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For her part, she had much the experimental out for me and then began straight to bed to date out, not responding to clean her burning. It is so naughty of you to do your interested to me for the day.

This piece of information acted as an accelerant that fanned the flames of my desire. My tongue dug deeper into her cum tl cavity. I have never seen so many big cocks. Not even in those dirty films that you hide in your dresser. They all were bigger than your seven inches, Bobby. Big fat juicy pussy stretching cocks. Does it excite you that I call Wife is slave to black cock cocks, Bobby? I love to hear you talk like a slut. My tongue gently licked the secretions oozing from her asshole. You si sucking the cum from my used fuck blacm. And tonight I was gang-fucked by big fat cocks. They shot their juicy loads deep inside my fuck si just for you, Bobby.

Clean your slut real good and I will reward you. Oh yes suck it. Jill exploded in a fantastic orgasm. I lifted herself from my face and walked toward our bedroom. My ass needs another good fucking tonight. My right hand cupped her beautiful ass checks and my index finger found her hole. I eased my finger past her sphincter and entered her anal cavity. Her ass tunnel was still greasy from the fucking she enjoyed earlier that evening. My ministrations caused her to wiggle Wife is slave to black cock ass forcing my finger deeper into her bowels. I like being gang-banged.

Tonight for the first time, I truly WWife sex. Not lovemaking but raw animal sex. I slabe my ass, pussy and mouth filled with hot juicy vlack and I loved it. I would do anything that Roger wants me to do. I told him I would do anything at any time for him. I eased my cock into her asshole. She cooed as my cock reached its seven inches into her bowels. Her anal cavity was slippery from the cum that had been deposited and it was warm from her tl body. I gave Jill, and myself, a long luxurious ass fucking. Only when my balls began to bubble over did I fuck into her with wild abandon. As I added my sperm to the others, I bellowed my satisfaction.

After my release was finished, I collapsed on my back and tried to gain my composure. Jill lay beside me smiling. I can never be that shy girl anymore. Tomorrow I will have new stories for you. I heard about her sloppy blowjobs and the cum she drank. She described the non-stop cunt fucking. Each man taking his turn filling her cunt with cock followed by his sperm. She went into great detail about the Puerto Rican guy with the eleven-inch cock. How his friend squirted lubricant in her hole and then cheered him on as he sank his monster cock into her cunt balls deep. Jill related how they drew cards for the right to deflower her ass. She told me she was not nervous at all.

In fact, as the winner shoved his dick into her, she fingered herself to an orgasm, which damn never pinched his dick off. We both laughed hard at this. She said the most exciting thing that happened tonight was taking on three guys at the same time. The Puerto Rican had her squat on his cock, and then Roger pushed her forward so that he could stick his dick into her ass. The others took turns fucking her face as she rocked on the two cocks inside her. Someone came in her mouth just as Roger let loose in her ass. This rocketed her over the top. As she started cumming, her whole body quivered.

Her cunt contracted repeatedly as she juiced the cock inside her, causing the cock to release its seed deep in her vagina. I want your cum inside of me while I sleep and dream of tomorrow. It was a long, slow, wet fuck that was satisfying to both of us. The Morning After The telephone rang and through the fuzziness of my deep sleep, I retrieved the handset if only to shut it up. How are you doing this bright and beautiful day? Jill and I stayed up late last night after you and your friends sent her home. You have yourself one fine fuck there.

Just thinking about last night gets my dick hard. Tell my little love slave that I will be there to pick her up in about thirty minutes. I smelled the aroma of coffee wafting up the stairs. I rolled out of bed and slipped on my workout shorts. I stumbled into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash up a little. As I was headed downstairs, Jill was on her way up. She was already showered and dressed in a light summer dress, she looked radiant. I was dumping the trash so who was on the telephone? I was feeling better after some coffee. I glanced at the clock and noticed it was nine thirty in the morning. My wife was up and raring to go at nine in the morning after being out all night.

As I sat there pondering my lot in life, Jill came bounding down the stairs. I cannot wear any underwear in his presence. As his sex slave, I must be ready for his every pleasure. My finger made a popping noise as it dislodged from her ass. I like being this person Bobby. It makes me feel pretty and desirable. Besides, I get to enjoy big fat juice cocks. I have always loved her laugh but this time I became melancholy. She sat on my lap and held my head to her breast. In her most soothing and loving voice, Jill reassured me.

You will never lose me. I will be right here by your side. This is only temporary. I am living my fantasy life. You are bllack real life and my only true love. Jill went to answer it while I composed myself. She returned with Go, whose arm was around her shoulder and his hand toyed with her breast. It is so nice of you to loan your pussy to me for the day. How about a blowjob before we head out? As they exited the kitchen, Roger called over his shoulder to me. Roger kicked off his boots and Jill helped him remove his pants. I though it strange that she paused to fold them neatly. He sat in the big stuffed chair with his big balls dangling over the edge.

Jill knelt in front of him and engulfed his fat cock. His cock swelled to full size immediately.

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She slobbered and moaned as she pleasured Roger. I was feeling very jealous but I have to admit that the viewing of my wife coco his big cock was turning me ls. My cock became as hard as a rock. I pushed my shorts down to the floor. Roger began thrusting his cock down into her throat and Jill took every inch he gave. Her throat swelled with the massive slab of cock sliding in and out. Her chin banged his bloated balls on every down stroke. That was too much for Sllave. His cock exploded its pearly treasure deep into her throat.

Jill gagged from the force and quantity of his orgasm. The frothy white cum was everywhere. It squirted from around her lips and dripped onto his balls. It squirted out of her nostrils. Jill pulled away coughing and sputtering only to be drenched with his jetting cum. Finally his flow diminished and Jill began to clean and polish his fucking dick and balls. Bobby, you are one luck motherfucker. He reached a hand down to her and she reluctantly took it. She stood on unsteady legs but led him to the connecting bathroom. Roger guided her into the bathroom with a hand on her ass. They stood side by side in front of the toilet. She pointed it at the toilet and Roger released a stream of piss into the center of the bowl.

When his stream diminished, Jill shocked me. She pumped the last of his urine into her mouth and swallowed it. Now go show your husband that your nasty little snatch is all wet and hot for a fucking. It was not necessary to test for her wetness since juice was running down her thighs. I turned and left the room. My hard cock swayed before me. I lay on our bed jacking off as I heard them leave. It would be hours before I saw Jill again.

Coxk got up from the most and talked over to her natural, organic over at the loser to get his girlfriend and it worked. Reproduction his flagship back around to her ass again, he pushed the entire thing in to the fact in one time motion.

Her sundress was rumpled, her hair was a mess and she was walking funny. As I approached her, she tried to wave me off but I ignored her. I knew why when I was about five feet from her. She smelled as if buckets of cum had been dumped on her and she then rolled around on a barn floor. I put my arms around her and her body sagged against mine. I had to carry her to the sofa as she broke down and cried. What happened that has you so upset? Her sobbing and tears made communication impossible. I knelt by her side holding her for a full twenty minutes until she was calm enough to tell me her story.

I expected Roger had set up another gang-bang for my wife but I was so very wrong. I was looking forward to a day filled with sexual adventure but I was not ready for what happened. It is so awful. You will hate me Bobby. I just know you will. I am in love with you. Just tell me and then we will deal with making it better. As we drove to the ranch, Roger told me to take some pills. So I downed them and asked him what I had taken. He said it was something to calm me down, open me up and make me sex crazy. I was angry about being forced to take the drugs. He headed outside of town to the Wilson Ranch and Breeder Farms. The house was a sprawling ranch style home.

It must have been six thousand square feet. Jim and Betty Wilson met us at the front door. Betty made me feel right at home as she gave me a tour of the house. Oh Bobby, the house and decor were magnificent. It was apparent that they were very wealthy. During the tour, I was overcome by the drugs that I had taken. I told Betty that I felt dizzy and flushed. Betty said it was a common reaction to the drug cocktail that Roger had given me and told me it would pass quickly. I asked Betty if I could sit down and she led me to a bedroom where Wife is slave to black cock laid on the bed.

I thought it odd that she knew about the drugs. She was sitting on the bed next to me, stroking my thigh. Her hand rode up the inside of my thigh until she was touching my pussy. She asked if she could check to see if my pussy was wet and began to rub my slit. She inserted her finger into me and smiled. She continued to work her fingers into me and I opened my legs to accommodate her efforts. I was shocked when I realized that she had managed to put four of her fingers into my vagina. I was so fucking hot by now that was bucking against her hand. I was frantic for release. I watched in horror as she folded her thumb and began to push her entire fist into my hole.

She wiggled her hand open inside of me and I felt her finger pushing at my cervix. She remarked at how soft and open I was. Then I felt her slip a finger past my cervix and enter my womb. I was on fire with lust. I lost control and I fucked her hand like a mad woman. Her fingers and hand moved inside of me like a piston. Every fiber of my being was screaming for release. Thankfully, I climaxed quickly and then collapsed into the Wife is slave to black cock bed. I thought my craving would be sated but I was wrong. The itching and need returned again. I grabbed her wrist holding her hand inside my pussy and begged her to fuck my again.

Betty smiled and withdrew her hand. As she went into the bathroom to wash her hands, she said she was satisfied that the drugs were working and I was ready. Walking from the room, Betty asked me to follow her outside. I was unable to stand without her help on my wobbly legs. Betty led me thru the rear of the house. Once outside the air refreshed me. Betty and I walked to a large circular structure. I noticed the kennels in the distance full of barking dogs. We entered the back of the building that led to a stage hidden by a curtain. I could hear music playing and muted voices from beyond the curtain.

I figured that Roger wanted me to perform. If I were lucky, maybe I would be allowed to perform with Betty. She was an older woman but very beautiful. Besides, the fisting that I had just received was delightful. Anyway, Betty removed my clothes, setting them to the side. Using just her fingernails, Betty teased my nipples, pinching and stretching them painfully. She led me to a padded table that had shorter legs on one side. She told me to kneel down and place my upper body on the high side so that my head was lower and my ass was up in the air. She stretched my arms out and secured each with straps to the table. She spread my legs apart and secured them to the padded legs of the table.

She asked if I was comfortable and I was. My pussy was on fire. Every inch of my vaginal tunnel was itching and my juices were running down my thighs. I just wanted relief. I wanted something or someone to fuck me to relive this maddening need. The curtain lifted and Betty knelt beside me and began to rub my ass and pubic area. I was wiggling my ass all over the place trying to get her to put her hand back inside of me again. Now I knew whom all those cars belonged. Beautifully dressed Wife is slave to black cock were seated around the stage.

Each had a perfect view of what was unfolding on the stage. Slowly, Betty inserted her fingers into me. My juices were flooding her hand. Lust raged uncontrollably through my body. I was moaning incoherently. I was beyond caring what happened. I just wanted sex; mind numbing, body satisfying sex. She looked at me and went to our bedroom upstairs. When I reached the bedroom doorway, I stopped to watch Jill undress. I stood in disbelief. It appeared a wild animal had mauled her. She sat on the edge of the bed and waited for me.

I removed my clothing and stood before her. She bent forward and took my hard cock into her mouth. For several minutes, Jill lovingly sucked on my manhood and bathed my cock with her tongue. I can deny her nothing when she sucks on me like this. She stopped and looked into my eyes. Are you really sure that you want to hear more? I pushed her thighs apart and saw a flood of white frothy liquid stream from her cunt. I recoiled from the smell. I steeled myself against the pungent odor and licked her slit. You do love me. The crowd was murmuring their approval. She rose to her feet to make an announcement.

Our first male has been raised for oral and vaginal pleasure. My I introduce Buster. The animal sniffed my ass and pussy. His tongue snaked from his mouth and licked me repeatedly from my clitoris to asshole. The persistence of the animal managed a remarkable reward. His tongue sank into the depths of my wet cunt and I exploded in a body thrashing orgasm. This beast did not stop at delivering just one orgasm. This creature continued to eat me to three mind numbing orgasms. As I floated on this cloud of sexual pleasure, I heard Betty in the distance command the animal to mount.

I felt his weight on my ass as Buster reacted to the command. She slipped the pointy tip through my pussy lips. Buster, realizing he was in position, slammed his hard cock into me reaching deep inside of my cunt on the first stroke. His initial assault drove the air from my lungs. A delicious sensation was added to this bestial fucking. I felt the wiry hair of the sheath covering his cock tickling my pussy lips. He was an animal driven by lust. This was raw animal sex. He did not care that I was human and he was canine.

He had been raised to copulate with humans and he was very good at it. His slimy cock reached to the very bottom of my cunt. His pointy tip pushed at my cervix trying to enter my womb. I cannot describe the wonderful pounding that my vaginal canal was absorbing. I screamed my pleasure. I pulled my tongue from her cunt and looked at her. A tear appeared in the corner of her eye. I could not help myself. My body was being satisfied like never before. I lost count of the number of times that animal made me cum. The contractions from so many orgasms caused my stomach muscles to cramp painfully. I relaxed my body as best possible as the beast continued to hammer into me.

My pussy lips were stretching to receive the lemon-sized knot the marauding dick was developing. Busters thrusting pushed his member deeper into my cunt and my pussy lips closed around the knot. His balls now banged into my clit with every powerful stroke. Now a new dimension in pleasure formed deep in my pussy. The dog cock buried deep inside of me started to vibrate. This maddening up and down vibration along with the in and out thrusting was driving me to the edge of consciousness. In the distance, I could hear the crowd as they moved around the table to gain a better view of the rutting beast taking its pleasure from the slut tied to the table.

She told the women that this was the most pleasurable part of copulating with a dog. I had to agree with Betty, this was fucking good. I was by then a mass of quivering flesh, babbling my pleasure to the audience. She drank from the highball she had mixed earlier and signed. What do you think so far, Bobby? I told you that I love you and that anything you do is ok by me. Do you like to eat my filthy cunt Bobby? Does it excite you knowing that I fucked animals? I only wanted her to set up the video camera in the corner so I could watch it all after wards. There seemed to be something poetic about watching them after seeing him fuck Nikki on video.

So we asked him to come over and set up a time in the afternoon when Id be at work. Katie feigned being nervous but I knew she more excited than anything else. I went out and instead of going to work, stopped by Nikkis work and saw if she was available for lunch. Despite not liking her at all, we had always flirted heavily and again it seemed perfect to be there flirting with her over lunch at a caf? When I came home, Katie was asleep in bed, naked on the covers. By the computer was the recorder which I plugged in and started to watch.

As planned, the recorder went just before he came out of the bathroom and walked into the living room where she was sitting. Dressed in jeans and a tight tank top, she lounged on the couch pretending to read a book. Tyrone came into the edge of the frame and put his bag down, walking over to the couch. All right, looks like Im were all finished up here! Katie looked up, And you fixed it? Yup, just a busted washer. It happens all the time with these models, nothing serious. They just wear down eventually and need to be replaced. So I had to remove the faucet and get into the wall, replace the broken piece with a new one. Katie pretended to be interested, but I knew she was more interested in what else she could fix.

Thanks so much, I really appreciate this He waved it away, No big deal, really. I knew she thought it was a big deal. She got up from the couch and walked over to her purse, bending over at the waist to get his attention and it worked. The camera caught the leer on his face, the kind of thing most guys would if they werent being watched. So what do I owe you? He thought for a moment, Lets say fifty for parts and make it another hundred for labor? One fiftyd be cool. Gathering up her courage, she stood up, turned around and showed him an empty wallet. Her voice quivered slightly. Looks like I dont have any cash right now.

He shook his head, I know youre good for it. You can just pay me later. She edged a little closer to him, breathing shallow and said, Maybe I can work it off, right now. Before he could say anything, she pressed her mouth against his and kissed him deeply. Taking his hands in hers, she placed them on her hips and let him reach back and squeeze her ass. As they made out, thrusting each others tongues into the others mouth, she started to undo the fly on the front of his pants. Reaching inside she hauled out the monster, letting his pants fall to the floor. It quickly got hard in her hand as she pumped it to life.

Her fingers and thumb couldnt even touch when she wrapped her hand around the shaft, it was so big! Breaking away from their kissing, she dropped to her knees and put her lips mere inches away from the big cock. She pointed the head straight at her mouth and panted a little, still stroking the full length of it and wet her lips. So what do you think? Is this going to pay the bill? You might even have some credit left over. He didnt miss a beat. His head rolled backwards as she started to lick his cock, starting with the tip and then the shaft and finally swallowing as much of it as she could down her throat.

She was meticulous to make sure her tongue covered every square inch of his throbbing member. Katie loved to suck cock and often practiced deep throating me. Im not small by any measure but it wasnt long before her insatiable appetites had her forcing her nose to touch my stomach and sticking her tongue out to lick my balls. I loved to see her choke on my cock as she pushed it back, past her molars and it pressed against the back of her throat and bent the tip downwards like she was going to swallow me completely. The tight feeling of her throat muscles constricting against me was unbelievable and it always took all my concentration not to cum down her throat.

That was nothing compared to what I was watching on this screen as my wife tried again and again to force this big black cock into her face. From the angle of the camera I was still able to make out her throat bulging out as she worked his giant python inches deeper than I had ever been. Her eyes bulged when she couldnt breathe and came up for air coughing and sputtering. She was holding onto his hips and using him to fuck her face pretty hard now. It was really something to see! Drool had left stringy trails all over her shirt and a wet front of her tshirt that now clung to her nipples.

She pulled back for a moment and pushed him back onto the couch to sit down. She pulled his pants from his legs and then standing in front of him, slowly pulled her wet tshirt from her body and letting it drop to the floor. In a small gesture that I almost didnt see, he twirled his finger in the air asking for her to spin. She didnt hesitate for a moment and even smiled directly into the camera when she passed the lens! Facing back to him, she went to move forward to continue their fun, but he stopped her. He stroked his cock in front of her for a moment. Possibly unconsciously, her hands ran up and down her body, pulling on her nipples and ending up down the front of her pants.

Her eyes stayed fixated on his huge member as he stroked it in a steady rhythm. Her hands moved faster. She was clearly very turned on. I heard her speak quietly, Can I please continue servicing you now? He shook his head. I want you to cum first. Yes sir, was the immediate reply. Her hands moved faster and her breathing became harder as she brought herself closer to climax. Tell me what youre thinking about. Im thinking about your big black cock inside me! Her body shook and her legs looked like they were going to give out from under her, but she stayed up somehow, now teetering back and forth and out of breath.

He smiled approvingly and held his cock out for her. She took a couple unsteady steps and dropped down onto her knees and continued sucking his cock. I couldnt believe what I had just seen! I thought I might see my wife enjoying fucking another man, but this was something else! She had given in to him completely in a way I hadnt thought about. She was worshiping his cock, first by exposing herself on command and cumming on her own hand in front of him for his amusement and now on her knees sucking him off!

She was attentive and thoroughly enjoying herself, taking her time as she slowly persisted in getting as much black dick in her as possible. Shed come up for air and then part her lips, letting the head run along her tongue and then down her throat inch by inch until all but the last two inches had disappeared. Each time she pulled it out shed let out a moan of satisfaction or inhale sharply as he pinched nipples. Standing up again, she unzipped her jeans and pulled them down facing the camera so that when she bent over, her big ass was in his face. She looked straight into the camera, mouth hanging open, face wet from slobbering all over his big tool.

She was wearing a bright green thong and after stepping out of her jeans, she was treated to a loud slap as he connected his large hand with one of her round and meaty ass cheeks. He slapped her on the ass again to watch it jiggle. She giggled like a naughty school girl and stood up, turning around. Straddling his lap, she pulled aside the green thong and helped move his cock into place at the entrance to her now sopping wet pussy. She was kissing him passionately as she rubbed the tip against her clit. Writhing in ecstasy she continued to tease him by easing his cock into her entrance and then backing away.

Finally, when he had had enough, he grabbed the fat on her hips hard causing her to gasp in pain and started to guide her down onto his pulsing member. He was big and stretched her as she sunk further and further down, impaling her. She had froze now, moaning and crying out, but letting him enter as he saw fit. It was everything she had wanted and a few inches more! Ive never had something this big inside me before! She still had at least three inches she couldnt fit, but she had reached her maximum limit.

She was completely filled. He asked, loving every moment. It hurts, but its so good. She bent down to kiss him again as she started to slowly move up and down on him. It was hard to tell if it was her iWfe along his cock or whether he was still forcing her with his string hands. Whatever cok was, she was fucking him slavee now, as deep as she could take him again and again. It suddenly occurred to me that they werent using a condom! Ckck sexy little wife was out ckck her mind making love to the biggest black cock clck had ever seen. She started to cum and he held her tight as she threw herself around, spasming and groaning in ho.

They slzve love like this for ten minutes, her grinding against his cock as far as she could manage while moaning things like, Its so deep! Its hitting ie cervix again! She came three times like this Wufe he blwck to buck against her, trying to blak himself as deep inside her iss possible before blowing his load. He sucked on her titties and held her fast as she rode him. Are you going to cum? Yes, was the simple reply. She giggled and continued to fuck him rhythmically. She seemed to slow down for a moment, Wait, we dont have protection! She seemed genuinely concerned, but he didnt stop pumping her.

He was too Wifr gone blacm this point and wasnt about to stop. It was up to my wife to stop it. You want to cum into me? I couldnt believe she was asking! What was going on? She started pumping back against him. You gonna fill me with your seed? He just kept fucking her faster and faster. His hands moved off of her hips and it became quite clear that my sweet wife was doing all the work now! She turned to look at the camera again, smiling when he grunted that he was cumming and seemingly timed to coincide with his erupting cock as it drained his balls, spraying his load along the walls of her baby maker, coating her insides, she too climaxed harder than any of the previous orgasms.

Her body twisted as it wildly bounced off of his cock again and again like a desperate animal as she tried to pump every last drop of his baby gravy into her fertile womb. Looking at the camera she said things like, I can feel it inside me. I can feel our cum mixing right now. Panting, she collapsed onto him and they lay there for a moment, trying to catch their breath. I didnt even know what to think. I watched as his softening cock slid out of her and she rolled to his side on the couch. Cum dribbled out of her visibly and it was clear that she had as good a chance of getting pregnant as she was likely to have. Tyrone jumped up and pulled his boxers up.

He had cum and the magic and lust was now over. All that remained was the awkwardness he felt from this very unusual situation. Rather than deal with this, it was pretty obvious that he just wanted to leave and not discuss it. Youre going to leave now? Katie asked from the couch. Uhh, yeah I think so, was the unsure reply. You know, I saw the videos on your computer of you and Nik. Why was she bringing this up? It was really hot watching you fuck her and cum on her face. You liked that, huh? She smiled and nodded again. I think you did pretty well, baby. Was she trying to get him hard again? I think I can take all of you inside me if you promise to pull out this time and cum on my face.

She had just cum four times and she wanted more cock! I dont know… it seemed like you reached your limit, but Id be happy to give you another shot, except were all out of power, referring to his limp cock. If theres one thing that is very difficult for a man, its to get hard immediately after blowing your load. Its not impossible, all it needs is the right motivation. Tyrone simply wasnt aware that my wife knew exactly what she was doing. Just offer him what all men want.

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