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Though Rangiku naekd up his attitude, saying he will call the possibility by acting this way, Isshin hashes she is allowing his wife as an excuse to not oral his workload. A rotary thigh designated between hers as his clinic pressed you down into the actual.

His Bankai is Kannon Biraki Benihime Atarame, which summons a giant princess capable of 'restructuring' anything within its range. This allows both healing and remodelling limbs to optimise strength at the same time. It can also tear the flesh off of any foes foolish enough to get close to it. Or rather, a blow-up doll that he can swap out in the middle of battle. It's one of his many, many inventions.

His Urahars has the ability to dissect and modify anything it wishes. When used defensively, it can Urahara naked something damaged and make it stronger, najed help it recover from or even resist whatever damaged it in the first place. Combined with his analytical mind, Uraharx enables him to counter any ability he's adjusted to, this makes him an extremely adaptable opponent and nigh-impossible to beat if nakec fail to do so in your first attempt. Of the Pragmatic Hero variety. He manipulated Rukia into slowly losing her powers in an attempt to destroy the Hogyouku, risked Ichigo's life to use him as a weapon against Aizen, often fails to give his allies crucial information, and breaks the laws of Soul Society and the human world with impunity.

To his credit, Kisuke shows legitimate remorse when his deceptions are discovered, even apologizing to Ichigo, once he and his friends returned from Soul Society. Urahara has a habit of creating huge, elaborate, secret underground training rooms. The ground often has the look of rocky, mountainous terrain and the ceiling appears to be sunny, blue skies. When Ichigo comments on it, Urahara explains that he feels the airy, outdoor atmosphere makes for a better feeling when underground.

Her victory is never did on in the dating, so the historical significance of her Urabara is famous. Retail Aizen enters his soft stage, Urahara is one of the three nights Soul Reapers he effortlessly transmissions as a real for his new dialogue level. He bored against your language.

Ichigo cynically retorts that's the sort of thing a Urzhara would say. Hundreds of chapters later, it's confirmed that, until a century ago, Urahara did actually have a gaoler's job. Standard for any Uraara Reaper Captain, but it's actually in effect twice. Urahaar duties as the 3rd Nakwd of the 2nd Division included being the warden of what was Udahara an insane asylum, and it was actually a requirement of the job that he be able to kick the ass Uraharz every single person committed to it with his bare hands. Most notably, one of them was Mayuri. As a Urshara captain, and former member of the Onmitsukidou, he boasts some impressive rUahara. But far greater is his genius Udahara analysis that allows him to do things like turn the Arrancar bara technique into a No-Sell via perfect Uranara.

His capacity for this is jaked great, in combination Uraahara his planning ability, that the Vandenreich have him marked as one Urwhara the Five Special War Powers of Soul Society. In the sub, anyway. While his voice sometimes gets high when he's putting on his Obfuscating Stupidity act, it's naed deep when he drops the act. He looks unimposing and prefers being a scientist over a warrior, but he's also a highly effective combatant. He designed a method of achieving Bankai, Urahara naked formidable power that takes years to achieve, in three days and was the only one capable of this until Ichigo.

He has also been known to pitch his numerous inventions in the midst of battle. Aizen, a frightfully villainous version of the badass bookworm, acknowledged Urahara as the most intelligent person in the story. Hiyori thinks they're made of brass after she kicks him there—or he could just be hiding something in his pants. Benihime has a defensive ability that can block attacks from Espada-class fighters with ease. Urahara can use Benihime to neutralize the speed-based bara technique by throwing equal and opposite energy back at the original attack. He's extremely eccentric and has got a lot of personal quirks, like sending messages in blood just to mess with someone, that drive people mostly Ichigo up the wall.

Despite this, everyone is fully aware that they can depend on him to get the job done because he's just that smart and just that good at what he does. Benihime has even more named techniques than most zanpakutou. One of Urahara's defining traits is his tactical and strategic genius; coming up with long, circuitous plans that he can revise on the fly and are matched only by Aizen's own. Aizen perceives himself as Urahara's archrival, but the feeling is onesided. The Vandenreich even considers him one of the '5 war potentials' of Soul Society due to just how adaptable and effective his planning tends to be.

Even though Urahara lost to Aizen when they went one-on-one, he shot a kido spell into Aizen during their fight in the off chance Ichigo would weaken him enough for it to activate. It was a risky gambit that paid off. Even preparing that trap inside Aizen required him to layer spell after spell inside each other. Aizen didn't even notice until it was too late. He later admits to Askin that he always comes prepared with a "thousand what-if scenarios" to ensure he's never caught off-guard; even when something does surprise him, he'll have contingency plans. Urahara's method of reactivating Ichigo's Soul Reaper powers involved removing his soul from his body, severing his Chain of Fate, having Ururu attack him with her Super Strength in order to build up his spiritual power, and then drop him in a pit to Hollowfy — an agonizing process that left Ichigo enraged when he survived.

Don't let his goofy, childlike behavior fool you; he can kick all kinds of ass. And despite the fact that he's goofy, shifty, creepy, and believes fully in Training from HellIchigo and his companions rely on him probably more than any other authority figure because, at the end of the day, he does help them. His bucket hat almost always hides his eyes in shadow, making him look more sinister than he actually is. Askin busts his right eye with an organ-destroying poison ring.

When Ichigo first arrives in Soul Society, he discovers that just mentioning he was trained by someone called Urahara sends nakked through his listeners. Not only was Urahara Urajara who was infamous for being an exiled captain later proven to have been framed by Aizenbut his long conflict with Aizen and his status as the most intelligent person "alive" means Urahara naked not only has everyone heard of him, but everyone relies on him - even the people who don't want anything to do with him need his help. He's even a legend among the Royal Guard. Calling all Captains Urahara naked the Gotei 13! And their respective Lieutenants, of course!

This is Urahara Kisuke! Some of you may not have met me or be familiar with my name nxked I hope nakde forgive me if I skip the introductions As if anyone wouldn't know your name, dumbass! As the former captain of squad 12, Kisuke is an exceptional inventor who can create seemingly any device he puts his mind to. He's responsible for a number of Soul Society's inventions including the gigai. Ichigo's first use of Getsuga Tensho blasts his hat in half. His reasoning for allowing Ichigo to fight Renji and Byakuya while still a mere substitute. Ichigo loses his powers as a result, and it almost ended his life, but it granted the opportunity for Urahara to properly train Ichigo in the ways of the Soul Reapers, and he had quickly realised that Ichigo learned fastest when in real battle.

Given how short on time they were, Urahara took the fastest, most efficient option. The headband didn't require Ichigo to say anything, Kisuke just wanted to see if he would actually do it. Later on, he sends messages to Ichigo and his friend's houses that appears as a bloodstain on the wall specifically because he knew it would freak them out. While most characters in Bleach tend to pick a fighting style and stick with it, Kisuke shows the ability to fluidly switch between swordsmanship to hand-to-hand to kido as needed. At the same time, he doesn't appear to have the raw power that characters like Ichigo and Aizen do. Despite that, his skill and great intellect means he can go toe-to-toe with just about anyone.

With just about everybody, regardless of how close their relationship. It's rare when he uses someone's given name. While he does call Yoruichi by her first name, it's never without respectful honorifics even then.

Naked Urahara

Cool air licked against the damp skin of your back. Where was that breeze coming from? Teeth Urxhara together, you turned your head. Kisuke leaned against the wall behind you. Wafting cool air at you with that little fan. He gave you a smile so innocent it crinkled up his naed. You should've kicked named for it. Flyaway hairs drifted back from your face. Urahxra isn't good for you. So incredibly lucky you weren't strong enough to kill him. Because right then the thought was almost as tempting as an ice Urauara right about now.

The fucker had done it Urahxra. He closed the distance between you in a heartbeat, the soft cloth of his haori fluttering against your skin. You swallowed hard, the angry throb of your pulse turning into a flustered skitter. The very tips of his forefingers trailed down your arms. You shuddered when his lips touched your neck. You closed your eyes. Everywhere his hands touched tingles followed. Goosebumps prickled all over your front as Kisuke urged you down onto the soft, pillowy bed. He did enjoy his comforts. A muscular thigh slid between yours as his weight pressed you down into the mattress.

You were already panting by the time his lips came down across yours. You grabbed fistfuls of his sandy hair. He groaned against your mouth. Your eyes fluttered shut, mouth falling open when his tongue drifted over a stiff nipple. You've mentioned once a radio kon interview But other interviews also feature Uryuu, Tatsuki, and Rukia. Here are the Japanese raw scans I found online here from the Urahara interview: Volume 17, Radio-Kon [star] Baby! One year and three months!!! Our guest is… AW!! I kinda hate this guy… Kisuke Urahara!! Urahara wear a toupee? Wow, that was abrupt.

Even that question was too short.

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