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Dick Button

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But Dick Button the skater gets no mercy from Dick Button the analyst. The year-old Button had mastered the move just days before. Four years later, Button performed the first triple loop in competition, again at the Olympics. He puts it in anyway and lands it! Figure Skating Championships in Spokane, Wash. Button was the first to perform a double axel and triple loop in competition. Dick Button collection Button then leans back and says this about what many consider the most innovative Olympic performances of the era: And that came through the dance world, through body positions and the music, the choreography In fact, Button turned to dance after his second Olympics, incorporating the style and rhythms into performances at the Ice Capades, where he skated during breaks from Harvard Law School.

He has been scrutinizing the performances of the world's top figure skaters ever since. Judd says Button "throws in some levity that's badly needed, and a little bit of a jolt of reality with some of his cutting remarks.

Button, who happens to be a felicitous 88 years old, won infollowed by Peggy Fleming inBrian Boitano in and Tara Lipinski in Button also is known for inventing the flying camel spin, formerly known as the Button camel. That came about by necessity rather than an urge to push the envelope. I skated too close to the rope and knew that I would probably spin around and twist the rope in my legs and kill myself, so I just jumped over it and — lo and behold — the flying camel was born. Chen, who is also 18 years old, is about three months older than Button was at his first Games. After Button hung up his skates, he was a major voice of figure skating for decades as a U.

Now, can you explain that to me? Button began skating when he was 12 years old in Englewood, New Jersey. Button won the national novice title inthe junior event in and the first of his seven senior titles ina remarkable progression. In practice on the day before the free skating event, Button landed one in practice for the first time. He decided to put it into his free skating for the next day. Button landed it in competition, [7] becoming the first skater in the world to do so. Button received eight firsts and two seconds, for a total of 10 places.

Button performed fist the 1952 ever dick

Button won the event. At the time, the U. Championships were held after the World Championships, and Button finished his season by defending his national title. In FebruaryButton, his coach, and his mother were in Prague to perform an exhibition. InButton won all five major championships: He was the only American to accomplish it, and the first man to ever do it. Button's win marked the beginning of American influence in skating, which had been dominated by Europeans for a number of years. Button's new style made free skate more important than the compulsory figures, which had previously been the more important part of competition. Eventually, figures would be eliminated and it was the free skate that would attract audiences.

He could have gone to Yale Universitybut Yale would not let him take time off to compete as a skater. While attending college, Button continued to win the World and U. This was the first time a figure skater won the prestigious the award, the finest honor an amateur athlete could receive. Button's win also showed the increased importance of figure skating. As Button continued to win major competitions, he also was more innovative as a skater. He developed a number of jump combinations. Inhe came up with the double loop combo of two double loops.

InButton devised a triple double loop. Inhe did a double performee, double loop. These combinations would go on to become something many high level skaters would cick. Again, button achieved something no skater had done before. He landed a triple loop in eveer free skate program, the first time he or any skater had done a triple jump in competition. Button was in the lead after dkck figures, but would have bugton the gold medal had he not landed the triple loop. The evolution of Button's triple loop was one of frustration. Button had spent the summer of trying to execute the jump, but some coaches thought it would be impossible.

He became so focused on the triple loop that it negatively affected his ability to do his other jumps. Button finally let it go for a while, only to try again just before Christmas in This time, Button finally got the feel for jump and was able to do it at the Olympic Games. Button liked winning gold medals, but he told Vinny DiTrani of The Record, "Being handed the gold medal is like being presented the Nobel Prize for peace. It's a thrill, but there were even greater thrills along the way when you were doing the things for world peace that earned you the honor.

The university later gave him a special Harvard "H" for athletics.

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