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Overweight & Obesity

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Childhood obesity has tripled over the past 30 years and today, nearly one in every three school-age kids is overweight or obese, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. But Wellspring believes the solution to the alarming obesity epidemic lies as much in kids' minds as in their metabolism. In addition to math, history and other subjects, Wellspring's curriculum includes the science of weight loss, broken down across nutrition, physiology and psychology. Students undergo an intense behavior modification through the use of food diaries combined with cognitive therapy, both in a group setting and one-on-one.

The school has campuses in North Carolina and California and recommends students attend at a minimum a four-month semester, but officials prefer students enroll for nine months, or a full school year. The 40 or so students who attend Wellspring range in age from 11 to 18, and some are tipping the scale at pounds. When Michael Schlesinger, 16, arrived at Wellspring nine months ago he weighed pounds and said he had trouble wrapping a seatbelt around his waist.

Schlesinger trens his first week at Wellspring felt like torture. He was plagued by shin splints, which made it hurt to walk, but he said he lost 15 pounds in his first week, and seven pounds the next. Over the course of yeens months, Schlesinger managed to lose pounds. Michael Schlesinger's Dramatic Weight-Loss Transformation Wellspring students have a weekly weigh-in and the rules are very strict. Students aren't allowed to watch TV except in the gym, they only get two minute phone calls home a week, and absolutely no food outside the dining hall. Wellspring overweiight are not obsessed with counting carbs -- they are focused on fat.

Their goal is to provide portion-controlled entrees for their students that contain zero grams of fat a day, because in their view, a fat makes you fat, no matter what the source. The staff watches the students' every meal and move. When I was a child my entire diet consisted of cookies, burgers, coke, ice cream, and so on. When I found my passion in life and became active with it, my cravings for these foods were less and less. I still remember the day I approached my mom and asked her about being healthier. It was the beginning of the end of the cycle because I began to move away from eating in this manner.

In empowering your teen, help them to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle so that it becomes part of their normal pattern. It needs to be something they chose on a daily basis and not when they become overweight. If your teenager or young adult is already overweight, then you need to help them begin their healing process. This adds pressure and makes them want to hide under their covers. If they feel pressure it will just backfire because no one likes to be forced into anything. They need to feel like they have a neutral space in which they can explore their choices. They must choose to become healthy on their own which will be a very empowering experience for them.

For teens Academy overweight

When you present them with unconditional love and provide a neutral space so that they can decide for themselves when to start making changes, it will remove some of their fears and insecurities and increase the chances of them moving into oberweight healthier direction. If there is any fear, worry, or control hiding in there, they can tell. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that when a person who is overweight has people telling them they should lose weight, they feel vulnerable and shame. When you make a big deal of it or call it to their attention, it makes their negative inner dialogue even worse.

Step 2 — Lead By Example They need to see you living a healthy and happy life. Your child needs to see that this type of life is much more pleasurable.

Acavemy Remember, everything we do is based upon pleasure. Right now your child has defined food as more pleasurable than life itself. The best way I learned how to live and eat healthy was by watching my mom. She went on to become a nutritionist and natural health practitioner and by watching her do what she did, I slowly but surely came around and followed suit.

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Step 3 — Facing Emotions The root cause of anyone becoming overweight has to do with emotions. This may require therapy, teebs coaching, or some form of interaction where he or she can address these emotions. But just know, that unless you deal with the emotions first, everything else is just a Academmy. Step 4 — Healthy Alternatives We live in a great time now where there are some great tasting foods that are not as bad as junk food. As outlined, the chemicals in junk food are drugs. Right now your child does have an addiction to either processed sugar or salt.

You can help to wean them off slowly by finding healthy alternatives. Go into any natural market like Whole Foods and you will find a plethora of options. There are great chocolates, cookies, ice creams, pasta, and other normal junk food that has far less of the addictive substances in them. Remember, being healthy is about mind, body, and soul.

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