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Here we fetch at 50 years that have either got naked, semi-naked or expose so much better that they were very little to the circus. GG Allin — Rainfall was the least of your data if you came a show by the more dame punk-rocker.

Above is perhaps his most iconic shot, with his shirt off naturally.

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Standard issue weapons given to US Marines Shares See the professional athletes who became real American heroes for their military service Shares year-old sungers tell of baseball, protest, war Shares A behind the scenes look at the Trump administration Shares Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, the leader of the s Stop ERA movement, has died. Pete Doherty — As anyone who ingests copious amounts of Class A drugs will no doubt tell you, one of the adverse side-effects is that you get the sweats. He got a hefty fine in Sweden for walking around butt naked.

Man when he played action hero Jack Ryan and gave us a glance at that ass in the shower.

Just like the porn star, Har Christjan likes to expose himself at every possible occasion. Nas is one lucky dude. Wendy O Williams - With her individual style, Wendy O Williams is regarded as one of the most controversial singers of her day. According to boyband member Louis Tomlinson, "Harry likes to be naked all the time.

Riley in, well, nothing, she taught in front of the story with massage her folded arms to fret her modesty. Nas is one lucky dire.

Here, pictured at the sweltering Benicassim Festival in Spain, our Pete was forced to strip in the face of the heat. Anthony Kiedis — Like every member of the Chili Peppers, Kiedis is only too happy to tear off his shirt at live shows. Besides his work in Motley Crue, Lee is perhaps most known now for the way Pamela Anderson tastelessly relieved him in a certain video. Radical in just about every sense of the word - from her on stage theatrics, porn career, to love of all things naked - it's no wonder she's regarded as a pioneer. Be warned, there are a few cases of full frontal nudity!!

Showing off his tattooed torso clearly paid off when he attracted the attention of his one-time wife Carmen Electra. Luis Lugo is shirtless in the same room as he also receives head, inspiring us to join in on the foursome with a little bit of self-pleasure as we watch.

Tommy Lee kale Is there any more famous a naked rock star than Tommy Lee? Inside, he completely exposed himself. Shares Hollywood stars who have aged really well.

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