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Bottom-up vs. top-down processing

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The expression procsssing the wood for the trees" references the two styles of cognition. This approach is disseminated under exampl authority to lower levels in the hierarchy, who are, to prcoessing greater or lesser extent, bound by them. For example, Boftom wanting to make an improvement in a hospital, a hospital administrator might decide that a major change such as implementing a new program is needed, and then the leader uses a planned approach to drive the changes down to the procedsing staff Stewart, Manges, Ward, A decision by a pu of activists, students, or victims of some incident to take action is a "bottom-up" decision. A bottom-up approach can be thought of as "an incremental change approach that represents an emergent process cultivated processng upheld primarily by frontline workers" Exapmle, Manges, Ward,p.

On the negative side, if reforms are perceived to be imposed 'from above', it can be difficult for lower levels to accept them e. Bresser-Pereira, Maravall, and Przeworski Evidence suggests this to be true regardless of the content of reforms e. A bottom-up approach allows for more experimentation and a better feeling for what is needed at the bottom. Other evidence suggests that there is a third combination approach to change see Stewart, Manges, Ward, There are many examples of top-down programs, often run by governments or large inter-governmental organizations IGOs ; many of these are disease-specific or issue-specific, such as HIV control or Smallpox Eradication.

Examples of bottom-up programs include many small NGOs set up to improve local access to healthcare. However, a lot of programs seek to combine both approaches; for instance, guinea worm eradicationa single-disease international program currently run by the Carter Center has involved the training of many local volunteers, boosting bottom-up capacity, as have international programs for hygiene, sanitation, and access to primary health-care. This method manifested itself in the study of translating small-scale organizational systems to a larger, more architectural scale as with the woodpanel carving and furniture design. Ecology[ edit ] In ecologytop-down control refers to when a top predator controls the structure or population dynamics of the ecosystem.

The classic example is of kelp forest ecosystems. In such ecosystems, sea otters are a keystone predator. Personal Collection of Dr. This entry was posted in Uncategorized on by Natalie Kopes. It is incredibly interesting to learn about cognitive psychology and connect it to our everyday life activities, such as eating.

Excellent job on explaining bottom-up processing, it is very easy to follow and to understand! So, we are looking at this set of circles, these white circles with lines drawn inside of them. We are creating this cube. We're basically taking these lines proceasing then putting them together in order to create a cube. Even though the stimulus itself, which is the circles with the lines, actually doesn't draw a cube because there are these black spaces over here, and there is absolutely nothing in the black spaces, but our brains are basically taking this information and using our knowledge of cubes and what they're supposed to look like, we're recreating a cube despite a lack of a cube actually being present in the image.

So, that's top-down processing. Bottom-up processing refers to processing sensory information as it is coming in.

Up Bottom example processing

In other words, if I flash a random picture on the screen, your eyes detect the features, your brain pieces it together, and you perceive a processint of an eagle. What you see is based only on the sensory information coming in. Bottom-up refers to the way it is built up from the smallest pieces of sensory information. Top-down processing, on the other hand, refers to perception that is driven by cognition. Some of us might go and find a dictionary and look it up.

How much of it would you be made to piece together. In a bottom-up upgrade, the sake base elements of the system are first anal in response detail.

Others, however, would just use their top down processing to guess that meaning of that word based on what surrounds it. We would take clues from the larger context. Similarly, when we are reading a story, we tend to try and guess what will happen in the future. The best language learners make sure to use both techniques. With Mandarin Chinese, it should be less about which is better and more about which is better for a particular situation. There are, after all, advantages to both climbing up a mountain, and descending one, but they can both be difficult in the end.

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