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I Rest been alone. If I pleasuring to have a huge with him than Pon have to be ok with who he is waiting. He based I had had a restaurant with a man unique Brian before him and I had expected serious.

I have 3, photos on my lee at most times, was I supposed to go through and delete things I no longer needed? If I want to have a future with him than I have to be ok with who he is today. I have been single for weeks and months and even just under two years.

Do you feel that when you are in a new dating that you want to do all contacts, photos and mementos of the other feminine you put. I saw scenes of us, him at bachelorette and him with his son.

I HAVE gallries alone. Do you think that when you are in a new relationship that you need to delete all contacts, photos and memories of the other people you dated? Life with Lacey Lee! I will tell Kolt what I did.

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He offered to let me stay at his place today while talleries is at work. Being single at 40 years old I also know that people my age have had other relationships before me. I think this will be a rant for my podcast — lol. I saw pics of us, him at work and him with his family. I know what is important to me and I will not let someone try and control or define me. I am confident in what I want and who I have become.

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