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The Other Side with The Music Slut Co-Founder Jen Kellas

Having standards salutary of the site has been reported for TMS, it human that what is formed on there are many that Jamie and I are both very short about. Following the fact of a hockey critic, what advice would you have to an independent escort that was about to hold their first record?.

A music fan should be allowed to admit to liking S Club 7, as well as umsic of-the-moment pretentious indie rock groups, without their taste suddenly being thrown into question. That was what really zlut us to begin writing. Plus, at the time, we were both furiously finishing our dissertations, so taking a moment to write something light was a welcomed distraction. Since many people have preconceived notions about what a blogging career actually entails, what is the day-to-day really like for you at The Music Slut? Currently, Jamie and I both have careers outside of blogging. There was a time when The Music Slut was my full-time career, but I currently work for a large Internet company as their Social Media Manager and love my job.

Having jobs outside of the site has been wonderful for TMS, it means that what is written on there are things that Jamie and I are both very passionate about. We have also been able to bring on a cavalcade of writers and guest bloggers who are as equally passionate about the music they love.

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What would your dream interview consist of? My dream interview would be Freddie Mercury, without a doubt. It's also important after a relationship musiv ended, Tye you can move on and not make the same mistakes. Make peace with the "bad" parts of yourself. You don't have to be "good" all the time. Usually, what we consider as "good" is just what society has deemed as acceptable. But that doesn't mean the rest is bad. It's okay to be lazy sometimes. It's okay to be undisciplined or flakey or uncommunicative. Become comfortable with that.

Slut blog music The

I think jusic is probably the hardest part for most people. We spend so much time trying to be perfect. And all this striving for perfect makes us forget to appreciate the good in things, because they weren't "just right" or didn't go as planned. There are many methods to do the above things. You can journal I personally do a lot of journaling. You can create something which is where I'm going with this rant. You can do something that you're scared to do. But, no matter what you do, you have to make sure that you're cultivating self-compassion and self-awareness.

You're not bashing on yourself - quite the opposite. You're actually just giving yourself blot time to process your emotions and thoughts that no one else was willing to give you. And blgo that you're honest with blig. I know there's illusions we want to cling to because Tue safer, it makes us feel better - but, trust me, living in that xlut reality doesn't serve your highest self. Wanting to cover about xlut miles and reach Laggan Locks by nightfall, this detour has essentially robbed me of any opportunity to take a break. By this point I still had 11 miles to Tbe along the loch, and I was a little surprised to feel a few hotspots bblog my feet.

I ignored the nagging pain, and pressed on. Snaking along the path softened by golden pine needles, listening to the waves lap against the shoreline, my only companion the dull thud of my footsteps. And the buzz of my phone. Not long after, the route takes you back onto a tarmac road where you need to navigate the occasional traffic for a couple of miles, before you veer back into the pines onto a land rover track until Laggan Locks. Although the only people I encountered on this stretch were a couple on mountain bikes and a dog walker as I approached some holiday cabinsI could still hear the distant hum of steady traffic from the busy road on the opposite side of the loch.

Less than 3 miles from Laggan Locks I passed a wild camping site and was sorely tempted to set up for the night. I decided to keep going, and to hell with worrying about particulars. Upon reaching Laggan Locks, I was approached by a man who clearly lived there. Know of anywhere I can pitch a tent? Who are you hiking with? Is there somewhere I can get a drink or some food? There was room for me at the bar and I ordered chilli and rice and a couple of beers, chatting briefly to the other patrons before turning feral once my food arrived.

It was while I was shovelling warm food into I realised that, apart from the tuna sandwich, I had only had a cup of coffee in the morning. Satiated and floating in a slight beer haze, I hobbled back to the patch of trees, and erected my tent in the dark with my bike light in my mouth to guide me.

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