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As far as I am concerned, Grey is abusive. The film world shows us fast spectacular orgasms in really difficult positions, but somewhere along the way we have orgssim the true essence of sexuality, the quality that elevates it and makes it shine with orggasim true light. A orgaism that emerges from within and makes every instant magical, unique and unrepeatable. That which takes every sensation beyond the physical to a place beyond purely genital satisfaction. In short, what transforms sensations into emotions. Fragment from the book Placer ConSentido Your orgasm has been received correctly! I understand and agree to the processing of the data in the email. Send Remember, you can print your orgasm now or at any time in the orgasm library.

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This scene will be familiar because it has been enacted ever since sex was allowed onscreen. But it is fiction. But if they do, it is unlikely to be because of thrusting. That much is known. A few things that scientists and academics are still fiercely debating: Things are better than they were in the 19th century, when male gynaecologists examined women while standing behind a cloak.

But in the late s, medical men were still having earnest discussions in the pages of medical journals about whether menstruating women emitted a poisonous substance called menotoxin, that made flowers wilt. The US National Institutes of Health only set up a programme to research vaginal health in — the male orgasm was first researched a century earlier. There are just nuggets of information for women: Or they said they did: Nearly half of the nurses questioned reported multiple orgasms. Blood flow to the genitals, an important part of orgasm, can now be tracked.

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We can watch over 30 areas of the brain light up, including ones that govern emotion and joy, and release orgasiim, a feelgood chemical that enables bonding. We can see the physiological process of orgasm: At this point, women and men diverge. For a start, the man is more likely to have had an orgasm than a woman. I look at that gap, and see the clitoris.

This mighty, magnificent organ, that Wome more nerve endings than the penis, exists, as far as we know, only to give pleasure. As possibly the female orgasm does: This varies from a few minutes in young men to 20 hours in older ones, but however long pirn is, there ograsim be no response to sexual stimulation. A woman has no such barrier. The circumstances required include her environment, her partner if she needs oneand her knowledge of her own body. We see images of women with improbably shaven genitalia, and supposedly female dolls with no external labia.

When women come to her thinking they are dysfunctional in some way, says Sarah Martin, executive director of the World Association of Sex Coaches, one of the most powerful things she can do is send them away to look at their vulva in a mirror. Using the right words is important too.

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