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She plunged her hands into the pockets of her flared jeans. At least two hundred years old. Late s would be my guess.

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Soft soap Always keep a dishwashing soap squeeze bottle of mixed mineral oil and Astroglide in the shower for stroking off. Today for the first time I tried removing the bottle cap and pressing the open end against the head of my prick and moving the bottle up and down. It created suction, and the sensation of the lubrication against the open end of my penis got me going. I could feel the sensation all the way to my prostrate. I also like to use a small wet-dry vacuum cleaner with a toy like a pocket pussy.

The suction plus the stroking is one big cum and very little clean up. Get hosed I like to put my dick into one end of a hose and suck on it the other end till I get an orgasm. It feels so good. I then go to the tub and turn the faucet on. I love the feeling on my clit.

The water massages me and it feels so good to make it go from warm to cold. The slower you make it work the better it feels. Just douche it I like to sit in the bathtub and uses a douche bag and pipe. I use a pipe just thick enough to enter my vagina and start the water. I sit cross-legged, having a tight grip on the pipe and moving it up and down. Water works I like it a little rough, so if you have a sensitive clit, this may be a little much for you. I usually turn on the bathtub and get the water lukewarm to semi-cool. Then I lie on my back with my pussy directly under the water and my legs spread wide against the wall. I prop myself up with one arm so I can watch what's happening and use the other hand to hold my lips open so the water beats directly on my clit.

Nothing makes me cum as hard or as fast. A pulsating good time I like to get in my bathtub and face my pussy against the jets. I have them on low power. Then I turn up the power and do this till I can't stand it. Get hosed I half fill a bath with warm water and get one of the hand-held hose things and clamp the hose so it's on really high pressure and aim it at my clit. Under the taps Running water taps or faucets that are about a foot above the ground work the best. Relax… when you want to come to it I lie in bed with a dim light on and some nice soft music.

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