking and rearing, so he pushed her panties aside and licked her. Carl licked up and down her channel, and around her clit, and when he gently nipped her, she came with a scream. He lay down next to her and played with her breasts while she recovered. She smiled and trailed a line up his still-hard cock with her finger.

Carl got up on his knees his dick in his hands, but Daisy rolled over. Carl slapped her perfect ass with the flat of his hand, and she squealed. Carl smacked her a few more times, until she was laughing and asking for mercy. He noticed that her pussy was wet and inviting below her red ass cheeks. Show me what you got. He leaned over her back and cupped her heavy breasts in his hands.

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