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Ot 6 of 16 Free download Electronic Arts is an old hand in the computer gaming world, and its Origin On The House program draws on their long history of games by providing Origin users with a new free game every month from EA's stable of classics. The game's real joy lies with its massive world.

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Set in an alternate universe where the Cold War goes hot, Red Alert delivers classic RTS gameplay that sees users explore the map, exploit resources and exterminate the opposition. The Global Defense Initiative keeps watch over an Earth ravaged by Tiberium while Kane and the Brotherhood of Nod scheme to conquer the shattered world. Whether it's older titles that have been cut loose by their owners or released as freeware for the promotion of newer gameslandmark games that have been released to the wild by benevolent publishers, or video games transitioned to a new monetization model, these are the best classics that have gone free. Compatibility with modern OSes mean old fans and new players can experience a groundbreaking RTS classic that helped cement the Blizzard gaming juggernaut.

Each month features a new free title, with previous games in the promotion including Dragon Age: You can customize your character to an insane degree, craft your own spells and items, own property and interact with thousands of characters. Heart of the Tiger. The game has since gone free-to-play, with microtransactions for the purchase of items and customizations. This successful execution of a highly detailed open world set the template for later games such as Skyrim. Slide 7 of 16 Free download The second installment in the iconic Elder Scrolls series of sandbox RPGsDaggerfall charges players with destroying an ancient golem and putting the spirit of an ancient ruler to rest.

While the Source engine might be showing its age, Team Fortress 2 still provides a ridiculously fun multiplayer experience with an emphasis on the absurd. Origins, Theme Hospital, and Wing Commander 3: Among the features added to this classic game are support for windowed mode, an Observer mode for multiplayer, better matchmaking for competitive players and stability improvements for Windows 7, 8.

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Slide 1 of 16 Free download Gamew Software's Wolfenstein 3D is a PC classic and rightly regarded as the grandfather of the massively popular first person shooter genre. Slide 2 of 16 Free download Originally released ply part of the Orange Box compilation, Valve's Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer classic, taking the cooperative class mechanics of previous Team Fortress titles and giving it a cartoony spin. Slide 8 of You'll find links to the Mac and PC versions at Blizzard's website. Bethesda, which now holds the rights to the Wolfenstein games, released a free, browser-based version of the game to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Wolfenstein 3D's release.

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