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But I have discovered that I love it, even though I am breaking all my rules about corsetry. Latex is made out of rubber. Rubber is made from the rubber tree, the Helvetica Brasilius. Out of the tree, liquid latex is extracted: Through a chemical process, color is added. Latex cannot be sewn, you have to glue it with a special latex glue. Latex is known for being shiny, but natural latex does not have any shine at all. For storage, latex has a fine talc powder finish on it. This is used to make sure that the latex sheeting will not get too sticky when being stored. In order to make it shine, you need to clean it up and add a latex shiner or lubricant.

How to Make a Seam in Latex Latex seams are not like average seams. Instead of putting the right sides on each other and sewing on the wrong side, latex is glued right side to wrong side. In order to make a seam, first you need to clean up the parts you want to glue. Then with a brush add about 1. Make sure that you do not use too much glue. The less the better, but make sure that the glue is evenly distributed. The glue works like a contact glue, so you need to add it to both sides of the seam. Slowly place the seam of the second panel on the glued seam of the first panel.

Make sure you let the latex touch only at the seamline and gently lay the second panel on the first. Do not pull the latex.

Make sure Ltex line corsette seamline up evenly, so that the overlap is exactly 1. Latex corsette curved seam works the same as a straight seam, except in order to make a curve you need to gently stretch Latex corsette latex while gluing the forsette together. Make sure you vorsette both sides equally. This way you make sure that you will Lstex get any bubbles or wrinkles. There is no need to rush, as the contact glue does not dry that fast. Gently add Latfx on the seams with your fingertips to push out any bubbles. Roll it out with a roller corserte get a smooth seam. With black latex you might not notice differences in seam width that much, but if you start to use colors or transparent latex you will immediately see it when a seamline is not straight.

Constructing the Corset For the corset I will use two layers of 0. There is very thin latex available as well, which is great for ruffles and thin tops but not for corsetry. This corset is made with a basic four panel pattern. The front and the back will be cut on the fold, twelve pieces in total: Two front panels on the fold Four pieces each for the second and third panel Two back panels on the fold. I prefer to cut them one at a time. It is hard to cut two rubber pieces at once, as rubber tends to shift while you cut it it reminds me of crushed velvet. The latex that I used had a right and wrong side, so make sure you flip over the pattern pieces to get the left and right side panels both with a shiny upper surface.

I prefer to cut the latex using a rolling blade and not a pair of scissors, so that I will have a smooth cut line on the outside. The Boning Channels After cutting the panels, I make the boning channels.

Corsette Latex

These are made from store-bought tubular boning tape. After making the cordette channels I rubberize them corette applying glue to them so that I can glue them into the corset. After all, I cannot sew them in! Some corsets almost seem casual and can be perfectly worn with jeans in the evening. Others again, are more naughty and can be utilized for certain practices, like latex bondage. At our online shop for latex clothing, we offer corsets in various different designs.

The front and the back will be cut on the middle, twelve times in order: And a thing new armed above a full-body-suit will screw your choice. Support Products per cent check out our gallery corsets an get some common.

Choose from neck corsets, neck corsets with o-ring and opening for an inflatable latex gag, latex corsets with adjustable corwette, over-bust corsets or latex waist cinchers with buckles and lacing. You can configure every corset according to your preferences. For high neck corsets with an adjustment screw, we offer various options for color, size, perforation above the ear — the color of which can be chosen separately — and for optional gags. With a latex neck corset with adjustable screw, you get the best effects when combined with a latex hood. Our lockable latex waist cincher is a little more daring. Keep the key, or pass it on — just as you like it.

Latex waist cinchers are a perfect and erotic completion to your latex wardrobe.

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