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2018 International Gay Pride Calendar

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Ryan Leitner Robert W. Fieseler, author of Tinderbox: Ocrober chronicles the tragic event that claimed the lives of 32 people at a bar called the Up Stairs Lounge, the largest mass murder of gays until evnets nightclub attack in Orlando. Relying on unprecedented access to ocfober and archives, Fieseler creates an indelible portrait of a evemts, blue-collar gay world that flourished before an arsonist ignited an inferno. The aftermath was no less traumatic, revealing a world of prejudice that thrived well past Stonewall. Yet the impassioned activism that followed proved essential to the emergence of a fledgling gay movement.

Sigrid Estrada George Hodgman, author of Bettyville: A Memoir When Hodgman leaves Manhattan for his hometown of Paris, Missouri, he finds himself in a head-on collision with his mother, Betty, a woman of wit and will. Will he lure her into assisted living? When hell freezes over. Betty, who speaks her mind but cannot quite reveal her heart, has never really accepted that her son is gay. Wise, witty, and heartbreaking… a surprisingly profound and hilarious look at aging, mothers and sons, fathers and sons, growing up gay and small-town life in America.

It took 12 more years for the police to find and prosecute the killer, after which Perry embarked on Maaine own journey to understand her mother and reclaim their story. Parking is free in the adjacent garage. There are multiple Pride events in New England this month. Providence holds its Pride celebration on June 16, and events in Portland, Maine, continue through June The Pride festival will be held on City Hall Plaza from 11 a. Boston Pride has a schedule on its website.

Similar events will be going on across the country. Throughout the month, several cities will have their own Pride events, including these. Nor is it a coincidence that so many cities hold their events at the end of the month. InThe Stonewall Inn was named a city landmark. A year later, it was dedicated as the first national monument to gay rights.

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Johnson, who was considered instrumental in the riots, according to The Washington Post. Get Metro Headlines in your inbox: The 10 top local news stories from metro Boston and around New England delivered daily. Sign Up Thank you for signing up! Sign up for more newsletters here 5.

October Maine gay events

Boston and Massachusetts played significant roles as well. A few years later, the Gay Community News was founded. According to a essay in the Globe, the Gay Community News was headquartered on Bromfield Street and became an influential weekly newspaper with national reach and a reputation of exclusive reporting on gay issues in the s.

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