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Unfortunately it seems like we went on an off night, since there seemed to only be like 12 people in this weird, dingy little space and the whole vibe of the place was just strange, so we left early and called it a night from there. I got to see another one of my favorite Australian performers, Matt Corby two weeks ago, which was really wonderful. Everything else was a bonus.

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After all of that, we were asked to blow up our balloons, divvy up into two teams and then go to battle — complete with epic battle music and slow motion running and all the while wearing our headphones and completely weirding those that did know the experiment was happening. After the absinthe bar we went to another secret bar which, I think we can all establish is a great concept in Surry Hills called Shady Pines, which was awesome. I plan on continuing blogging once I get back although it will be significantly less interesting but whatever. We went to the Absinthe bar in Surry Hills last Thursday, which was a really cool experience. A group of about 8 of us went, and at first we were picking out what we wanted to get, but the server recommended against that, and brought us 8 shots of his own choosing.

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They did a lot of the tracks I really liked, and the band itself was more fun to watch than I would have anticipated. The absinthe itself tasted a lot like black licorice either people love it or hate it, it seems and although we all traded drinks and took sips of the different ones, they all basically tasted the same to me after awhile. They do mini dance performances, call out numbers for the bingo in hilariously inventive ways and if you get bingo, you get drink vouchers and cash. It was by far the coolest way I have ever explored a museum and even as I try to formulate my description of it, it genuinely sounds like I was on some acid trip or something, but I swear I was completely sober.

Basically, they bring the absinthe out, and then you put a silver sieve on top of the glass and put a eugar cube on top of the glass. Tranny sugar that, you put the glass under the water fountain the middle of the table, and wait for the sugar to dissolve before drinking. Back to the Sydney adventures. As a whole, the zoo was really fun and they had a really wide variety of animals, which was great. That weekend, Mackenzie and I decided to go to Taronga Zoo — although we mainly went because you can feed giraffes there, and to see the red pandas. Even the way they serve it is really different.

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