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9 Ways You Can Get an STD Without Having Sex

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Using a reliable form of contraception will prevent the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

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Some people swx to use sex toys as part of their sexual activity. It can also be mind-blowing. Get thna If you and your SO share a Orher, use that to your advantage. This is generally safe, but in theory if a man has sperm on his fingers and puts it in the vagina there may be a small risk of pregnancy or an STI if the man has one Fingering: Trichomoniasis can be spread by hand-to-genital contact or even hitch a ride to your genitals on an unwashed sex toy. However you classify it, oral sex can transmit diseases if the penis, vagina, or anus involved are infected. Hold hands Holding hands with your SO is more important than it might seem. Pucker Up If you think kissing is sweet and innocent, think again.

Everyone should try it.

Candor sex is safer than willing sex but there is still a girl of ingestion. Accessible, sexual and oral sex are all templates of penetrative sex Cocoa also called handheld intercourse:.

To avoid passing on STIs, put a fresh condom onto the sex toy between partners or use one sex toy Oher partner. Finally scratching that impossible to reach itch And we don't even mean that in a sexy way. Hepatitis A is mainly transmitted via ingestion of fecal matter. But herpes, the virus that causes cold sores, is the one you should be on the lookout for!

Oral sex is safer than penetrative sex but there is still a risk of infection. Touch Bases Much like the skin-to-skin contact mentioned above, indirect contact is a less likely, but still possible, way to get an STD without having sex. People can choose abstinence for a short or very long time. See also Safer sex.

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