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Temporary Breast Implants Give You "Vacation Boobs"

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Possible side effects include scar tissue, adverse effects on mammograms, and breast pain. According to Rowe's websiteit is non-invasive, and takes less than 30 minutes to perform. Would you have to bring a series of progressively smaller bras on vacay?

For those for whom ruffles, push-up tops, and even gel inserts aren't enough, now you can get a temporary bobs job to inflate your balloons for a Vaction. Pfeifer says that each time a procedure happens, there is a risk of infection and bleeding. File this one under: A way to test-run larger breasts? None of these procedures have been studied on lots of patients -- you may have one or two people that have the treatment done that say, 'Wow, I really liked it,' but what about the thousands of people that really need this to be tested on before we recommend it to the general population?

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A quick boost for a hot vacation? Image consultant Amanda Sanders has tried the procedure twice. But there's nothing like really having implants to put them in the right place. See other articles related to Nina Melendez Nina Melendez Ibarra is a New York based journalist who reports on business, wellness, and consumer trends. VIDEO By Ishita Singh Breast enhancements are one of the most common surgical procedures in the United States, but now women won't even have to go under the knife to go up a cup size.

Boobs Vacation

New York plastic surgeon Norman Rowe has developed Vacafion "vacation breasts," which can make breasts feel fuller for up to a few weeks. The Manhattan-based plastic surgeon who developed the procedure, Dr. Sounds pretty, pretty interesting, no? She told HuffPost Live this week that the temporary breasts allowed her to mimic the feel of an implant without major surgery. How safe is all this?

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