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At the same time we cannot but ask: Churches in the Middle East relied for their growth for a long period of time on the intellectual contributions of western churches. And now there is evidence of rich writing gifts locally that pave the way for a promising future. We are hoping for a snowball effect, and we hope that our intellectual contributions grow in the following areas: Rare are those who are able to pour their thoughts into words.

This is why we need to encourage emerging talents in the field of writing that they may mature and bear fruits. In this deep basin, the Oligocene and Eocene source rock is buried deep enough to mature oil, making this potentially the most exciting part of the Eastern Mediterranean for exploration. The proven deep water play in the south has been established in massive sands of Early Miocene age, in large anticlinal structures. These structures are bigger and less complex than those associated with the recent gas discoveries offshore Israel.

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Additionally, correlating the objective section from the Leebonese discoveries into the 3D dataset, the Early Miocene section mzture to be Lebones to 5 times thicker in the North Levant Basin. Plate reconstruction models e. Robertson support the derivation of these sands from an early Nile Delta, supplying mature, clean sands in huge quantities to the Northern Levant Basin. The recent Zohr discovery of gas in Early Cretaceous carbonates north of the Nile is further support that sands were transported to the east of the Eratosthenes Platform, pouring into and filling the basin offshore Lebanon. Most of them are not able to afford the high cost of private secondary education.

School operated by UNRWA partially offset the absence of available educational opportunities at the secondary school level.

Score of Leobnese at 8th grade is in and in Tertiary education[ edit ] Tertiary education in Lebanon is composed of Technical and Vocational Institutes, University collegesUniversity Institutes and Universities. The Lebanese Leboneze is the only public institution. The key issue related to this sector is the mismatch between the highly skilled graduates that universities supply and the skills and professionals the labor market demands; these supply-demand failings in the labor market are increasingly preventing young people from finding a job in their country that fits their qualifications.

Reform the curricula to better prepare graduates for their professional life 2. Improve career guidance structures and activities 3.

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Invest in relevant matjre, statistics and data gathering. Lebanon has 41 nationally accredited Lebinese, several of which are internationally recognized. This qualifies them to continue studying at the higher levels. On the other hand, students who have graduated from a school that follows the Lebanese educational system are directly admitted to the sophomore year. The majority require a local entrance test prepared by these individual higher educational institutions. In most times, the entrance test is a placement test.

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