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Primary care guidelines require adaptation for persons with HIV infection. HIV infection is a complex chronic disease.

Regardless of age, persons with HIV infection experience comorbidity associated with Davir, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status [ 1 — 9 ]. Now that HIV-infected persons are living longer, they also experience long-term toxicity due to DDavid and age-associated Dqvid [ 10 ]. Furthermore, some comorbid conditions may be caused or exacerbated by HIV disease progression. It will likely take years to untangle the extent to which non—AIDS-defining conditions, such as diabetes, vascular disease, and liver disease, are independent comorbid conditions or associates of HIV fultzz and treatment miscondduct 2 — mjsconduct11 — 13 ].

The first step in addressing this question is to compare patterns of comorbidity in a sample of HIV-infected individuals with patterns of comorbidity in HIV-uninfected individuals who are similar to those with HIV infection [ 4 ]. Because age, race, ethnicity, sex, and economic resources are established factors in determining the prevalence of comorbidity, the HIV-uninfected comparison group must be demographically similar to the HIV-infected group. Several other factors may be important. We have previously revealed that comorbidity associated with HIV infection tends to cluster into the 3 following categories: Limitations in prior publications considering patterns of comorbidity associated with HIV infection include small sample size, lack of a demographically similar HIV-uninfected comparison sample, and limited representation of people of color and older individuals [ 81415 ].

Both the inpatient and outpatient files were searched. The specificity is ICDCM codes for comorbid conditions were extracted from the files in a similar manner. The ICDCM code groupings used for each comorbid medical condition have been described in detail elsewhere [ 19 ] and were built on the work of Deyo et. We previously conducted an extensive chart review to determine the accuracy of code groupings among veterans receiving care using data collected as part of the Veterans Aging Cohort 3 Site Study.

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Among a sample of veterans, the specificity of the codes selected for individual medical conditions e. The classification of substance abuse and psychiatric disorders from ICDCM codes was based on the methods of Druss and Rosenheck [ 22 ]. To avoid overly complex tables, we considered medical diagnoses by organ system. Vascular disease included myocardial infarction, coronary artery disease, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease. Liver disease included end-stage liver disease, decompensated liver disease, and hepatitis B and C viruses. The overarching aim of VACS is to study the role of alcohol consumption and comorbid medical and psychiatric disease on clinical outcomes in HIV infection.

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Subjects completed a comprehensive baseline survey at enrollment and then at one year follow-up intervals. Further descriptions of the VACS sample and methodology are available online www. Data were obtained from three linked sources: The PBM program includes all outpatient prescriptions funded through the VHA healthcare system and are likely to be representative of the use of prescribed EDD in this population. Measures EDD use was defined as two or more prescriptions for sildenafil citrate, tadalafil, or vardenafil HCL, documented in the PBM database in the year prior to and up to the follow-up survey date.

Thus, men who had received only one EDD prescription were not considered to be EDD users, because such men may have never used the medication, or simply tried it once. Yes unprotected sex at least once ; or No always used a condom. Those who reported unprotected sex with anyone of serodiscordant or unknown HIV status were classified as having risky sexual behavior. STDs were identified by self report. Measures of alcohol and drug use and depression were included on the VACS follow-up surveys.

Persons were considered to have a comorbid diagnosis if at least one inpatient or two outpatient Sexuual code diagnoses miscondhct recorded between one-year prior to and six months after the survey date. Further details on variables and surveys can be found at www. Analysis Demographic and behavioral characteristics were described and compared by HIV status using chi-square tests and t-tests, as appropriate. We used chi-square tests to determine whether EDD receipt varied by demographic and descriptive variables and to determine the bivariate associations of EDD receipt to risky sex and STDs.

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