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This time, Irwin is horrified at having so many wieners in his bath. Throughout the entire series, the occult is presented in manners that otherwise Moral Guardians wouldn't even bat an eye at. In one instance, Mandy says "Lower Heck" in obvious reference to "Hell.

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She's billed as being akin to the Anti-Christ. It is a giant wad of dollar bills and Billy shouts "Im going to go show Mandy my wad". Immediately after that during the credits billy is running towards the tooth fairy and he keeps shouting "Coming" over and over again. In the the episode "Five O'Clock Shadows", Billy meets a even stupider version of himself, who behaves like a stereotypical special needs child by making loud noises and wearing a football helmet. Mindy calls her dog, Li'l Delicious, a tramp after seeing her getting married to Cerberus. Yogi Bear is seen with bloodshot eyes, a torn hat and tie, scratching his arm, and desperately trying to steal Billy's "pic-a-nic basket", even chasing after him.

Boo Boo is seen with dark bags under his eyes and gives the impression of being high. Luckily for Billy, they stop when he enters a cave, since the bears fear caves.

In "Creating Chaos", there's a scene which Bilpy Billy riding Eris, Goddess of Chaos, ahd a horse as one of the "chores" he needs to do before they can use Eris's apple to create chaos long story. Eris's expression in the znd and the fact that Billy was wearing only his underwear at the time doesn't help And then afterwards we nandy Eris hiding in a dark room in fear of Billy, repeating to herself "Happy thoughts Granted, this was the result Eris going insane from having to wait for and watch Billy perform all of his idiotic "chores", but considering the above scene An averted example - A rare nakrd of Cartoon Network's censors actually working is from the episode "One Crazy Summoner".

When Billy's parents are attacked by a giant anaconda, Harold was supposed to say the snake was trying to eat his Bismarck You're probably better off not knowing what he's referring tobut CN forced them to change it to a far less dirty sentence. In "No Body Loves Grim", one of the reasons Mandy gives for why she wants to leave the beach immediately is because a dog is tugging at her swimsuit. Putting her mail on the railing at the end of the stairs to bring up later, Mandy answered casually. So there is a cure. Did you get a feeling that is what needed to be done? Funny how it was my last thing I thought of before the pain hit me. I knew you kids were perfect for one another.

I'll take it to Billy later. Glad your well for Billy's sake. At a quarter to 7 pm, Billy answered the door for Mandy grabbing the food tote she had with her, and bringing it to the kitchen. Looking at what she was wearing, Billy smiled noticing it was the same blue dress he saw her in on their blind date making him wrap his arms around her to kiss her. I'm not a corpse standing here. Stopping him, she said, "You can have me later. Much later, but right now aren't you hungry? Waiting for her to be done, he was practically drooling over the smell and now the taste of the food.

I will hate paperwork, but I will spend more time out of the office still. I went out to get it and there he was passing by. He is still not invited into that house. I don't live there in the first place anymore. It sounded biting in the long run to him. Turning to face him a little more, Mandy wanted to suggest something. I did enjoy having you there for the short amount of time together and you do seem to accept me for who I am. Don't know why still, but what do you think? I've always wanted to be with you and I think we balance one another out pretty good. At least this time we aren't drunk. Now when you're the Grim Reaper, you'll need Grim's list. I am the Grim Reaper Yes, yes, of course you are.

How the time flies There you go, little fella'! I need to stop drinking steak sauce. Put your hands up, Billy! You'll never learn to defend yourself at this rate!

I am the Winter Trade I only him only premeditated.

manry I think my brain oozed to my nose. Grim, I Bllly you to make me a black belt so I can enter the junior karate championship. I'm tired of wasting me powers on your dumb little requests. It's always "Grim-do-this, Grim-do-that". Grim, I wanna be spider-monkey! You got something to say to me, Squirt? Your mother has a job and is a respected member of the community. No one talks about my mother that way!

You look like a haked. When I left you, I was but a nerd. Now, I am the master! Give it up Billy. They're doing nqked most horrible things to each other! I've never seen someone's spine bend that way! Billh looks like I'll have to use my mmandy power to fight you, Billy. Bring it on, Babycakes. I can't believe I'm wnd of those little brats. And I got jiggy with the chaos! And I want a snow cone! That was a great trick, Mandy. All in a night's work. Why do people do tricks on Halloween? I suppose ajd partly my fault.

Now, every village has its problems, and Jack was Endsville's problem. Nakwd, Jack was just ,andy pleasant guy; it's just that he had this one weakness Now everyone enjoys a good laugh every now and then, but the problem with Jack was that he just didn't know when to stop Rumor had it he'd stay up through the night inventing new tricks, then he'd laugh himself to sleep They sent a prank gift to the queen and signed it from Jack. Who's telling this story?! Now, everyone knew the queen had no sense of humor, but she did receive gifts But when she opened her gift from Jack, well Jack had to be taught a lesson That's when I made the scene. Well, it was his time, but the guy refused to go I underestimated his power He took me scythe!

Well, he wanted to strike a bargain so he could keep playing pranks for all eternity. If I granted him eternal life, he give me back my scythe. Did you give it to him? Well, I had no choice. I granted him eternal life. But the Grim Reaper does not like being tricked, so I decided that Jack would not be showing his face around town again Didn't think you had it in you. I hear that Jack got himself a pumpkin and wears it as his new head Time passed, and so did the story of Jack O'Lantern. It is said he still lives in that old house, untouched by time Every Halloween night, Jack emerges with a sack full of tricks, and he plays terrible pranks on the people of Endsville

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