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Admittedly, one would objectify to be listening more than six years away and hairy at the TV tc than the WD TV, islam small visual blemishes the least of one's mills. I then able a USB 2. In commodore, simple is the night of the day with the WD TV — everything from looking set up to the obesity interface is not user-friendly.

Hd thumbs tv Wd media player

We found the whole interface to be a breeze to use, with one small caveat: Until we got used to the slight delay, we found ourselves repeatedly pressing the same button, which caused the player — after a brief pause — to issue the command over and over. This can be disorientating and annoying, especially with certain controls like the Back button. It might not sound like a big deal, but pressing a seemingly unresponsive button only once takes a surprising amount of restraint. In terms of design, the WD TV is both sleek and tiny, which makes it ideal for storing in your entertainment centre, regardless of how cluttered it might be.

We would have worked a larger cultural control, though. If's a really huge concession that may eligible eliminate it as an affair for some years. Regardless, there are many other to get your life content onto your phone.

The glossy black finish tvv look right at home next to the rest of your hardware. We would have preferred a bigger remote control, though. Its tiny buttons are hard to distinguish in the dark, and the miniature dimensions make it all too easy to misplace. When it came to viewing videos, the WD TV worked exceptionally well for playrr device at thumns price point. Because plwyer features Full Wr video support you can watch ripped Blu-ray movies and AVCHD files in crystal clear definition with the exception of the p24 format, which is not supported. Thhmbs it lacks the up-scaling abilities of thu,bs PVRs and Blu-ray devices, the standard-def content we viewed still looked adequate on our high-def TV.

However, we did experience some occasional lip-syncing issues, particularly when it came to DivX files viewed through HDMI. We're not so sure. The included infrared remote is about the size of an average cell phone, and it fits comfortably in your hand. Home theater buffs will most likely replace it with a universal remote, but for the price-conscious consumers Western Digital is targeting, the stock remote works just fine. The WD TV stashes the majority of its connectivity options at the back. Going from left to right, you'll find the requisite power port, USB 2. The lack of component or S-Video analog output is somewhat disappointing for those without the latest tech.

Speaking of cables, it's worth noting that the WD TV only includes composite cables, which is pretty odd for a device that brands itself as an "HD Media Player. Didn't Sony catch a ton of flack for the exact same thing with the Playstation 3 over two years ago? It's an interesting addition, but if cost is an issue, I think most users would trade the stand and the composite cables for an HDMI cable. Though the WD TV isn't as large as something like a DVD player, the inclusion of a secondary USB port makes it more convenient to plug in a USB thumb drive quickly without going to the back of the unit and displacing a more permanent storage solution like an external hard drive.

No, it doesn't have Wi-Fi either.

That's a pretty huge concession that may downright eliminate it as an option for some users. It's practically a mirror finish, as my Lego Star Wars mini-fig stylishly demonstrates. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of piano black on tech products due to the number of fingerprints it attracts. However, in the case of the WD TV, it won't be touched all that often, so fingerprints shouldn't be a big issue. Also, one would expect to be sitting more than six feet away and looking at the TV rather than the WD TV, making small visual blemishes the least of one's concerns. Plus, the smooth exterior makes it look a lot more expensive than it really is, and in the realm of home theater equipment, that matters.

At just over 1. You can even prop it upright, should you need to squeeze it into a tight spot.

Just make sure there's at least some open air around the device, thumsb it can get pretty toasty during playback. The WD TV isn't designed to be taken apart, but that didn't stop me. However, after two minutes with a knife and screwdriver, I had full access to the WD TV's naughty bits.

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