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Here’s What Happened When These Women Were Told Their Vaginas Were Gross

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Another geyser of pus splashed across the front of the surgeon.

Ever vagina Most disgusting

Somewhere, there is a bottle of peppermint concentrate. Everyone in the department knows where it is, everyone knows what it is for, and everyone prays to their gods they never have to use it. In times like this, we rub it on the inside of our masks to keep the outside smells at bay long enough to finish the procedure and shower off. I sprinted to the our central supply, ripping open the drawer where this vial of ambrosia was kept, and was greeted by — an empty fucking box.

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The bottle had been emptied and not replaced. Somewhere out there was a godless bastard who had used the last of the peppermint oil, and not replaced a single fucking drop of it. I darted back into the room with the next best thing I can find — a vial of Mastisol, which is an adhesive rub we use sometimes for bandaging. By this time, the smell had permeated out of our OR suite, and down the forty-foot hallway to the front desk, where the other nurse still sat, eyes bloodshot and watery, clenching her stomach desperately. Our suite looked like the underground river of ooze from Ghostbusters II, except dirty. I stepped back into the OR suite, not wanting to leave the surgeon by himself in case he genuinely needed help.

It was like one of those overly-artistic representations of a zombie apocalypse you see on fan-forums. As we left the locker room, the surgeon and I looked at each other, and he said the only negative sentence I heard him utter in two and a half years of working together: The housekeepers told me later that it took them nearly an hour to suction up all of the fluid and debris left behind. The OR suite itself was closed off and quarantined for two more days just to let the smell finally clear out.

Your vagina isn't a flower -- it's a body part. Pleasantly peppy, but also sounds like a board game. In-between a visgusting word and an anatomically correct term. Only Bailey from "Grey's" can pull off using this term. While we hope every lady associates her vagina with fun, these are rodeo shouts. This is an animal. A goofy-looking animal with teeth. Not part of a woman's anatomy.

As in, "Is your muffin buttered? There's no need to confuse the cupcakes of breakfast with anything else. Way too violent and "Game Of Thrones" -esque.

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