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The beach conditions can vary from not having any islabd front at all during high tides to about feet wide. Sometimes there's clean sand and shells and other times the beach is strewn with washed up rubbish and debris sad to say, not all is washed up but left there by visitors and even izland mud which is slimy and yucky but harmless. Even during high tide nudists are not discouraged. Everyone just parks and sets up their lawn chairs at water's edge. Most of the time though, you can safely drive up and down the beach, just be careful of getting stuck in the soft sand of the little turn-ins. You can sun on the beach in every month except February and March when it was too cold although I have to admit that the crowd thins to about one in December and January.

The old beach road has completely washed out in many places. People I've seen anywhere from no one to about 30 people on the beach at any given day. Weekends are the busiest and for some reason Monday and Tuesday afternoons are just as busy, usually with single men. In the distance, I saw red lights which in my state I thought were massive bonfires. This evidence of humanity did not comfort my nerves.

Island beach High nude

I started wondering how I was going to outpace the pervert AND outwit the satanic flesh-eaters ahead of me. There was a mostly full moon out, so I didn't have to use my head lamp not that I wanted to. I hiked hard and quietly. I walked along the water's edge, so the waves would erase my footprints. On a few occasions, I disturbed some gulls who broke the silence with their caws. I called Annie and related the tale to her. She read what many of you read, the abbreviated Twitter tweets, and had read nothing further into the events of the day. When I elaborated on the story above, she couldn't believe it.

We talked briefly and then I let her go to conserve my phone battery. I took two breaks along the way. My feet were killing me.

The wet shoes and socks provided just enough cushion to prevent my feet from breaking. I cut my breaks short both times, though, because something would stir me into believing I Hih being tracked. Bach time, I saw those white lights flare up again. The second, a heard a bird making ilsand and figured that someone or something had walked past a sleeping bird just down the beach just as I had earlier in the night. In both cases, I threw on my bag and hiked on. The red lights in the distance turned out to be city lights and off shore rig lights. This eased my stress a little bit.

I concentrated on putting a lot of distance between me and High Island. I didn't stop until I found a crappy spot off the beach and on the edge of the refuge to camp. At some point in the middle of the night, I got rained on.

It was around 6pm. I must have described for a typically bit, but whatever it was, it wasn't much.

While the rain was a terrible addition to an already terrible situation, it comforted me that the road was becoming impassable Hjgh hoped and that all my tracks jude shortly disappear. I must have slept for a little bit, but whatever it was, it wasn't much. Somewhere in the there, I ate a little bit and drank a ton of water. I got up at 6am, packed up, and took off. I found four-wheel drive vehicle prints in the sand. I couldn't tell if they were old or fresh, but when I saw a car in the distance in the direction I was hiking, I started getting nervous all over again.

Bolivar Beach is located in the extreme southwestern corner of Jefferson County and is not connected by road to any town or settlement in the county now that SH is impassable. Deputies have to exit Jefferson County, travel about 25 miles through portions of two other counties, then re-enter Jefferson County via the washed-out road—all just to harass nude bathers in an extremely remote, isolated area. We've pinpointed the county lines to give you an idea of this curious set-up. They haven't made a dent, and current conditions indicate that authorities may have tacitly accepted that trying to drive away nudists is pointless.

Reports of heavy-handed anti-nudity harassment have dropped off sharply over the past decade. These days, it seems that only wildlife refuge rangers patrol the beach, and they roll through perhaps twice a day. Their official green trucks are easy to spot. The rangers don't attempt to chase down nudists but may write tickets to those who fail to cover up as they approach.

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