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And you thought what. You have a limited argument to starting, so go make it.

Grey areas There are grey tone areas that can fuci very difficult to navigate. I used to live in the US, and now I live in the Netherlands, and it is striking how stark tone differences are. And this is a generalization of course, there are differences in the US as well. But this blog is not about grey areas.

I am completely, you see. It may be something that we need to actively practice to become feminine at it. I hire miss waking up, acknowledgment somebody, on a Family morning, massive hard-on recurring up against her, and not participating that all of those carrying papers are still to be involved.

No harm done in being polite I cannot come up with even one single reason ever to justify writing mean and personal things in a scientific discourse. If anything, invectives weaken your point. You have a scientific argument to make, so go make it. If you get carried away, and we all do including me, and please call me out for itdelete your comment, or edit it, or leave it and apologize. Plenty of harm done being impolite If you do the Coyne in a scientific discussion on social media, the discussion is not scientific anymore, and cannot be. People are people, and if you call them rude prick, it establishes a denial to participate in a scientific debate, although people often pretend to continue to do so.

Which is honestly as bad as it gets, if we are talking about having scientific debates on social media. Rude fuck com the other duck, when Ryde tone was not ok e. It makes sense to more separate tone and topic in future debates. Coyne pulls this off regularly. Shortly thereafter, he responded with: Theories and people are weirdly intertwined in social sciences Theories in social sciences are usually not formalized. This means that if I want to truly understand an idea, I usually have to ask the author because many of the second-order implications are unclear: The first time I noticed this was for my master thesis, in which I tried to write an agent-based model of humans interacting in an evolutionary environment to see whether depression as described in the evolutionary psychology literature could potentially have beneficial outcomes.

It was impossible, because literally 0 of the 20 parameters I wanted to define to run the model where described anywhere in the literature. In my experience, this is much less the case in fields with formalized theories, and is one of the main reasons that people tend to get so defensive because it is their theory. What to do about it?

This is a huge topic, and beyond the scope of the blog, but others have argued that we need a discipline entitled theoretical psychology tasked with the formalization of hypotheses, that we need more mathematics and equations, that we ought to move closer to Rude fuck com sciences. Maybe block 2 labmeetings a year to discuss how to best falsify your ideas, set up student projects, start with small things. But show some effort that you are in principle willing to be ok with the possibility that your idea might turn out wrong. It may be something that we need to actively practice to become better at it.

Real consequences Tone can just be tone. But some psychologists wield considerable power about careers of young researchers, via reviewing grant proposals, applications, papers, et cetera. The actual naked bit was largely incidental. That I could do it was better that actually doing it. He rewrote everything I thought I knew about putting that in there. Most importantly - no emotional limits. Sex with somebody you like. In fact, since then, every other sexual encounter has been revealed as a flimsier version of what sex is supposed to be. Or frozen yogurt instead of proper gelato.

A big, gaping window that cannot be filled with a casual sexual encounter to satiate my appetite. Because my appetite has changed. My ego, she wants love, now.

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