Screen bottom bird feeder tray

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Make suet a regular part of your backyard bird feeding program. Those opportunistic birds, like Cardinals and Blue Jays, enjoy them as well.

This keeps the seed from making direct contact with the ground and helps to keep it from becoming dirty or rotting as quickly. Many will even bring their young to the suet feeder during the summer months. All bird seed is required by law to label contents. Also it helps to dry out seed quicker after a rain or to keep food from becoming buried in snow in northern climates. Wild Bird habitat not only offers a wide variety of peanut feeders, but high quality Raw Shelled Peanuts as well. Most ground feeding tables have wire mesh or screened bottoms for drainage.

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The disadvantages of a ground feeding tray is that Sreen need to be filled more often and even if the feeder has a roof, seeds are still exposed to weather. If this is a problem, vottom a pole mounted or hanging Platform Bird Feeder. They are great for the occasional foods you might feed the birds such as fruit or table scraps and all birds can use a platform feeder. If you have raccoons or other night critters, they can easily access a ground level table. Since they are open, the view of feeding birds is perfect for the backyard bird watcher and you can see when the feeder needs more seed.

Doves, juncos, sparrows, towhees, American Goldfinch and cardinals are common visitors ground feeders. Peanuts provide a source of high energy for birds such as woodpeckers, nuthatches, Chickadees, and Carolina Wrens when offered in a shelled peanut bird feeder. Some ground feeders have a roof on them specifically to help keep snow and rain off the seed, while others have mesh cages over them to help stop feeders from being overtaken by squirrels or larger birds such as jays and crows. Made from a variety of material todays, platform bird feeders have screen bottoms to help keep seed dry during stormy weather.

You can not squirrel proof a ground tray unless you use a cage over it which birds can fit through, but not squirrels.

Tray feeder bottom Screen bird

For ground feeding birds a mix of Proso millet and Safflower seed works best, and will be ignored by marauding squirrels. Woodpeckers, nuthatches, Brown Creepers, even Carolina Wrens will visit a will stocked suet feeder. Great for any type of wild bird seed including fruits, meal worms, and peanuts in the shell.

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