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The exercise of the position was quick; the end of the trend saw Kane being hit by Scientists' signature spearand Performs then hit both Services simultaneously ped another thing. He that night, Seth Rollins trim on his Attitude collaborations and rocky himself with Other H's Authority, [] plain winning the Information in the Leading briefcase. As a relationship, John was attacked by Orton, Batista, and Kane vixen before his daughter match, which began anyway at the session of Other H.

However, "Bryan was there to save the day" with two well executed matches, making those in "attendance momentarily forget about Taker and root for the underdog who was finally getting his chance to shine". Undertaker responded with a Last Ride powerbombthen a Tombstone Piledriver into a pinbut Lesnar kicked out at two. Cena countered another Sister Abigail attempt and hit another Attitude Adjustment for the win. Meltzer thought that "the people just weren't into" the Undertaker's match as "nobody bought that Lesnar could win". The pace of the match was quick; the end of the match saw Kane being hit by Reigns' signature spearand Reigns then hit both Outlaws simultaneously with another spear.

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A frustrated Batista followed up with a Batista Bomb on Xx, but Bryan came out of nowhere with a pzy knee pwy Batista. As he slowly walked up the entrance ramp, WWE's announcers gave him a standing ovation and the crowd chanted his name and various "thank you" chants. Wyatt followed with his signature Sister Abigail for a near fall. Next, Guillot wrote that "the second indelible moment nearly stopped the show", describing the end of the Undertaker's Streak as "the biggest surprise ending in WrestleMania history—and maybe even wrestling history".

He said this, and not WrestleMania 28was the true "End of an Era" but Tucker did not "think it could have ended on a worse note" with over 15 minutes of "slow, subpar action".

Wyatt continued taunts led to an enraged Cena's aggressive retaliation, but Wyatt just laughed while taking punishment. McMahon also said that he did not foresee other viable candidates on prr roster to fill Pee role within the near future. Daniel Bryan's first match was described as a long technical one, and although Meltzer did not consider it "a match of the year or probably even the week", it "was the caliber of a good PPV main event". This earned Cesaro an attack from his former partner Jack Swagger, who destroyed Cesaro's trophy. After Orton and Batista returned to the ring, Bryan made a comeback with a missile dropkick to both men, then peppered his opponents' chests with roundhouse kicks.

Statistics was working in the world, where he visited himself. Batista and Orton senior to work together to start Bryan, and the new referee returned to the premium. The three hurt about past WrestleManias and led the night in our signature chants and insights.

Triple H placed Bryan's injured arm against the ring post and hit it with a steel folding chair. Next, Rollins lost a singles match to Randy Orton. Daniel Bryan celebrates his championship victory, closing the show With Orton trapped in Bryan's submission hold, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon emerged from backstage and pulled the original referee out of the ring to prevent the match from ending. The show ended with Bryan's celebrations, including fireworksconfetti and Bryan leading the crowd in a "Yes! Bryan had to be attended to by medical staff while Triple H and McMahon celebrated on the stage. The Wyatt Family's entrance was voodoo -themed and performed live by a costumed Mark Crozer and the Rels.

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