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In his parents, MC is someone who has him and choices his talent, rather than his claims, although MC isn't trying to flatter his colleagues. In order to look further anger in Myrtle, Jumin kisses the MC and he admits it was something he's been downtrodden to do since he first saw her.

She doesn't hesistate to loot it, since it's about as memorable avqtars a movie rifle can get The weapon aavatars allowed Arnold Schwarzenegger and his enemies to see Redhead avatars or icons walls, follow human skeletons, and target their hearts directly is put iconns immediate use by Aech. Unfortunately, the signature ripples left behind by the o are nowhere to be found. Still, it's nice to see the actual impact the EM-1 had on sci-fi weaponry is alluded to at all. StarCraft's Jim Raynor Cameo The movie makes it clear that Wade's aunt's boyfriend 'Rick' isn't a character to be liked - even when he's blown up inside their trailer.

But the man has taste when it comes to the world avarars the Oasis, as demonstrated with his own character selection in the Planet Doom bloodbath. The classic console games may get the spotlight in the film's plot, but this callout to PC greats is sure to be appreciated. Rick has added a large American flag to one of the suit's shoulder pieces, but the powered combat armor worn by Raynor and other members of the Heaven's Devils and Terran shock troops is clear. Since Rick appears to be emulating Jim's brand of "worn out, washed out survivor" in his civilian life, his Avatar actually makes sense in retrospect.

When Parzival's chat with Aech shifts into other Avatars being slain, included that belonging to a businessman who runs for the nearest window, keep focused when the shot returns to our hero. As he walks along sporting his new hairstyle, just look past Parzival's holographic projection screen, and it's downright impossible to miss Dr. Sometimes, Gunters miss the references planted right in front of their very eyes. Even if they aren't as numerous as some will hope, a few do go a long way. And one of the best nods to the classic may never even be noticed swinging on Parzival's in-game hip.

That is, a recreation of Han Solo's iconic blaster holster In the case of his holster, the brown straps and metal buckle are obvious once spotted. What may take another look to confirm is his own addition: But instead of obsessing over the logistics, let's just appreciate the cameo - or cameos, since Hello Kitty can be spotted more than once surrounding Parzival's journey. The first coming shortly after he enters the Oasis, taking a stroll along a sunny boardwalk. Later on, after Parzival loses the race and heads into the Halliday Journals for a missing clue, Hello Kitty can also be seen sitting one the far side of one of the tables in the entrance atrium.

The first of which comes on the same boardwalk, walking in the opposite direction to Parzival.

The massive, lopsided silhouette is avvatars to Redheas out since it's drenched in sunlight. And for those who don't know the game, the design is just one of several similar heroes seen throughout the movie's crowd scenes. His friends are scattered throughout the Oasis, too. The reason why an employee of IOI is involved with this mystery warrior is a bit unclear, but the golden design of the character makes its own Redhead avatars or icons jcons. Hailed as one of the most lethal front line troopers for the Protoss faction and the keystone around which the overall army is based, their reputation precedes them.

Which means this small cameo teases a far bigger role in the final fight For every iconic or less-than-memorable version of Batman there is a Icojs to iocns. As much as fans of the s would love to see Tim Burton's Batmobile blast the competition away with its jet engine, it's the Rrdhead version of the car that can be seen in the race's starting grid. Redheead the size of the driver's cowl - particularly the volume of its ears - and the rubber-looking shoulders and cape suggest Rrdhead is, once again, a version close to Keaton's. Fury Road, the idea of Max Rockatansky having any "signature vehicle" at all may seem strange. The V8 Interceptor can be spotted as Parzival picks his way through the cars, easy to spot thanks to the afatars tanks inside the trunk of the Falcon, rendering its trunk lid unusable.

In this film, they're equipped with nozzles rendering them rocket engines of some kind. In Reehead race, the same thinking is shown in one driver's decision to forego a rocket-powered vehicle, or even a car famous for its fictional speed. The eponymous 'killer car' of Stephen King's original novel was immortalized in posters and artwork for John Carpenter's film adaptation, and that carries to this film: Since Stephen King chose the Plymouth because he felt avztars had been forgotten by car enthusiasts, which means its cameo alongside some of Hollywood's most iconic cars in this race scene is more than a little poetic.

But two that avatras hard to miss for children of the s are found together in a single shot: A-Team Van Cameo Redhead avatars or icons evidence that there is no age limit to using the Oasis, some of the cars and cameos may be based in the s setting of other nostalgia-driven properties, but don't quite have the same pull among younger, or kcons pop culture enthusiasts. It's that lack of change that's responsible for many even seeing one in person, given the same black-on-grey paintjob separated by the thick red pinstripe leading up into the rear spoiler. For all its pop culture cred among fans of the s TV show, the van does Redhhead as well as you might expect it to alongside certified supercars.

A number avxtars looks into the interior of the DeLorean are offered as Parzival slides with a door raised to collect coins of defeated racers, so fans should make good use of them. The digital speedometer added by Doc is visible, and the LED "time circuits" are all illuminated. The center date - the one used for "today's date" in the movies matching the film's setting of - and those on either side copying the and destination years traveled to in the original film. It's also to do with Parzival's DeLorean, equipped in the book with the ability to phase through solid matter, bearing the Ghostbusters logo on each door, and sporting the mash-up license plate "ECTO But it does make one upgrade that Parzival also made in the book.

The AI partner doesn't speak at any point in the film, but is still given a nod for fans of the book. Look closely at the front end of the DeLorean when possible, and you can spot the red light bar in Parzival's grill. In order to protect the girl he loves, Yoosung travels to Mint Eye with in order to gain data about the organisation. Yoosung manages to save from being ensnared by Unknown 's words but at the cost of losing his eye. Not wanting to worry the RFA and the MC in particular, he lies about being okay and is brought to the hospital in secret, where he admits to V that he loves the MC so deeply that he doesn't care about losing an eye, as long as she is safe.

At the party, Yoosung finally gets to see the MC in person, having been released from hospital with his left eye completely bandaged, and admit the depth of his feelings to her in front of the other members and the other party guests, saying that it's okay now because she isn't Rika and the two share a kiss in front of the other members of the RFA and the other party guests. In his After Ending, it is revealed that Yoosung has become a vet and can see with the help of glasses but is scheduled to have surgery on his left eye so that he can see. Both he and the MC are married and still very deeply in love with one another, with Yoosung commenting that he wishes for them to have a child.

Zen admits early on that he is attracted to the MC, much to Jaehee's dismay. With the MC supportive of Zen, he continues to work hard for his big on screen role, but it is quickly dashed away when Zen injures himself from working too hard. Zen quickly enters into a state of depression but, with the help of the MC, he slowly begins to accept that he might not be able to do the role but, when he decides to tell the truth, Echo Girl appears in front of him and tells him that she is his fan and that he had been given the role because she wanted it to go to him.

The MC can be either supportive or unsupportive of Zen's acting career, the latter resulting in a Bad Ending. If the MC continues to support Zen, Jumin will suggest that the MC visit Zen in order to cheer him up after breaking his leg, with Jaehee strongly objecting to it. The MC eventually visits Zen and he is immediately smitten with her; the two grow closer and Zen opens up to the MC about his past, how his parents were emotionally abusive towards him and that he had relied on his brother before he, too, began to abuse him. This resulted in Zen running away from home as he wanted to become an actor instead of following in his family's academic steps.

Zen reveals the truth of what really happened with Echo Girl, proving himself innocent and confesses that he is love with the MC at the party. The two almost become intimate before Zen decides it's best she go home. After the MC leaves, Echo Girl visits Zen and attempts to seduce him, but he rebuffs her advances and she angrily leaves, swearing revenge. It is then revealed Echo Girl lied that Zen had sexually assaulted her and Zen becomes a pariah, ostracised and ridiculed on the internet and by Echo Girl's fans. Depending on the MC's choices, Zen can overcome this difficult time and become friends with Jumin, who helps Zen reveal the truth about Echo Girl.

At the party, Zen reveals what really happened with Echo Girl, proving that she was a long term fan of Zen and that she attempted to seduce him but he rebuffed her advances, thus proving himself to be innocent and saving his reputation; against Jumin's advice, Zen tells the public that he is in love with another woman, the MC, and he does not want to lie to his fans about his relationship status. The two the kiss in front of all the reporters and reaffirm their love for one another. In Zen's after story, it is revealed his popularity is soaring and that Echo Girl never really recovered from her accusations some time prior.

Zen has begun to star in more TV dramas and the MC is his manager, though the two are still very much in love, with Zen reciting lines from a previous script to the MC to show the depth of his love. MC and Jaehee become business partners and strengthen their friendship as they opened their own coffee shop Jaehee's Route. Jaehee becomes incredibly stressed due to the amount of work Jumin gives her. She develops an interest in starting a cafe due to her love towards coffe, but Jumin pushes her to keep doing the work he sets. At the Party, Jaehee quits her job and proposes a business venture with MC to open a coffee shop together.

Jumin's Route Jumin is initially wary of the MC at first but eventually the two become friends. The MC is the only one who understands Jumin's sense of humor and dotes on Elizabeth as much as Jumin does, much to his delight. The two grow closer and many members comment that Jumin is much nicer and less sharp when talking to the MC. However, things take a turn for the worse when Chairman Han attempts to make Jumin and Sarah engaged, much to his dismay. He turns to the MC for comfort and begins to vent his frustrations but has difficultly dealing with the onslaught of emotions as he had spent much of his life repressing his emotions, causing them to become "tangled.

As a result, he decides to lock Elizabeth in a cage, coming to the realisation that their relationship was not real, that he had been projecting his crippling loneliness onto the cat to cope. Worried about Jumin's mental health, and Jaehee decide to send the MC over to Jumin's penthouse, where he is shocked to see her but Redhead avatars or icons instantly besotted with her; the MC can either provoke Jumin's dark thoughts about locking her up or try to help him through his emotions during her stay in the penthouse. Jumin instantly becomes possessive and obsessively protective of the MC, refusing to send Zen a picture of the MC because he wants to be the only person to see her.

Jumin still tries to remain a gentleman and cooks breakfast for the MC but the situation deteriorates when Elizabeth escapes the penthouse when Jumin was showing the MC how to feed her. Jumin's possessiveness and controlling behavior becomes worse as a result and he tells the MC to never leave the penthouse. The other members continue to worry about the MC and the MC can either calm them down or talk about how she feels like a prisoner. If the MC attempts to remain understanding of Jumin, he will apologize endlessly for his behavior, saying that he hates acting the way he is and that he will get better after a while when the anxiety subsides. However, after losing his cat, Jumin begins to project his tangled emotions onto the MC to cope and the MC can support him, saying that it's best if she stay to help him through this difficult time or continue to ask can she leave.

Eventually, all Jumin focuses on is the MC, who is locked away in his penthouse and even turns away Jaehee when she attempts to talk to him about letting the MC go so that she may return home. The MC can either prioritize the return of Elizabeth or tell Jumin that he doesn't need to care about the cat anymore since she is here. Sarah attempts to gain Jumin's favor and tells him that she has found Elizabeth, but it turns out to be a farce and she falls for Jumin's trap of him giving her money to leave him and his father alone. In order to invoke further anger in Sarah, Jumin kisses the MC and later admits it was something he's been wanting to do since he first saw her.

The MC can further worry about Elizabeth and say that they should prioritize the cat's return, or the MC can tell Jumin to discard Elizabeth and focus only on her.

Toward that point on, she uses relationships with all of the other tests. Until Jaehee becomes very you may arise on to say "I cleaner polished it because it gave fun", which then reservations her.

If the MC remains understanding, after Jumin becomes even more possessive of her, she attempts to get some fresh Redhead avatars or icons before Jumin blocks her way, asking her why she is leaving when all he wants Redheav to love her and protect her. After the MC decides to iconss to help Jumin, he apologizes iconz says it was wrong of him to block her way out and that he just needs time to sort through his thoughts. Jumin confesses his love to the MC and proposes to her in front of the other members and the world watching. During a trip to Mint Eye, Yoosung finds Elizabeth but is forced to take care of her as Jumin does not want her back because he only wants to give his love to the MC, which she can support or try to have Jumin take care of Elizabeth again.

Eventually, V appears to bring Elizabeth back after hearing about his friend's behavior from and, with the support of the MC, he convinces Jumin to take back Elizabeth and to let the MC return to the apartment to prepare for the party, but not before he apologizes profusely for his behavior and tells the MC and the other members that he wants an equal love and relationship with the MC. During the party, Jumin reveals Glam and Sarah's fraud and their schemes to the public and confesses his love for the MC once more.

He meets the MC halfway and tells her he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her, getting down on one knee to propose. In Jumin's After Ending, it is revealed he and the MC married quickly as he didn't want to spend a single day without her.

Or icons avatars Redhead

The two return home from their honeymoon and are ambushed by reporters and fans as the RFA attempt to greet them. Jumin tells his wife that she most place herself first and to love herself first before anyone else. The MC often plays along with 's pranks and jokes, much to his delight and the two grow closer. After the MC obtains 's route, the other members begin to comment on their relationship and that they believe has feelings for MC, but he neither confirms nor denies. However, as the MC goes further into 's route, he starts to become distant and loses the sense of humor he used as a front in order to hide his true self beneath, becoming emotionally vulnerable to the MC.

Despite wanting to put distance between him and the MC, he remains constantly worried about her safety, spending hours at a time watching the security cameras around the apartment to ensure her safety. This results in him abandoning his hacker work much to the dismay of Vanderwoodbut only focuses on the MC. Throughout his Redhead avatars or icons, becomes increasingly colder to the MC, pushing her away and no longer being the happy, funny he pretended to be for the sake of the other members. After Unknown breaks into her apartment, rushes in to save the MC, protecting her from being kidnapped.

Despite the rescue, continues to keep his distance and becomes rude and cutoff towards the MC, keeping away in a small corner to work. His coldness, however, is revealed to protect the MC as he doesn't believe himself to be worthy of being loved and is afraid of entering into a relationship mainly due to the fact if the hacker agency he was a part of found out about his personal relationship, they would most likely hurt the MC. Saeyoung and the MC share a kiss before they start their journey to find Saeyoung's brother, Saeran.

If the MC remains supportive and understanding ofshe eventually learns about his brother, Saeranand how abusive his mother was to her children and that he joined the agency to secure a better life for him and his brother, leaving his twin in the care of Rika and V. With the love and reassurance of the MC, overcomes his fear of being unloved and admits his feelings to the MC, apologizing for his previous behavior. Eventually, the two go to try and find 's brother, leaving behind the RFA, the agency and telling the MC to call him Saeyoung from now on, as it was his true name.

During the Secret Endings, the MC and Saeyoung work together to find more about Saeran and uncover Mint Eye and learn that it was Rika who started the cult, much to their surprise. Saeyoung is hateful towards V for not protecting his brother and for letting him become a victim of Rika's abuse until V is killed by Saeran, trying to protect Rika. It is revealed some time later that Saeran is slowly recovering from the trauma of being in Mint eye and being abused by Rika and that Saeyoung and the MC are engaged. V 's Route The MC is brought to Mint Eye under the lie that she is testing a game made by Ray and that the point of the game is to host a party at the end.

When entering into the chatroom for the first time, V is particularly flustered at her presence and, unbeknownst to the MC and to the others, accepts her entry into the organisation for her own safety after the MC states that she was sent by Rika. During the Common Route, V is strongly concerned about the safety of the MC and quickly works out how to save her from Mint Eye's clutches. His worry for the MC is so deep, that many of the other characters comment on their relationship, with V stating numerous times that he was curious of what type of person the MC is and that he wants to know her better.

However, before he can, he is chased from Mint Eye and injured during the escape but, despite his identity being revealed, he is adamant that he must save the MC. He asks the MC to not tell anyone about what happened and to trust him, and is deeply touched when the MC is unwavering in her trust and loyalty to him and the RFA. V's concern for the MC is so strong that it rivals his love for Rika, which has begun to break down if the MC is gentle and helping towards V. If the MC remains supportive of V and distrustful of the Savior, he will interrupt them during a night's walk and begs Rika to let him take the MC's place. However, his proposal is no longer an act of devotion towards Rika but rather to protect the MC.

Rika rejects V cruelly and he begs her not to hurt the MC or any more innocent people but is dragged off to be tortured. It is revealed that he has been given the elixir and is suffering as a result and starts to become delirious; Rika insults V and mocks him but is stunned when all V can talk about is the MC and he then confesses what they had was not love, but a toxic obsession. His confession rattles Rika to the core and she becomes hysterical, asking V not to lie and that what they had was love, but all V can think about is the MC. Rika becomes so unstable at the realisation that V never loved her that she doesn't even notice rescue V and the MC from Mint Eye.

V and the MC grow closer as Vanderwood helps to detoxify him, though V continues to suffer from severe side effects. The MC remains a pillar of strength in V's recovery and so close is their relationship, that even Vanderwood asks the MC if she and V are romantically involved. With the MC's support, V admits to being wrong in pouring his love onto Rika and that it was an obsession they had, not real love. Despite Rika's hatred of V, she begs him to return to her, to keep loving her, yet remains hateful towards him for attempting to kill her darkness with his love.

Despite V realising that they had a toxic relationship, he still wants to return to Rika - but now, it's to keep the MC and the RFA safe, rather than to show his love and loyalty to his former lover. The MC can help V to realise that Rika will not stop even if he dies and that he needs to place himself first, that he deserves to be happy too.

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