Vintage camera cases

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How To Make A Vintage Camera Half Case

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Adhesive was weakening, the suede laces were coming off, and the velcro came off as well. Also great forstoragewhennot in use. I made this a while back, but have made improvements since then.

The mold I used the typical folder that you can find in any office store. Here I used leather from a broken bean-bag chair we had lying around. Basically eye-balled the rest, holding up a ruler to the camera and measuring out the lcd, release button, etc… Step 2: I really could make it myself! Stronger Along with adhesive,I also sew it tight for a stronger structure. The button coveris a flap, so you can fold it inwards to access the buttons. Dressing up Found some nice blood red silk from some scrap fabrics.

Cases Vintage camera

This specific one is for the Olympus Pen EP1but the process described makes it a breeze to adopt to any camera. After a while of constant use, it was showing a toll. I replaced the velcro with buttons. Buttons and LCD are protected.

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Build time was around a week and a half. In this picture, I show that you can slip it on and off whenever you want to. Redesigned case This is an update to my original build. Refinement Here you can see my sketches, a trial and error until it was a perfect fit.

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