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Breast Massage Therapy

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Massage may also help improve the flow of milk.

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An older study from suggests that the combination of suckling and massage works to both empty the milk ducts and encourage the production of more milk. Massage may also help prevent and treat issues like engorgement, plugged milk ducts, or mastitisan infection of the breast tissue. Early identification of breast cancer Breast self-exams and massage are ways to identify breast cancer at its earliest stages. According to a reportsome 25 percent of women end up detecting their breast cancer through self-exam.

Another 18 percent discover cancer by accident.

Improved breast appearance Massage therapy breast people try breast massage as Massage therapy breast way to improve hterapy appearance of saggy breasts. The belief is that you may Massagr blood flow to breast tissue through massage. Others use specific oils, like olive oil, in an attempt to help improve skin firmness and elasticity. Most evidence of this is anecdotal. But in one studyresearchers discovered that striae gravidarum — more commonly referred to as stretch marks — may be prevented by Massagw skin with oil. As part of the theeapy, pregnant women were asked to either apply bitter almond oil to therayp bodies without massage, thfrapy to massage their bodies for 15 minutes a day using the almond oil.

At the end of the study, the women who used the oil and massage together had fewer stretch marks. Lymphatic system Your breast tissue extends all the way into the area under your armpit. There are many lymph nodes in this part of the body, and massaging them may help stimulate your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system is responsible for helping your body flush out toxins. You may also hear this type of breast massage referred to as manual lymph drainage. According to a recent reviewmore than 1 in 5 people with breast cancer develop lymphedema.

Symptoms include swelling in the arm, breast, or chest. Usually, it results from surgery or radiation. Standard treatment often involves using compression to relieve the swelling. A study examined the combination of bandaging and massage to treat breast-related lymphedema. These procedures can leave uncomfortable scar tissue, adhesions, and muscle imbalances. Restricted movement, altered posture, and chronic pain often result. After medical clearance is given, a skilled therapist can release restrictions, which in turn can reduce or eliminate pain and improve range of motion. Breast massage is not advisable in certain circumstances, especially during treatments that make breast tissues more delicate, such as tissue expansion or radiation.

It is also contraindicated in any case of infection or for direct contact on any undiagnosed lump. The therapist will take time to go over your health history and goals for the session, assess your posture and range of motion, and answer any questions you may have. If you are not comfortable being treated with your breasts exposed, you can opt to wear a loose T-shirt or be fully draped with a sheet. Many women are surprised to find that therapeutic breast massage involves very little direct contact with breast tissue, and none at all with the nipple or areola.

It requires active participation at times, as the therapist guides you through breathing and assisted stretching. As with any massage procedure, you may change your mind at any time! Many massage therapists have not received the specialized training or simply are not comfortable with providing breast massage.

Breast Massage therapy

Although not as common as other techniques, breast massage therapy is now offered by a growing number of massage therapists. However, Lymphatic Breast Massage therapy has theeapy practiced in other cultures for centuries and in the United States by a limited number of thera;y for decades. Debra understood the health benefits of breast massage and made a mission of educating the massage therapy and medical communities about this work. A typical massage lasts about an hour, although sessions can range from 30 to 90 minutes. After a massage, the massage therapist will step out of the room and allow you theerapy relax alone for a few minutes and then get dressed.

Since many cancer centers are connected with programs offering massage therapy, ask your doctor for recommendations. If there are no programs in your area, you can interview potential massage therapists or to ask your doctor to do so. When talking with a potential massage therapist, ask questions about his or her background: Many states require that massage therapists have a minimum of at least hours of training in order to be certified. Although requirements vary by state, seek a therapist who has trained at least hours. Ask whether the therapist has ever worked with breast cancer patients. In states that do not offer licenses, the minimum qualification you should look for is CMT Certified Massage Therapist.

To find a qualified massage therapist in your area, visit these organizations: National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Research on massage in people with breast cancer and other types of cancer Studies have shown that massage seems to offer both physical and emotional benefits for women with breast cancer. A study at the University of Minnesota compared the effects of massage healing touch a practice in which the therapist's hands are above or very lightly touching the body with the caring presence of a doctor or nurse without any touch therapies in people who had cancer.

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