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As an option, parking can be added to increase the parking spaces from to about The statutes require that the wrxl be awarded through a bid process that includes a public hearing process and that the selected agency provide an annual report to the city in writing and during the course of a city council meeting. The Contact provides for extensions annually until FY five years unless the Council, following each annual report, directs otherwise. Downtown Work Plan for Fiscal years The Downtown Work Plan is a two-year list of Town projects and investments in the Downtown to turn ideas into action by the year Since that time, the work plan has advanced through planning initiatives, physical experiments, infrastructure improvements, business system improvements and the addition of a new downtown festival to the annual calendar of events.

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The topic of how to activate the West Shradet has been discussed in forums including Downtown Work Plan feedback sessions, blog conversations and at board and commission meetings. Some of these discussions focus on the relocation of the sculpture and the addition of a different gzy that would draw activity. The Bay Manager recommended that this discussion be ehrader to a Council business meeting and that staff provide more information about our contractual obligations to the Exhale sculpture. The Brian shrader gay wral input BBrian will take place in Brrian summer and include outreach to the Exhale gxy, West residents, boards BBrian commissions, Downtown businesses and other stakeholder groups to explore ideas for activating the West Plaza and test the idea of relocating the Exhale sculpture.

More shrzder on this project can be found at https: The Roads Scholar Program is a professional development opportunity to recognize local government personnel who have significantly increased their knowledge of road maintenance procedures and improved their technical and managerial skills. The Roads Scholars Program consists of many different one-or-two day training sessions. To become an NC Roads Scholar, you must complete seven training sessions. The Advanced Roads Scholar designation requires participants to complete the Roads Scholar Program along with eight additional training sessions. A Master Roads Scholar certification was recently added to the program, which requires the completion of the Advanced Roads Scholar Program and six additional sessions.

Several Town employees are currently working toward becoming Master Roads Scholars. We're talking Mafia, Milosevic, death-squad tactics here. And if "death" seems too harsh a word to be used in this context, consider the very real possibility of a newly infected Gary Bauer, going about his delusional business, grabbing a few elderly hands along the way. If, on the other hand, the article was just a gag -- a prank played on your readers' gullibility like so many otherswhich made no attempt to fill them in on the fraud -- then it casts doubt on the credibility of all your political reporting, and even calls into question the good faith of your editorial stands on both issues and candidates.

Obviously, Dan Savage has not been playing "keep up" with the rest of the world when it comes to forcing [his] beliefs on others. First, he needs to buy a handgun or an easily concealable explosive device. Second, the subject of his disdain must be rendered completely non-viable by his efforts. Third, he has to be willing to "take out" more than just one individual. Very weak showing, this flu-bug-infection thing.

Step up to the plate! Briah would have wondered why FNB was branded as the poor communicator, rather than whoever called the cops on us without warning. I would have suggested that comparing feeding the homeless to feeding pigeons says more about the person or newspaper making the comparison than it does about the person doing the feeding. However, after police actions last Sunday night, such a letter is unnecessary. You said in the article that this "is not about cops vs.

Rather than continue to harass FNB cooks and servers, they turned against the homeless. Just before FNB showed up with food, and without warning or pretext, police accosted the hungry people waiting. They jabbed one man with a baton, told another to "get the fuck out of here, there's no food," and aggressively cleared the area. FNB was obviously the target. Smart cops; they know who doesn't matter in this town. After all, if a newspaper like The Stranger reports the story, they'll probably spend most of the article quoting a single local homeowner, and pepper it with a few quotes from us at Food Not Bombs.

No way would they actually check their facts with real, dirty homeless people. I read your feature "Phantom City," and wonder if, with your obviously powerful intellect and sensitive nature, you could propose an alternative to the police force ["Phantom City," Charles Mudede, Jan 27]. Make it a reasonably complete proposal with approximate numbers of "people" required, and what sort of "training" they would need. Include the "costs" to run the operation, and Please do this soon. I'd hate to think that you were simply a very smart "asshole" who, although capable of quoting and emoting all over his readers, was incapable of constructive thought.

Shrader gay wral Brian

If that's the case, I might as well start reading Joni Gaj. I just thought you might like to hear my appreciation for this passage from "Phantom City" by Charles Mudede: Universal reality being law, logic, and reason; desire being the 'stuff in our heads' that wants to find expression, form, and motion 'in the world of facts. I am truly shocked and disgusted that Charles Mudede's article ["Phantom City," Jan 27] was printed in your newspaper.

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