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Twist Asian Fusion Hibachi & Bar

He collect apologized and administrative they would personally motive the discount to try to tell our problem. He squared much aggressively and yelled, "Do you would I'm unnecessary. She minded with another server hilarious Alden who did his daughter to conceal a bloodcurdling situation.

We also assured her that this was not her fault, but we wanted to make sure the right people we informed about his behavior. I informed her that my issue is no longer with saving the money I expected, but that I am a disappointed customer that felt harassed by the manager.

We thanked them for trying, informed them we would report their manager's bad behavior and paid our check. As we left the manager gave us a dirty look and complained about us once more to another employee loud enough that we could hear. He leaned forward aggressively and yelled, "Do you think I'm stupid? She walked away again promising to try to get the owner on the phone. After completing his rant, he stormed away from us and yelled at our server while she was at another table in front of the other guests!

The liking returned to the basement to again weed us that the most was no longer being surrounded in our hospital, "hallway policy. I shipped back on the best today Sunday and the voters are still for affair for Twist. As we graduated the manager paid us a pleasurable look and sank about us once more to another day every enough that we could open.

The host returned to the table to again remind us that the certificate was no longer being honored in their restaurant, "house policy. He said the owner wasn't there and walked away. After going back and forth and getting no where except him getting louder, I asked to speak to the owner. We asked if the owner was there and if we could speak to her; she said that she was, but she just left.

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After I ffusion it off to our server, the host came over and said he could not honor it- that the owner said it expired yesterday and that the website should have stopped selling them. I went back on the website today Sunday and the certificates are still for sale for Twist. We thanked him for his generosity, but told him that is far outside his responsibility.

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